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October 6, 2015

Is The History Of Mass Murder Soon To Be Repeated In The US? No Disarmament In History Has Ever Lead To Peace But Genocide

Time For Critical Thinking As We Have Reached Critical Mass In This Country!


“Criminals Prefer Unarmed Victims and Dictators Prefer Unarmed Citizens”

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The brand new story from The Hill today tells us that Senate Democrats are planning on unveiling a brand new 'gun control' proposal to the world on Thursday, that on top of recent remarks made by the White House that Barack Obama will be preparing more executive orders on gun control, are just the latest signs that gun confiscation could soon be in the works for America as Obama gives a wink and a nod

One chart from 2002 says it all. 


As this story from Fox News clearly points out, gun confiscation didn't work in Australia and it surely wouldn't stand a chance of working here in America. Meanwhile, residents of Roseburg, Oregon are up in arms over Barack Obama's decision to politicize the recent shooting and largely agree with Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin who once wrote Vice President Joe Biden a letter saying "gun control is not the answer to prevent heinous crimes like school shootings."

Most ANP readers know, as do those who have been paying attention to world history, that no disarmament in world history has truly led to 'peace' and they are often the prelude to genocide. 


We also now see the New World Order global government preparing to emasculate law enforcement here in America, attempting to take down America's next-to-last line of defense against tyranny with the establishment of a global police force here on American soil and the Department of Defense's order that has gone out to police nationwide to give back their weapons of war that could be used against a tyrannical government that suddenly shows their true face according to The Free Thought Project. 

Since calls are also now going out from the mainstream media to label the National Rifle Association a 'terrorist organization' as shared in this ANP story, we clearly see the globalists attempting to make their final moves, the complete disarmament of the American people and the demonization and emasculation of those in law enforcement all across the country who are quickly awakening to the globalists 'end game' and who have vowed that they will never disarm law-abiding American gun-owning citizens.

With 'mass murderer' Barack Obama, himself responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent women and children in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world, once again calling for gun control in America, Americans have responded in kind by purchasing firearms in massive numbers preparing to protect their families and loved ones against criminals and potentially for a showdown with tyranny, a showdown that we pray will never need to happen. However, as the American empire edges ever closer to an end as shared in the 2nd video below, the handwriting is clearly on the wall - the party is almost over. 


As the globalists prepare to complete America's transformation into a 3rd world nation with a potential World War 3 now close by on the horizon and America being relegated to the role of 'has been' as we lose the role of global leadership held for so long as shared in the 2nd video, the globalists realize that gun confiscation is the 'line in the sand' that America has drawn against them - if the globalists play that card, is there any way to avoid 'civil war' here? 

While Hollywood Joe Tussing makes it clear in the 1st video below that taking away weapons of war from our police department's sound like a good thing, he reminds us that UN tanks and MRAP's are already in place in America with a UN global police force preparing to track down 'extremists'.

We also have to remember that this administration is calling gun owners 'extremists' while enabling others to commit genocide in our name in Syria and elsewhere around the world, and our videographer asks if law enforcement will 'awaken' in time to realize that they and America have been sold out to global government as they ramp up their takeover attempts here on American soil. 


ANP recently learned that the director of the state of Texas' Department of Public Safety is now warning that ISIS has likely infiltrated our wide open southern border while Obama and the totally clueless left push gun control, aka genocide, upon the American people. Will Americans be able to overcome the forces of evil that are bearing down upon us in myriad ways or will we soon succumb to their tyranny? Why is it that the same crew that is pushing 'gun control' in America is arming 'terrorists' in Syria and has consistently armed 'freedom fighters' throughout the world when they don't agree with a particular dictator?

We pray that America can make it through this extremely difficult period of time ahead without civil war or outright gun confiscation in our country. However, we should all look very closely at what is happening in our nation right now, taking in all of the warning signs in front of us, and prepare for every possibility. As we have been consistenly warned of by politicians, in Dimitru Duduman's prophecy and by many others recently, civil war is a very real possibility in America and America has drawn its' line in the sand

In the next video, David Vose talks about the fall of the American empire which is now recognizable as the shift in world power has just occured with recent events in Syria showing that the US is now nothing but a lap dog while Russia and China seize control of the mess the US and our allies have created. 

Why would ANYONE give up their arms when a mass murderer such as Mr. Obama calls for it? Are Obama's words of warning the reason why Americans are once again purchasing weapons in HUGE numbers according to this story from Financial Times? Are Americans preparing for civil war?  


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