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April 24, 2018

Seven Words That Broke The Internet: Red Wave Of Black Conservatism Sweeps Across The Web As Black 'Victors' Take On The 'Victim'-Hood Mentality

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Something very important is happening right now as we are witnessing a movement in its beginning stages as high profile African American personalities are fighting back against the BLM, liberal "victimhood" mentality that has enslaved generations of blacks across America.

Generally we do not do "celebrity" news, unless it is within an article describing the cultural war being played out across America and the Internet, and that is exactly what is happening right now, a culture war, within the black community, it just happens to involved a high profile African American musician who managed to blow up the internet by uttering seven words.


One would think he set off a series of bombs the way liberal media and other celebrities responded.

Long Story Short: Candace Owens is a former Democrat that became a conservative after being "repulsed" by the tactics being used by today's liberals, the bullying, the victimhood mentality and their self-righteousness. Owens has been described as a "nightmare for the Democrat party." She has been attacked, labeled as "alt-right," which is interesting in and of itself since liberals have spent the better part of two years attempting to associate the "alt-right" with White Supremacy, but we will leave that for another day. 

Owens is very outspoken, with statements like "Democrats have successfully trained their blacks to use racist terminology against any other blacks that wander off their plantation. @temiikudayisi, “Uncle Tom, Coon, and token” are terms created by masters to create allegiance amongst slaves," and going after Black Lives Matters when they attempted to heckle one of her appearances by stating "Black Lives Matter protesters showed up to my @UCLA event to protest. Here is a video clip of me smacking them down with the truth; they’re a bunch of whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention."

So, rapper Kanye West, returned to Twitter to say "I love the way Candace Owens thinks," and Owens responded with "I’m freaking out. @kanyewest ....please take a meeting with me. I tell every single person that everything that I have been inspired to do, was written in your music. I am my own biggest fan, because you made it okay. I need you to help wake up the black community."


The short 1:20 minute video below is apparently what West was responding to when he complimented Owens, which in turn set in motion a series of events that highlighted liberal hypocrisy, the vileness of Hollywood personalities like Tom Arnold, a media implosion, and surprisingly a red wave of black conservatism that is sweeping across America and the internet.

Cue the outrage and let the Twitter mob lynching begin. White liberal Hollywood personalities, Perez Hilton, a popular blogger of celebrity gossip, comedian Shaun King, attacked West for his support of Owens, with Owen's snarkily asking "Out of curiousity... are you still pretending to be black?"

Tom Arnold, formerly married to Rosanne Barr, verbally attacked Owens and West, jumping into the Owens/King discussion, and it was a free for all as Arnold became totally unhinged in a series of attacks against Owens, aimed toward West. After the back and forth, when Owens pointed out  that "3 white men" rushed to "viciously attack the freedom of two black people who refuse to be pawns to a leftist ideology-it should ring as a wake up call to the world about who the real racists are....None of you white men own my blackness."

Tom Arnold then crossed a line that even had liberals taking him to task when he told Owens, in a now deleted tweet (but saved as  screen shot) "That's a lot of extra words @RealCandaceO so you can suck racist d**k by trying to insult an actual hero @ShaunKing hahahaha. #MAGA"


Twitchy has all Arnold's tweets in one place, to see how vile and viciously the Hollywood left is willing to get in order to discredit, insult, malign and defame any African American personality that dares hold a conservative ideology.

Just imagine for one minute what the response by the media and the Twitter lynch mobs would be had three white "conservative" men verbally attacked two black "liberal" personalities.


From the New Yorker highlighting "mental illness," before claiming how dangerous it is to diagnose someone from afar, to the NYMag claiming the right is using Kanye West to push "policies that exacerbate racism, discrimination, and economic inequality," to Media Matters attacking Owens and Dilbert Creator Scott Adams (because Kanye dared share one of his videos speaking about how West "ripped a hole in reality," with his endorsement of Owens), and of course the Washington Post with the headline "A step-by-step guide to how Kanye West became a hero of the pro-Trump Internet." ( link here)

Those are just a tiny sample of the media freakfest, with the Wapo title showing that liberals should never, ever, attempt to ascribe a "reason" for why conservatives do or say anything, because they are so liberal at Wapo they cannot possibly understand that it isn't "pro-Trump" pundits praising Kayne West, or Candace Owens, it is "conservatives" tired of watching liberal ideology come out of celebrities mouths, or in this case, tweets.

Conservatives were against liberal welfare states, liberal victimhood status, their constant misery which they only find any comfort from making others as miserable as they are, and their ideology, long before Donald Trump ran for president and we will remain against that country-destroying, divisive policies when Trump is a footnote in history.


Interestingly enough while Owens and West have been attacked by liberals, an amazing thing happened in response to Wests original tweet and his subsequent ones.  His support level has risen where he now has over 17 million followers, where before this issue arose he had around 15 million, and since beginning this article he has risen from 16.9 million to 17.1 million followers. 

Since that Owens' tweet West has issued a series of statements with the sole intent of awakening the masses, especially the black masses. Small sample below.


It is not the follower count that indicates the black wave of conservatism "movement" beginning, but it is the responses in his tweet threads, where more and more are calling it a great awakening, agreeing with him, thanking him for his courage in speaking out. The majority are not even "Trump supporters," but from his own fans that are tired of not being demonized for thinking what he is now saying aloud.


The discussions, the debates, the attacks against West with his supporters, black and white, standing up for his and their right to hold opinions and ideology that doesn't fit the mainstream liberal narrative is how a movement begins, and rather than backing down, West is doubling down, forcing those discussions and debates, using his celebrity and his reach to tell people "there was a time when slavery was the trend and apparently that time is still upon us. But now it's a mentality."


Kanye West is not a hero and he still holds many liberal ideological stances, but the difference between those of us praising him for bringing attention to the fact that it is quite alright for an African America to hold some conservative values and to be turned off by the victimhood mentality, and the liberal elite.... is we that are thanking him for his recent musings believe it is his right to think differently from us on certain issues, while the liberals are treating him as if he is a traitor to his race for holding conservatives opinions on other issues.

A movement has to start somewhere. Candace Owens speaks up, West promotes her encouragement to leave the liberal "plantation" (her words), others support them and start speaking up and a movement begins.

The Democrats' worst nightmare indeed.

Below is the Scott Adams video West shared that sent liberals from just hyperventilating over his liking Owens into howling at the moon.

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