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September 8, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie: 'The Collapse Has Begun' - String Of Interesting Events Will To Lead To END Of Dollar As Violence Grips World


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Dr. Jim Willie joins Dan Schultz in the brand new video below to talk with us about the global collapse, which he tells us is happening now, and immediately tells us that anyone who isn't interested in the collapse of the global economy (and what will come along with it) is likely 'half brain-dead' (and among the 1st to end up in the 'camps').

Sharing with us more proof that all of the major platforms and financial markets tied to the US dollar are now beginning to fail, Willie tells us that we're seeing a 'black hole' developing as we come to the end of the fiat based system that has so utterly failed us before a new gold-backed system can be brought in.

Willie warns that as long as we continue to try to fix a debt based problem by running up more debt, we'll continue to have the results we're seeing now (which look much like trying to put out a fire by pouring more gasoline upon it but expecting the fire to go out): "this is mindless!" Willie exclaims.

Telling us that the process that we are witnessing being undertaken right now is the end of one monetary era and the beginning of a new, legitimate, gold-backed monetary era, he nevertheless warns that it will not happen without first: A) a 'violent collapse' of the current system, B) an astonishing loss of wealth (Willie warns that many Americans will lose 50% to 60% of their life savings) and C) violence around the world.


At the 8 minute 50 second mark, the talk turns to the mysterious explosions in China and Willie points to two events that were very unique on the 'explosive side' of this topic. A year and a half ago, Germany 'made some serious rumblings' about wanting their gold back from the Central European banks and within a short time, a German chemical plant exploded.

Willie then tells us that a few months ago, the state of Texas came out to say that they, too, wanted their gold back from the Federal Reserve...soon after, a chemical plant in Conroe, Texas exploded soon after Willie put out a public warning that such an event might take place. Is it just a coincidence that the China explosions and an explosion in Bangok, Thailand happened soon after they devalued their currencies Willie asks.

Willie also gets into all of the dead bankers across America and the world, another prediction that he himself warned would happen back in 2011 - mid-level bankers who set up shell corporations and were involved in other forms of corruption would suddenly begin getting knocked off.

While many of the mysterious banker deaths were written off as suicide, Willie nonetheless warns that we have an awful lot of very strange events now going on and shares that he believes we're now beginning to see a string of interesting events that will lead to the end of the dollar, sharing he does not believe the dollar will slowly fade away but instead will 'pop' like a bubble, rendered obsolete...useless.

Just imagine what kind of an event it would suddenly take to cause THAT to one moment, gone the next. Will we soon witness a moment like that in the dollar's, and America's, future?




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