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October 5, 2015

Emergency High Alert! Gun Confiscation Agenda Kicked Into High Gear As Call Goes Out For US State Department To Label NRA a 'Terrorist Organization' - Republic Hangs In Balance!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the White House now officially announcing that Barack Obama is preparing more executive actions on gun control as shared in this story from Breitbart, ANP takes a look at how extreme this administration may likely go to completely ban guns in America via looking at a story from a mainstream news outlet that is now calling for the labeling of the NRA as a 'terrorist organization'.

We also have to ask why such a strong disarmament push is being made NOW despite the same administration ALLOWING terrorists into America due to lax immigration policies at the same time as this is disarmament agenda is going on? We also have to ask, is all of this part of a long-held plot to completely take over America via initiating civil war prior to an attack upon us by Russia and China? As a well-trusted ANP source tells us, at this dire moment in time, the fate of the entire Republic hangs in the balance. 


According to obvious Nazi Linda Stasi at the New York Daily News, the US Department of State MUST list the 'gun-loving NRA' as a terrorist organization in her latest anti-Constitution blustering that has ANP asking WHY she (and countless others) would possibly want TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans dead at the hands of criminals (who will never volunarily hand over their guns) and an obviously completely out of control government via the illegal disarmament of the American people?

We'd like to ask Nazi Stasi, is she SERIOUS? MUST? Who suddenly died and left her in charge of desecrating the US Constitution? Hasn't 'Emperor' Obama already desecrated it enough? NaziStasi's Facebook page is here (Americans are ripping her apart! Seriously, her last name is STASI!!) You can also reach out to the NYDaily News at: and or reach them directly below to voice your opinions on this horrific assault upon the US Constitution.:

Main phone number: (212) 210-2100
Home delivery phone number: (800) 692-6397
Newsstand phone number: (800) 327-6397
Classified ads: (212) 210-2111
News tips to City Desk: (212) 210-NEWS 
Advertising: (212) 210-2004

Stasi clearly never did her history homework (either that, or she did and truly wants MILLIONS of Americans dead!) which proves that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS have died at the hands of government terror across the world in the last hundred plus years alone and the common theme to that terror upon humanity has historically been disarming the people of the country where a government reign of terror is about to begin. Does she really not understand that gun control equals genocide?


In the meantime, Hitlery Clinton announces a new slate of gun control ideas that she'd implement via executive action in America if she is (s)elected president, another clear sign that the globalists (of which Stasi has proven herself to be one) are ready to kick their gun confiscation drive in America into overdrive.

All of this comes after the latest shooting that many are calling another 'false flag' or 'mind controlled' that recently happened in Oregon. Is it just a coincidence that the Sheriff now in charge of investigating that shooting once shared a 'Sandy Hook conspiracy' video on his Facebook page and now this happens? From Activist Post.:

When you practice something all the time you eventually get very good at it. The one thing many awakened and vigilant Americans have become good at over the past few years is sniffing out government false flags because they have so much practice at it. You may find that the events surrounding the recent Umpqua Community College shooting in southern Oregon may ring a few familiar false flag bells after you consider what the mainstream media is saying about the shooting. It is at least extremely reasonable to suspect that this is yet another gun control shooting false flag event since it has many of the characteristics of it.


Anybody who thinks that false flag events and government sponsored genocide in our own country could never happen with this government is either totally clueless or hasn't done their homework either, as we find this government alone responsible for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people throughout the world since World War 2, far more than the 87,000+ Nazi-Stasi blames the NRA for in her sad story that she obviously sold her soul to satan himself to deliver his deadly propaganda. 

With ISIS now advancing its' apocalyptic fantasy in Europe with their 5-year plan to conquer Rome and then the world and even presidential candidate Donald Trump recently warning that a trojan horse invasion has possibly been allowed to happen in Europe and could soon be used to topple America with the arrival of up to 250,000 'refugees', manyof  whom will likely be ISIS terrorists, there has never been a more important time than now for the American people to be prepared for whatever might come our way. 


While it has been argued time and again that law enforcement and the US military would never voluntarily disarm the American citizens, all we need to do is look at Obama's recent moves to establish a global police force here in America of which many warn could be used to carry out the dirty work of disarming American citizens that our law enforcement and military refuses to do as shared in the 2nd video below. 

We also should remember the warnings given by Henry Gruver and Dimitru Duduman as shared in the 3rd and 4th videos below to see that going back many years now, we have been warned about what may soon unfold here in our country. We know that throughout world history, citizens who obey illegal and immoral gun laws far too often end up on the wrong end of history.  


In the 1st video below we hear from Australians about exactly what has happened there since the gun confiscation agenda took place there. They have seen gun related crimes skyrocket across the country and they share a dire warning to Americans - don't let it happen to you.

Why does Barack Obama need a 'global police force' in America to deal with extremists? Who are extremists in his eyes, the NRA and gun owners? We think that extremists are those who desecrate the US Constitution and attempt to take away our God-given and Constitution supported rights to protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones from those who seek to do us harm. 

This next video features Henry Gruver's vision that one day, China and Russia will invade America. 

This video was originally published in 1998 and shares Duduman's prophecy that Russia will attack America by sea and destroy America with nuclear weapons.


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