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April 29, 2018

Insiders Warn 'Deep State Treason' Has Put Entire Country In Danger As America Faces Tectonic Shift Of Political Landscape

- As Democrats Pay Huge Money For 'Fake News' On Trump, Their Lips Tell Us Everything 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the extremely important photograph above featuring top members of the administration of Barack Obama, we see a theme repeated over and over and over again with each member's lips telling a story which they'd never voluntarily tell. 

According to the website Changing Minds and their section on body language

Pursed lips which are pulled inwards from all directions are an indication of tension and may indicate frustration or disapproval.

Pursed lips are a classic sign of anger, including when it is suppressed. It is effectively holding the mouth shut to prevent the person saying what they feel like saying. This may also be an indication of lying or withholding the truth as the person stops themselves from telling the truth.

Pursed lips can also indicate a person who is thinking and who is deciding between possible options. Deciding and disapproval are both evaluative actions, which is the common core of lip-pursing.

After linking to this April 6th story at the Daily Mail titled "What is Mark Zuckerberg hiding? Facebook uses secret tool to delete founder's private messages from other people's inboxes", Steve Quayle left the following SQnote: "Note his lips and glare - reverting back to programmed response". As they all seemingly do when caught up in a lie.


With the integrity and credibility of both the Department of Justice and the FBI, what is supposed to be our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement agency, under fire with the Trump-Russia collusion narrative quite literally exploding in the faces of those who created it as part of an 'insurance policy' after President Donald Trump decimated Hillary Clinton's dreams in November of 2016, things are getting very interesting as we move forward in 2018 and 'truth' begins to come out from unexpected places. 

Truth such as we hear from former FBI agent Terry Turchie, who joins Tucker Carlson and Fox News in the 1st video below and drops a bombshell upon us, telling Carlson that a great deal of evidence exists that the 'REAL collusion' took place not between President Trump and Russia, BUT between the Democratic party and Russia, with communist agents from Russia, China and Cuba likely heavily infiltrating the Democratic party over the last several years and even decades.

Turchie also tells Carlson that the very heads of the Justice Department, FBI and CIA had conspired against President Trump, throwing away their loyalty to America (treason?) to help Hillary Clinton get into office and when that failed, doing everything within their power to strong arm President Trump and make his life and job more difficult, thus putting all of America in danger.  

And while some of the information shared by Turchie might not come as a surprise to those who've long been paying attention to the globalists plans to neuter the sovereignty of America, while melding our nation into another part of the burgeoning socialist borg, the rights of conservatives in the UK and throughout the European Union to speak freely are being stifled

Meanwhile, the UK cements their descent into tyranny by allowing young Alfie Evans to die without even allowing his own parents to take him somewhere else where he might be treated as America approaches a crossroads from which there may be no turning back.  


As amazing speaker and American Candice Owens tells us in the 2nd video below, while 88% of black Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, following 93% of them voting for Barack Obama in 2012, it was the Democratic party that started the KKK and pushed 'Jim Crow' laws, so why do SO MANY black Americans vote Democrat when it was the Democrats who were the original party to systematically oppress them? From

Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks.

While the website 'The Revolutionary Act' reports this growing axis between President Trump, Kanye West and the black community could lead to a tectonic shift is US politics, it has long been coming. From the Examiner:

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, an awful lot of awful things have been said about Republicans and race relations.

However, the Left's accusations of racism couldn't be further from the truth that has played out in the halls of Congress over the last 150 years. 

It is shocking that as talk of statues and historical racism is being bandied about, no one has mentioned the Democrats' utterly shameful treatment of African Americans throughout history. 

Over the last 100 years, Republicans have stood up for African Americans while Democrats not only stood on the sidelines, but in fact served as obstructionists to civil liberties.


With this new emergence of Conservative African Americans led by amazing people such as Diamond and Silk, Candice Owens and now even Kanye West making waves and shattering typical stereotypes, will even more black Americans finally awaken for good and 'break the spell' they've long been living under?

Should even 20% more black Americans realize that the Democratic plantation that they've been slaving upon is the very worst possible thing for them by metaphorically 'swallowing' the 'red pill' that so many others have recently swallowed, the D's are in huge trouble. 

And if this new story from Zero Hedge is any indication, while the 'great awakening' may not yet be viral across America, nearly a million Americans have 'had it' with the increasingly socialist blue states of California and New York, where over 800,000 are expected to flee over the next 3 years, following more than 3.5 million over the past decade leaving those high-tax, imploding states for low-tax red states such as Arizona and Texas. 


As even Newsweek reported back in February, according to an FBI informant, Russia routed millions of dollars to the US and the Clinton's 'global initiative' in the Uranium One scandal that saw Mueller, Clinton and Obama caught with their hands in the cookie jar, though the Democrats are still trying to call that story 'a distraction'. From that story: 

Moscow routed millions of dollars to the U.S. expecting the funds would benefit ex-President Bill Clinton’s charitable initiative while his wife, Hillary Clinton, worked to reset relations with Russia, an FBI informant in an Obama administration-era uranium deal stated.

