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April 19, 2021

'Dark Picture Of World's Future' In New Threat Assessment Warns Of Cascading Risks And 'Long-Term Fallout' - The Latest Signs The Destruction Of The Human Race Has Been Kicked Into High Gear  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the destruction of the human race being kicked into high gear in 2021 as Steve Quayle and his distinguished guests will warn the world in the upcoming 'Extinction Protocols' Conference in June, as we'd reported on Sunday in this story titled "Blood Will Spill On American Soil As The 'Lunatic Fringe' Explodes In Pandemonium This Coming Week While All Of The Pieces On The World Stage Have Been Cast Into Motion," the 'the Days Of God's Judgement are falling upon America'. And we'll be taking a look within this story at an April 13th story by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream which proved there are at least 10 major signs happening right now suggesting 'major end times events' are in motion in 2021.  

With things on both the national and global stages looking like they'll continue to deteriorate in the coming months, as Snyder warns us within his story, largely because of false hopes surrounding the vaccine, lots of people seem to think that we will soon see a 'return to normal' and that 'good times are just around the corner'

Yet while many on the left dream of the 'government allowing them' to 'be free once again,' and they largely blame Conservatives who refuse to get vaccinated as the reason that hasn't happened yet, as Zero Hedge had reported just days ago,  the US Intelligence Community has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic will have long-term fallout, and will impact political and economic realities across the globe.

Reporting within that story that according to the Annual Threat Assessment - which comes on the heels of a separate intelligence report last week which offers a grim view of global challenges likely to be faced over the next 20 years - the pandemic is expected to contribute to "humanitarian and economic crises, political unrest, and geopolitical competition," and will "strain governments and societies," as we'd warned in our Sunday story, America and the world are being intentionally pushed to the breaking point. 

So we'll be taking a look within the next section of this story below at the 10 signs that are happening now that lead many to believe things will become progressively worse in the months ahead, with Snyder claiming "I don’t know if we have ever seen a time when more major end times signs were in the process of being fulfilled, and I expect global events to soon accelerate even more."

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As we had mentioned briefly in that Sunday ANP story, with all of the pieces on the global stage moving towards another global war while things here in America reach a fever pitch of tensions, with radio broadcaster Michael Savage even recently warning of Civil War ahead as Breitbart reports in this new story, as Michael Snyder warned in this recent story, each of the following are 10 major signs that major end times events are in motion around the world as this story is being written. 

#1 Natural Disasters 

#2 Civil Unrest 

#3 War With Russia 

#4 War With China 

#5 War With Iran 

#6 Rising Food Prices 

#7 Economic Collapse

#8 An Increase In Wickedness

#9 Persecution

#10 Large Numbers Of Western Christians Falling For End Times Deception

With many of those topics completely neglected by the mainstream media but the independent media at one point or another reporting on each of those ongoing events and potential tragedies in stories over the past few months, we encourage readers to continue to stay on top of everything happening now to be completely prepared for what is about to unfold in the future by continuing to read your favorite independent news websites all across the internet. 

And another way to keep on top of unfolding events is to sign up for Steve Quayle's upcoming Extinction Protocols conference. Tackling all of the topics 'off limits' to the mainstream media today, as we see in the description of the June 11th and June 12th conference we've republished below, America is running out of time if we continue along the same path we're now on. 

EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS – The destruction of the human race has kicked into high gear, with the Globalists plotting the deaths of 90% of the Earth’s population. We are currently facing an unimaginable list of haunting challenges: Forced Vaccinations, Alien Disclosure, Geological Upheaval, AI Terminator Robots, Solar Storms, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Loss of Freedoms & 2nd Amendment Rights, the End of Paper Money, and the Explosion of Crypto Currencies and Precious Metals.

EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS will feature presentations from Steve Quayle, Catherine Austin Fitts, Gary Heavin, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Egon von Greyerz, Mike Adams, Lisa Haven, Paul Begley, Dave Hodges, Daniel Holdings, and more. This panel of expert speakers will encourage, equip and warn you for the days of darkness ahead. Tribulations are unfolding, minute by minute, and time is running out. We must all be prayerful and prepare to overcome the most perilous time in Earth’s history. Virtually join us for Extinction Protocols 2021!

As mentioned above, as the Associated Press had reported in this story last week, a very grim view of the world's future is now being offered by US intelligence agencies. And while we absolutely can't believe everything that such agencies put out there, especially with them failing so badly in labeling 10's of millions of Americans as Russian trolls simply for us supporting President Trump, with the globalists long working to take down America to bring in their 'new world order', this report is another sign we're rapidly being herded in that direction. From their story before our conclusion.

U.S. intelligence officials are painting a dark picture of the world’s future, writing in a report released Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic has deepened economic inequality, strained government resources and fanned nationalist sentiments

Those assessments are included in a Global Trends report by the government’s National Intelligence Council, a document produced every four years. This year’s report is designed to help policymakers and citizens anticipate the economic, environmental, technological and demographic forces likely to shape the world through the next 20 years. 

The document focuses heavily on the impact of the pandemic, calling it the “most significant, singular global disruption since World War II, with health, economic, political, and security implications that will ripple for years to come.” 

The document finds cause for concern in virtually all aspects of life. 

It warns, for instance, that the effects of climate change are likely to worsen the problem of food and water insecurity in poor countries and hasten global migration. Though health, education and household prosperity have made historic improvements in recent decades, continued progress will be hard to sustain because of “headwinds” not only from the effects of the pandemic but also aging populations and “potentially slower global economic growth.” 

Advances in technology have the potential to address problems including climate change and disease, but can also provoke new tensions, the report says. 

"State and nonstate rivals will vie for leadership and dominance in science and technology with potentially cascading risks and implications for economic, military, and societal security,” the report says.

So with much of the wording from that story confirming 'global government' ahead, and nothing less than 'mark of the beast technology' being unveiled across America and the world to 'enable' the 'tracking and tracing of humanity' during this pandemic another sign of where the future is being 'directed', as Tucker Carlson warns in the first video below, we should expect the global elite to continue to roll out their false narrative and lies to get what they want in the coming days and weeks ahead, with any global war ensuring the ushering in of their 'end game' for America.  

And in the 2nd/final video below, we are taken through the "10 Signs That Major End Times Events Are In Motion Here In 2021" while much of America remains 'asleep', completely and intentionally dumbed down to the reality unfolding all around them. 

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