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April 24, 2015

'Oilfield Igniter' Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15 Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the state of Texas in the Jade Helm 15 bullseye recently, an All News Pipeline reader emailed us this potentially explosive news out of Odessa, Texas, where police have been notified that 'an undetermined amount of explosives' have gone missing...from Halliburton. While officials say at this time, it is unknown whether the explosives were stolen or just misplaced, they described the explosives as 'oilfield igniters' that are approximately 2" in length and 1/2" in diameter and there is nothing printed on them that would let the public know that they are hazardous.

While videographer Ya OughtaLearn tells us that this could be nothing to worry about, he also reminds us of Halliburton's rather shady history that should send up a HUGE false flag warning to all of our readers, especially with Jade Helm about to begin in the next few months. With all of the other events that we're now watching unfold in Jade Helm 15 states including massive military vehicle transportation, martial law drills and, this latest event surely should throw up a red flag to everyone who is paying attention and understands the history of false flag terrorism in America.

While many of our readers believe that the US Military would never fire upon the American people in Jade Helm 15 or otherwise, the 2nd video below from Mr. Shi dappens explains to us the 'certain charter' that US forces are now forced to participate under that proves they'll be working for the United Nations, not the American people, and if the UN mission is to disarm the American people, these troops working for the UN WILL attempt to disarm the American people.

The 3rd video below is a must-watch by Nathan Leal of The Watchman's Cry that breaks down the hidden message of the Jade Helm 15 logo, the mystery of the shoe, and the secret message that means incarceration in concentration camps for those labeled 'enemies of the state'. Whether that takes place during Jade Helm 15 going 'live' or afterwards doesn't matter...what is revealed for all to see is the future of America that includes tyranny, martial law and 'hotel FEMA'.

Would US soldiers fire upon and/or disarm the American people? This video proves that they may soon have NO CHOICE but to disarm Americans! They no longer WORK for us!

Want to know the truth about Jade Helm 15? This excellent video from Nathan Leal and The Watchman's Cry tells all.



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