In a written statement to three congressional committees, informant Douglas Campbell said Russian nuclear executives told him that Moscow hired American lobbying firm APCO Worldwide to influence Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, among others in the Obama administration, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

Campbell said Russian nuclear officials expected APCO to apply its $3 million annual lobbying fee from Moscow toward the Clintons’ Global Initiative. The contract detailed four $750,000 payments over a year’s time.

“APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement,” Campbell stated.

And while Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill claimed that Campbell's statement was just an attempt by the Trump administration to distract Robert Mueller and the American public from the 'real collusion' that the Democrats continually attempt to put upon President Trump, it's obvious to those paying attention where the 'real collusion' was. 

While talk of treason has been thrown around continuously surrounding Obama, Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice, for the DOJ and FBI to fully regain their standing and integrity, the former 'elite' will have to fall. 

As Republican representative Paul Gossar from Arizona stated back in February:

"The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason," Gosar wrote in a statement.

Gosar said he would urge Attorney General Jeff Sessions to seek "criminal prosecution against these traitors to our nation." Treason under the Constitution is punishable by death.


And while much of the 'independent media' struggles just to 'stay alive' and online, with liberals now attempting to take away the 1st Amendment from Alex Jones while claiming 'conspiracy theories' may not be protected speech (note to NWO: you'll have to kill me to shut me up!), Bill Gertz reports today over at the Washington Free Beacon that anonymous donors have donated $50 million to anti-Trump researchers to continue to try to dig up more dirt on President Trump. 

With the 'dirt' dug up by the Steele dossier proven to be 'fake news' supported by the DNC, it's becomes obvious that huge dollars are lining up to push more 'fake news' as long as it is 'anti-Trump' information. From the Free Beacon story:

Anti-Trump researchers are continuing to conduct investigations of President Trump and were paid $50 million by unidentified donors in blue states, according to a House intelligence committee report made public on Friday.

The heavily redacted final report of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence said the panel is continuing to probe efforts by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, author of the discredited anti-Trump dossier, and the research firm FusionGPS that hired Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign during the election.

The continuing anti-Trump opposition research operation was contained in a footnote on page 113 of the 243-page report. It identified the Penn Quarter Group as the research firm that hired Steele and FusionGPS. [Disclosure: The Washington Free Beacon was once a client of Fusion GPS. That relationship ended in January 2017. For more information, see here.]


While 'crazy Hillary' still scatters blame for her November 2016 loss in EVERY direction except for the one direction where it should be cast perfectly representing the 'victimhood mentality' of many on the left, for the DOJ and FBI to fully regain their now tarnished reputation while restoring their integrity, they'll have to get to the bottom of this all. 

And should 'the truth' find that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton, then the American people deserve to know that truth. Yet should the truth be something far more sinister, and deeply implicate Hillary Clinton and the 'Clinton crime family', the American people deserve to know the truth as well, no matter how shocking that might be to some. 

Simply having absolute proof that Hillary and the DNC conspired to take the Democratic party nomination away from Bernie Sanders according to former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile gives us a taste of what she is capable of.   

We will close with this extremely important excerpt from Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog and his recent interview with former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp which sums up everything that we've been witnessing ever since President Trump was elected and explaining exactly why America is still in such danger as a 'Constitutional crisis' the likes we've never seen in America continues to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. You can the entire interview embedded as the final video below. 

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what is going on with Donald J. Trump “is an ongoing coup to remove a duly elected President.” Shipp contends, “This is a huge constitutional crisis like the country has never seen before. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday school class.”

On Friday, Shipp and other retired top officials at the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA held a press conference and demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions prosecute top Obama era officials for obvious crimes against the incoming Trump Administration. Shipp says, “We have a coup within our government right now at the senior levels at the CIA, DOJ and the FBI attempting to unseat a duly elected President who was elected by the American people and remove him from office. . . .This is, at worst, treason with senior officials in the shadow government or Deep State . . . to attack Donald Trump and remove him from office." 

Shipp goes on to explain, “There is essentially a civil war involving parts of senior management and upper parts of our government that is occurring in the United States. It’s between the ‘Dark’ side and the ‘Constitutional’ side. There has never been anything like this in history. It is extremely serious, and this is an extremely serious hour for our government and especially for our constitutional freedoms. . . . This essentially is a global criminal cabal that has penetrated into our government and now has senior level officials colluding and, I would argue, conspiring to unseat this president.”

In closing, Shipp says, “People need to understand that the Democrat Party today is not the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy. The Democrat Party with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is more Marxist than anything else. They think the Constitution should be a ‘progressive’ document. In other words, the Constitution is outdated and should be redone. They are both directly connected into George Soros, who wants to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. government. . . . The Democrat Party is now made up of Marxists and leftists that have penetrated that entire organization. . . . Their entire goal is to change our form of government and destroy our sovereignty.”

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