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September 5, 2015

Elite Take Preparation For September Doom To Next Level - Infowars Total Emergency Alert Update - Warning All Hell Breaks Loose This Fall


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 21st, ANP published a story in which we shared an emergency warning from Alex Jones of Infowars in which he warned the elite were making preparations to evacuate once the global economy hit the proverbial fan. In the brand new video below, Jones follows up on his 'total emergency update' video from June, warning us that what we have witnessed since his June warning and into the 1st week of September is quite real, the global meltdown has begun, and we can learn a lot by watching the 'elite'.

Back in June, Jones warned us that the elite were pulling all of their money out of the stock markets, especially China and showed us mainstream news stories about the elite purchasing fully fortified private islands and bunkers. Back in June, Jones warned us that his own private sources confirmed to him that the elite were preparing for all hell to break loose this fall. Back in June, Jones warned us that here in America, our own law enforcement and military were preparing to deal with the aftermath of economic collapse.

Now almost 3 months later, Jones is back, sharing proof that what he warned of back in June has not only come true but tells us what the remainder of the month could bring us could be devastating. While millions of Americans have taken the advice to heart given by Jones and other Watchmen, hundreds of millions more Americans remain completely clueless, or caught up in their own denial. Jones also talks about CERN, the movement towards one world government and much more potential September doom.


Despite the foreshadowing of coming events such as this one by Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies on King World News who recently warned: "DANGER! The Global Collapse Is Now Accelerating!" and this warning from Bill Holter who shared: "We Are Going To Have An Absolute Biblical Collapse Of Our Standard Of Living, And No One Even Has A Clue That It Is Coming!", countless Americans do not have a clue. We learn here that much of our military and law enforcement are, quite wisely, way ahead of the game.

Telling us that one of the most important things that we can now do is to get ourselves and our families prepared both offensively and defensively for what is coming (if not in September, collapse is still inevitable) as we can clearly see the engineered financial meltdown and the massive migrations of populations across Europe (anyone who thinks some of these migrants won't eventually be coming to America is fooling themselves) and the endless manufactured terror and endless wars. We also learn here that according to an ISIS smuggler, they WILL USE the refugee crisis to infiltrate the West. Think ISIS isn't here now? Better think again.

Jones also implores us to get out there and warn our friends and families as the deliberate destabilization of our social, political and economic systems by the global elite imperils all of us, whether or not we are 'awake' to what is coming. (Obviously, those who are 'awake' have a much better chance of surviving the collapse.)


Telling us that Americans ARE awakening across the country, from US military members to law enforcement to average Joe/Jane in American cities and towns who never even thought of prepping before, Jones nevertheless warns that we are running out of time to prepare and by watching what the elite are doing gives us a small advantage, at least in trying to predict the timing of this entire engineered collapse.

Sadly, the millions of Americans who don't have a clue or who have been ignoring the warnings and the Watchmen will likely lead to an absolutely devastating collapse for our nation. We should all do what we can to make sure that this collapse doesn't completely bring down liberty and our way of life along with it. However, that may be now unavoidable.

We thank the millions of patriotic Americans across the country who have awoken to these globalists crimes and this engineered collapse - you truly are the best chance humanity has to avoid that proverbial boot stamping upon a human face, forever. On this Labor Day weekend, we salute you!


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