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September 12, 2021

A Different Kind Of 'Resistance' - Joe Biden Whines On Air Over The New F-Biden Trend Raging Across The Country And Sending Online Liberals Into A Frenzy


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As Stefan Stanford just documented, there is a true "resistance" happening all across the country, and in fact, the globe, regarding COVID mandates, mask and vaccines, but there is also another type of resistance occurring from coast to coast, at concerts, sports events and just rallying on the street with signs.

It is crude, it is rude, but it is the way many Americans feel, including among college aged students which is supremely important since the younger generations usually side with Democrats.

The Movement is a F-Biden movement.  Signs at events Biden is attending. Chants at both concerts and entertainment venues and at sports events. Loud enough to be captured on video.

There are some specific points I would like to highlight in this piece.

1) Biden's handlers can no longer hide the extremely hostile public sentiment from Biden as seen in the 39 second video below where sleepy Joe stutters through a statement whining about seeing the F-Biden signs as he was visiting different sites for his 9/11 photo ops.

Anyone that thinks I am just being mean in saying he stuttered his way through his statement, can see it for themselves below. 


Either he saw the signs and got offended or he has been getting at least some of the news about the chants happening across the nation and couldn't stay quiet about it anymore.

Either way, protesters showing up at events is nothing new and Trump saw his share of liberal "resistance" protests, most of which turned violent with Antifa and other anarchists groups.

2) Never have we observed a movement such as the one we are witnessing right now.

An official music video titled "F*** Biden, chants at sports events, not just one, but it is becoming a national trend every week. We also have noted stories, and found a a 7 second video, of flags and signs hanging on or attached to trucks and cars.

Note - Video is age restricted and can only be seen at YouTube, so I linked to it above. 

Some examples of the chants at sporting events below, and major language warning because the chant  is a litany of hundreds yelling F*** Biden.

A couple examples below, just to prove my assertions.

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Below is a short compilation of three other sports events over the course of the past weeks, showing the same chant and different events.

See more at Twitchy.

I could keep going as there are videos everywhere, flags on homes, signs in yards and on vehicles, and hecklers everywhere Biden goes.

3) The "resistance" itself is one that shows America how it is done, without violence, arson, vandalism and attacking law enforcement.

As news of these chants, memes, and signage filters through to Americans, you see Biden's approval rating tanking because of his botched Afghanistan withdrawal, his overreach on COVID decrees, many of which the courts have slapped down, and his bumbling and fumbling during speeches, where reports indicate his own staff mutes him or turns the channel for fear that he will make a gaffe or veer off message.

Even at peak liberal "resistance" to Trump, we never saw this type of public anger and hatred towards a president where these chants haven't just happened once or twice, but are literally becoming a national trend

F Biden was even trending on Twitter, as liberals online went into a frenzy over it.

We expect a lot more videos from Sunday's sports events.

Readers are encouraged to share any videos or articles they find from Sunday, in the comment section, because at the rate we are seeing this.... movement, for lack of a better term, the more we see Biden tank and buyer's remorse grow.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 9% of Democrats now regret their vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. The same is true for 14% of blacks, 11% of voters ages 18-39, and 12% of self-identified moderates — which is a term savvy pollsters use to identify Democrats who are too embarrassed to admit they’re Democrats.

Rasmussen also asked how folks would vote if a new presidential election were held today. The results? Just 37% said they’d vote for Joe Biden, down from 45% who said they did vote for him back in November.

Thirty-seven percent. We hope you’re happy, Big Tech. We hope you’re happy, Big Media.

Like we said earlier this week: No one ever went broke betting on the gullibility of the American electorate.

In any case, those numbers represent some serious buyer’s remorse, especially when we take into account the inherent shyness of folks to admit they screwed up on a matter of such consequence. Put it this way: If your irrational hatred for Donald Trump compelled you to ignore his unequivocally prosperous America First agenda and instead vote for a washed-up America Last backslapper named Joe Biden, a guy about whom even Barack Obama warned, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up,” would you fess up such an appalling lapse of judgment to a total stranger?

Didn’t think so. So those numbers, then, are actually worse than they appear.

Amazon cups, flags, shirts, etc... : Donald Trump "do you miss me yet?" 

Even with the prolonged media attacks against President Trump, the hate and vitriol from Democrat politicians aimed at Republicans, and liberals only using the #resistance hashtag in almost every one of their posts, the protest (excluding the riots) were nothing as prevalent as we are witnessing now.

Some screech and howl on social media, others go out into the real world and make their voices heard without violence, and that is what we are watching now.

Could they have picked a less offensive term? Sure. Then again they are making their point, loudly and clearly, and from coast to coast, so who am I to criticize how others decide to protest as long as it is peaceful, which these are.

4) One last point I would like to highlight is the lack of pushback against those chanting F*** Biden. When protesters would start chants against Trump, his supporters would chant U.S.A. even louder until liberals stopped, but we aren't hearing any pushback whatsoever in all the videos I have seen of this new trend.

For liberals that would claim Biden critics would "get violent" (without any proof) if they pushed back, their argument is intellectually dishonest, as they didn't show that type of fear when they were protesting against Trump.

It is almost as if liberals, other than the Internet howlers and Democrat politicians, understand they cannot defend the indefensible, so they aren't.

That, to me, is just as telling as the protest chants themselves.

What we are watching now is a different kind of resistance. Not one filled with violence, rioting, arson, vandalism and cop hating, but rather a message being yelled in a united and clear voice.


This is perhaps the first time I have seen where conservatives have not only matched the volume of the socialist and communist liberals, but is speaking up louder, prouder and more forcefully.

The trend is growing, and seeing Joe Biden whine about it, tells us the chants, the flags, the signs, are hitting home and letting Democrats know which way the wind is blowing.

Not much they can do about it, they can't turn again a president from their own party, and yet they also cannot stop Biden from messing up everything he or his regime touches. 

Below, a few more examples of the non-violent statements being made publicly for all the see.

Utility workers in Louisiana turn their backs on the Biden motorcade.

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