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November 9, 2021

American Families Are Living Through These Heartbreaking Real-Life Stories Of Their Children Murdered By Vax, More Likely To Die From The Satanically Evil Shot Than The Virus 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

It is already painfully obvious that the Elites seem to think they have control over your children and not you.  Whether the teaching of mandated and clear racism via CRT or sexual perversions and sodomy as being “normal” and actually HOW to do it all which is just plain old fashioned child pornography and abuse, and that what is real, actual history is just nonsense but that the Marxist lefts rewrite is somehow factual along with so many other evils that the current regimes in our schools and upheld by loaded school boards and teachers unions.  That cannot be allowed to stand.  You MUST get your children out of those public schools.  There are a lot of alternatives including home schooling, using small groups like neighbors or family or church units to teach in homes in your own neighborhood, some very good internet based schools, and so on.  But get them out of government indoctrination camps.

In our last discussion we covered some reasons why they are after our kids, so let’s continue on with what has been actually occurring and what else you can do about it along with the above advice of removing them from government propaganda camps.

There have already been many kids jabbed with the kill shot or the so-called C19
“vaccine” and there are also many young ones that have had severe complications and even died from the kill shot just as they do in the adult population.  Stories like the 13 year old boy that died three days after the shot, the 12 year old child two days aftermany reports of Korean deaths of young people, and many more.  There are also reports of severe injury and illness caused by those children jabbed such as the one in this Fox news story about a Twelve year old girl and video that was on the Tucker Carlson show recently.  In Texas two children were given the adult strength C19 shot rather than the much weaker children’s version.  The kid’s version, depending on the brand, is one half to one third the adult strength kill shot.  “An Ohio mother is speaking out about her 12-year-old daughter suffering extreme reactions and nearly dying after volunteering for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine trial. 
Stephanie De Garay told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday that after reaching out to multiple physicians they claimed her daughter, Maddie De Garay, couldn’t have become gravely ill from the vaccine.  

"The only diagnosis we've gotten for her is that it's conversion disorder or functional neurologic symptom disorder, and they are blaming it on anxiety," De Garay told Tucker Carlson. "Ironically, she did not have anxiety before the vaccine" reads the report as published by Fox News last summer and addedafter receiving the second coronavirus vaccine dose, her daughter started developing severe abdominal and chest pains. Maddie described the severity of the pain to her mother as "it feels like my heart is being ripped out through my neck….The Ohio mother added her daughter experienced additional symptoms that included gastro paresis, nausea, vomiting, erratic blood pressure, heart rate, and memory loss. "She still cannot digest food. She has a…tube to get her nutrition," De Garay said to Carlson. "She also couldn't walk at one point, then she could…I don't understand why and [physicians] are not looking into she's back in a wheelchair and she can't hold her neck up. Her neck pulls back."    Neither the Brandon – umm, I meant to say the Biden administration nor Pfizer would reach out to them.

Last July in Jaipur India at least seventeen children were reported as having died from the C19 kill shot according to the report in the GreatGameIndia Report and more than two thousand suffering from Multi System Inflammation Syndrome which is the immune system attacking other organs.  Imagine what four months and multiplying numbers of vaccinated children in India alone might add up to now.  The Daily Expose in September said that figures from VAERS that the C19 vax has harmed and killed more children in the USA than all other vaccines combined.  There is virtually NO chance of C19 harming children, yet the supposed vax is harming and killing them at an accelerating pace.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer executive, said that children are FIFTY TIMES more likely to be killed by the C19 shot than would be killed by the virus itself.  Pfizer has tested it on children as young as six months old, infants, not even toddlers yet even after animal trials showed it is 100% deadly.  “The thing is, the Pfizer shot is a brand-new mRNA technology, never before used in humans – let alone young children but the Government still demands you to vaccine your kids”

Some states like California is requiring all students and school staff to get the kill shot as soon as January of 2022. “The requirement follows vaccine mandates in several large California school districts for students 12 and over” following the requirements of other vaccinations, while “The Public Health Institute, an independent nonprofit that promotes global health initiatives, praised the mandate but said it didn’t go far enough. Districts shouldn’t wait for full FDA approval, said the organization’s chief executive officer, Mary Pittman.”   California is not alone although they seem to be leading the rush to murder our kids.

The Daily Expose last May stated that 86% of children suffered and adverse reaction to the Pfizer vax in a clinical trial.  I submit that it is in reality 100% are adversely affected as we already know that ALL people that are injected get at the very least some blood clotting and inflammation of the arterial walls along with some in the heart and brain.  But it is not limited to just the school kids as even unborn children are being murdered in the womb by this satanically evil shot.  Recently Health Impact News stated that at least 2,433 babies were killed as listed in VAERS. 


Health Impact News graphic

The embedded video in that Health Impact News article is one that I caution weak stomachs from watching, the images of those babies will definitely affect you.

