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November 16, 2019

If You Are White, 'Deplorable' & Don't Believe CNN & The MSM's Reporting, You're Already Being Targeted By The Same Agency Attempting For 3 Years To Overthrow The 2016 Election

- Guilty Until Proven Innocent, This Is Fascism & Goes Against The Founding Principles Of America


By 'I Don't Know' for All News Pipeline

On Wednesday, the FBI released their Lone Offender Terrorism Report which breaks down selected 'lone terrorist events' from 1972 to 2015. They compiled data on race, ideology, income, drug use, level of isolation, and trigger events such as rejection.

You can read the report for yourself embedded in full at the bottom of this story.

You can easily see how the FBI is focused on anti-government ideology, which they pigeonhole as conspiracy theory. What I want to draw attention to is swamp monster and FBI Director Christopher Wrays introduction to the report. I also want to point out that the report can be viewed in two distinct ways by the FBI. One way is justification for pre-crime surveillance, forced mental health screenings, and harassment by law enforcement and other government and NGO agencies.

The other way the FBI could use this report is in the creation of lone wolf terrorists. If you target a segment of people in the widest way the data suggests, such as white American citizens with nationalist beliefs, then work down the list of economics, education, find those who are single or divorced, who have had recent negative events in their lives, then you find a group that the FBI believes are susceptible to terrorist actions.

At that point they could push those people by causing the very situations they have studied such as isolation, rejection, financial difficulties, or give them a focus for their anger and desire for revenge. In short, it is a checklist for creating domestic extremists if they decide to use it that way. Those of us who remember attacks such as the Garland, Texas 'Draw Mohammed incident' know the FBI sent the attackers an email to go tear up Texas prior to the attack. Only alert security prevented a tragedy that the FBI deliberately provoked.

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Lets take a look at Christopher Wrays introduction to the report.

Message from FBI Director Wray:

As weve all witnessed, the threats we face from terrorism and targeted violence are rapidly evolving. Weve seen a steady increase in the number of attacks and the array of attack methodologies, targets, and underlying motivations driving the attackers. The FBI is committed to using all appropriate tools and resources to prevent these acts from happening. We work side-by-side with our federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners to address and mitigate threats of terrorism and targeted violence. These efforts are led largely by our formal task forces, such as Joint Terrorism Task Forces and Violent Crime Task Forces, and also through less formal, but equally important, liaison relationships between the FBI and law enforcement professionals at all levels of government.

But prevention is more than just a law enforcement effort. Law enforcement is working diligently to improve its collaboration and coordination with other government entities, such as community mental health, social services, probation and parole, and educators, as well as private sector partners and stakeholders, to share information and ensure all entities are working together to help manage and mitigate threats.

All citizens have a critical role in prevention. Prevention efforts are greatly enhanced by the early recognition and reporting of suspicious behaviors by those individuals around a person of concern, such as family members, peers, and community members. Bystanders need guidance to recognize concerning behaviors and overcome natural resistance to reporting. Just as important as early recognition by bystanders is the need to have well-trained, skilled, and competent receivers of that reporting individuals who can assess potential threats and share information with other stakeholders so that they can gather additional information, further assess the threat, and take action to mitigate that threat.

One method for coordinating these often complicated responsibilities is the use of multi-disciplinary threat assessment and management teams. The core concept of these teams brings stakeholders and subject matter experts together to accurately and holistically assess threats and to devise effective and appropriate threat management strategies.

The FBIs Behavioral Threat Assessment Center (BTAC), established in 2010, is a national-level multi-disciplinary and multi-agency threat assessment and management team. The BTAC provides operational support to FBI field offices and our law enforcement partners on some of the most complex, concerning, and complicated threat cases related to terrorism and targeted violence. The BTAC also conducts extensive research on prior acts of terrorism and targeted violence to learn from past events, to enhance and improve prevention capabilities, and to train the community and other stakeholders involved in this space. The Lone Offender Terrorism Report (LOTR) is the latest example of this important research.

The lessons learned from the LOTR are similar in many ways to past FBI research, as well as academic research, on the pre-attack behaviors, stressors, and risk factors exhibited by and experienced by previous attackers. While the attackers in this report were ideologically-motivated lone offenders, they were rarely completely isolated and alone, and they traveled down the same observable and discernible pathways to violence as other attackers. The lessons learned in this report reinforce the principle that, like other acts of targeted violence, lone offender terrorism may be preventable through early recognition and reporting of concerning behavior.

This research report is unique from other research on this topic because of the richness and quality of the underlying data used to conduct the research (e.g., case files and other law enforcement records). In addition, the FBI, through the BTACs daily work in providing operational support on threat cases, is well positioned to analyze the findings through an operational lens and to make observations from the data, which can be used by other threat assessment professionals. With this focus, the authors of this report have attempted to look beyond the data to identify and articulate substantive suggestions and considerations for how readers might apply the lessons learned to enhance our collective prevention efforts.

Christopher A. Wray Director Federal Bureau of Investigation


When Wray speaks of working with partners, remember , the FBIs domestic snitch and spying program that uses churches, schools, corporations, and community groups to spy on their neighbors. You must remember when he talks about early reporting of individuals that these are people who have not committed any crime. The FBI wants you to report people who think wrong, not just act wrong. He wants to overcome your natural resistance to spying on each other and reporting your opinions to the authorities.

The BTAC structure is the Fusion Center, multiple federal law enforcement agencies working with local and state police departments. Once suspicions are raised against you, the entire weight of the government will asses you as a threat and proceed accordingly, which guarantees you a lot of unpleasant encounters with all levels of law enforcement, regardless of whether you have even been suspected of committing or planning to commit a crime.

This is fascism and goes against every foundational principle of America. You have no right to confront your accusers. You have no right to privacy. They are even digging through your psychological makeup to target you. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty.

And if you are white, if you are Deplorable, if you dont believe CNN reporting, you are already targeted by the same agency that has been involved in a three year and counting attempt to overturn an election.

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