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May 19, 2016

Europe's Falling! World Moves One Step Closer To Genocide - Free Speech Extinguished In Germany As Angela Merkel Caves To Hitler-Wannabe Erdogan 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Soon after the beginning of the 'refugee crisis', Europe has already fallen with the 'Right to Free Speech' out the window in Germany after a German court banned 18 out of 24 lines of a satirical poem from being said publicly. After a German comedian unleashed the poem upon Turkey's wannabe-dictator President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president won his case. Banning a poem for being 'abusing and defaming', similar statements and much, much worse are likely made every day publicly by Americans across the country about our own President Obama in Washington DC without so much as problem caused.

However, we have to remember, Europe is several years ahead of the US in the plans to take down the West - will writing nasty, satirical poems about whomever is in office one day be illegal here due to political correctness? As we're told, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quick to remind everybody that "it is a criminal offense to insult or ridicule foreign heads of state, no matter how evil they are." Talk about setting the country of Germany back 70+ years, she's also set her country and the entire European Union up for a major fall. 


While we'll be the first to admit that the 'poem' in question is very tasteless, but its still 'free speech' (or at least it WAS free speech in Germany until now), and you can read the translated words from the poem in English in the final video below. While being quite tasteless speech, it's still non-threatening speech unless Mr. Erdogan feels threatened by what may very well be truth, in which case speaking truth is now punishable in Germany by fines of up to 250,000 euro, or $282,000.

As is asked in the 1st video below, why so serious? We also have to ask German President Angela Merkel, why have you given into a Hitler-wannabe? As we prove below this video, Erdogan is very, very, very bad news and has practically stated he wants to be the next Adolf Hitler. Why has Germany given in to a dictator? Is this the direction that the rest of the West is going under 'political correctness' and the fall of the West to Islam? 


Will it one day be a criminal offense to publicly insult a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump? Why would we even dare treat a murderous dictator who could go down in the history books one day as one of the most brutal leaders of the 21st century as anything less than a 'murderous dictator' who should be brought up on war crimes charges before the Hague? Is this how far Europe has already fallen that they're giving in to this maniac? 

As we learn in the 3rd and 4th videos below from Infowars, not only will the ongoing refugee crisis that is collapsing Europe crash the global economy, but it will also lead to genocide.

At ANP, while we've sometimes compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler with his numerous executive orders that, if enacted, will give him nearly dictatorial power over the country, and his statement that he'd easily win a 3rd term if he could run, we have even more proof that Erdogan wants Hitlerian powers due to his own statements as heard in the next video below from StopNATOcrimes. Is THIS really who Germany needs to have 'dictating' to them? Didn't they learn their lessons years ago? Angela Merkel should be ashamed of herself for caving in to this pig.

As this Zero Hedge story tells us, not long ago Erdogan actually praised "Hitler's Germany" as a form of effective government. Was murdering a countless number of innocent people 'effective'? Germany has been through this once before caving to a brutal dictator; they clearly haven't learned their lesson.  

"Erdogan's now saying 'I won’t listen to the laws or constitution.' This is a very dangerous period," warned Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the Main Republican People’s Party. "He wants to give a legal foundation to this coup he’s carried out. Those who carry out coups always do this: First they carry out the coup, then they give it a legal foundation.’"

Now, as Erdogan pushes to officially transform the Turkish presidency from a figurehead role (obviously Erdogan is anything but a figurehead, but this is about enshrining powers he shouldn’t have into law) into a chief executive position, the President is appealing to history. As it turns out, the opposition aren’t the only ones who compare the strongman to Hitler. 

"There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany,” Erdogan said, when asked whether it was possible to maintain the unitary structure of the state under an executive presidential system. "There are later examples in various other countries," he added, in an apparent effort to soften the blow.

While most of the nations of Europe have had an open-door policy for refugees and a revolving door has been wide open, allowing pretty much anybody who wants to come into the EU to come in, we learn in the next video below why the refugee crisis could very well be the straw that breaks the global economy's back with Germany and much of Europe spending huge amounts of money to support and attempt to adapt the refugees to their society as we learn in this next video.

As we learn in the following video below it, there is now a very real chance that this crisis might lead to genocide with recent evidence being the following stories linked to by Steve Quayle: Shoebat tells us that Muslims have made a new law in Pakistan, Christians cannot sell anything unless they 1st take the mark of the beast. Steve also linked to a story on Infowars that told us Pope Francis has likened Jesus to ISIS, saying Muslims must breed with Europeans, a "

We'll close with 5 recent linked stories from Infowars that should help to awaken everybody who's even paying the slightest attention in this day and age. Despite the fact that Donald Trump has issued a warning that the US could be attacked by refugees that the Obama administration has allowed into the country, the Obama administration will be spending millions to help refugees find summer jobs here. Meanwhile, a group of 27 Democratic Senators (who must have a wish of destruction for America) are pressuring Obama to resettle more refugees here. If only to confirm the fall of the EU, Interpol has announced that 800,000 more migrants are ready to head up to Europe while a Muslim scholar celebrates the extinction of 'blue eyed blonde haired Germans' while telling us the future of Germany will be an Muslim immigrant wearing a jihab.

Can you see where this is all going yet? Is this what's coming to America? 

We have to warn you that the poem in the video below is in very poor taste. If you are easily offended, this is your trigger warning. While we agree this is in poor taste, should it be illegal in Germany? Should it be illegal in America? Why can't Erdogan take what the comedian obviously meant as a very distasteful joke? Is Mr. Erdogan above us all? We'll be interested in seeing how this plays out here in America and across the world; we've got a very strong suspicion that Mr. Erdogan will soon become the butt of jokes across the planet, as all rotten pig dictator-wannabe's should be


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