Risk of Death for Kids Age 5-11 from the ‘Vaccines’ Is EXPONENTIALLY HIGHER than from Covid Itself”  blares the headline in NOQReport as they calculate from data that “the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus.  For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot”.   Is that an acceptable risk for your children?

While remembering that while mRNA shots are “approved” for kids, there is NO, NADA, ZERO liability for any injuries including death that they cause just as that is the case for adults.  I like how Ethan Huff at Natural News worded it when he stated “MEDICAL HOLOCAUST against children: Vaccine-induced myocarditis in children has 50% fatality rate in five years”  (note that is not just the C19 vax but open to all vax’s) and as I wrote in my first story regarding children and the kill shot that “Why add something to calm heart attacks in little children for a “vaccine” that is supposedly perfectly safe for those who have a next to zero chance of coming down with the disease they claim is Covid 19, when in fact, children are all but immune to it by their own numbers

What I am trying to say is that the biological warfare poisons that they are trying to force into our children is at some point very deadly to them as it is to us.  But it does not end there as they are surreptitiously going around the requirement for parental consent to inject our children in the public educations system and I suspect many private schools as well. 

Kenner, Louisiana TV station WWL reported that the state requires  parental consent for anyone under the age of 18 to receive any vaccination.  But the First Video below shows that there is a lawsuit in process over a 16 year old boy that got the C19 shot at a mobile clinic parked at his school without the required signature or any parental approval. 

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In Washington DC the problem is they don’t think the parents have any right to say whether or not their kids get injected with whatever the government wants to give them.  Lawsuits have been filed their for the Mayor wanting to give shots without the parents approval nor even giving them knowledge that they are going to be murdered by the kill shot.  I cannot even imagine the massive evil that those officials are under to do such a thing, but they are not the only ones.  Does your state require parental approval?  “Five states — Alabama, Iowa, North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee — either allow some ages in that group (12 to 15) to consent for themselves or leave requirements up to individual vaccine providers.”   Even the WHO says that most nations require consent for any health actions of children not yet 18 years of age.

JAMA, a pediatrics journal, is trying to say that there need not be any consent required for children over 14 years old.   What in the world is wrong with these arrogant elitists in doing what they can to destroy our children?  Zero Hedge wrote that parents are worrying more and more about being forced to vaccinate young children when they said Anybody who has been paying attention to the Biden Administration's increasingly coercive and draconian vaccination mandates for workers at nearly every company (except perhaps the smallest businesses (those with fewer than 100 employees, although that, in time, may change, too), the FT reports that American adults are facing a dilemma: whether to get their children between the ages of five and 11 vaccinated.

When the FDA and CDC (going against the advice of advisors) decided to approve the drug for children 5 to 11 to earlier this month, most American parents got the message: pretty soon, they would need to make a decision. Either submit and vaccinate their child despite the fact that most healthy children have little justification for being vaccinated against COVID”.   

Although laughed at by the leftist MSM and government or pseudo government agencies like the American Council on Science and Health just a few months ago, the drive to mandate and force vaccinations for kid from 5 years and up is already in progress.  And do not neglect that the “experts” make mistakes as in the story about parents demanding answers when the full adult version is given to boy’s age 6 and 7 in Texas.  Do NOT trust the “experts” that want to jab kids, like the fed and state health services, the school boards and the schools themselves, and the “medical” assistants giving the death shots.  Health Impact News asks if you have blood on your hands as so many parents are being deceived into allowing kids to be given these poisonous concoctions that the world powers want to use in eliminating as many non-elites as they can.  The Second Video below is included in that article.

While mulling all of this over I am reminded of a conversation I had recently with a good friend of mine and he told me of his preparations, actions and possible responses.  Please consider what you should or will do if the situation arises in your life.  Perhaps the need for such actions can be removed by making sure your children are NOT in public schools, but if they are then instruct them to NEVER take any medications that the school or others outside of it without the direct permission of you or your spouse.  If the school tells the kids that they are to line up or go to some room for meds or a shot, that they MUST LEAVE IMMEDIATLY and when they exit the school building to run like hell and call their parents as they flee for their own lives.  The parent’s reaction is to immediately drive to the school WELL ARMED so they can defend IF Necessary the lives and health of your children.  Best not to go too near the school itself unless absolutely required, and do NOT brandish it, but be prepared to use it if the “authorities” are trying to force vax you kids.  They will likely back down unless they suspect some parents might object violently.  Be Prepared as the By Scouts used to say back when they were worthy of support, and the possibility rises higher that such measures may be needed as time goes on.  Be vigilant and be sober, do not threaten or brag about what you will do, but be ready to do it to save your children and be sure they understand what to do.  I am NOT advocating violence or armed conflict, but I am saying be ready just in case.


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