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May 6, 2017

'Nuclear Attack' Upon America Rages On - Why Isn't The MSM Reporting Upon This 'Nuclear War Without A War'?

Surfing Website Warns Of 'Ocean Oddities' And 'Fukushima Fallout' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 30th of 2013, award-winning scientist, environmentalist and radio and TV broadcaster David Suzuki was speaking at an event on public water policy at the University of Alberta in Alaska when he brought up the tsunami-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and particular damaged reactor #4. Claiming during his speech that "Fukushima is the most terrifying situation that I can imagine", he set off what was then a nuclear bombshell by stating:

“I have seen a paper saying that if, in fact, the fourth plant goes in an earthquake … it’s ‘bye-bye Japan’ and everybody on the West Coast of North America should evacuate,” Mr. Suzuki is seen to say in a video of the event captured by Alberta artist Aaron Paquette. “If that isn’t terrifying then I don’t know what is,” he added.

While several months later according to this story from the National Post, Suzuki stated he regretted making those comments, he never went so far as to renege the claim he'd made and in fact, appeared to double down upon it:

“I regret having said it, although my sense of potential widespread disaster remains and the need for an urgent international response to dealing with the spent rods at Fukushima remains.”

While the entire mainstream media and much of the world have either censored Fukushima or are completely clueless about what's going on there, popular surfing' website 'Surfline' recently ran a report called "Ocean Oddities: Oh, Fuk! Fallout From Fukushima" within which they warn of Fukushima fallout reaching the US West Coast. Used to avoiding sharks while surfing the ocean's waves, a new threat has emerged they report, "radioactive water washing into the sea." 


And while the msm will still call the massive 'Fukushima-die-off' we've been watching over the past several years 'fake news' and pretend that if they don't report upon what's happening there, it's not real, the stories from across the internet over the last several days alone prove to us differently and as we see here, tie directly in to Suzuki's 2013 warning.

While even ABC in 2013 ran with the 'West coast evacuation' story as seen and heard in the 1st video below, they soon killed the story with no reason given despite the fact that their report confirmed the mass die-off we've all been witnessing and is one of the most accurate msm reports on Fukushima we've ever witnessed. RT still has their story on the possibility of the West coast needing to be evacuated published and available online for all to read

Reporting in their story that the true dangers of Fukushima were still ahead in the future and that radiation was already arriving in America and would likely continue to do so for a very, very long time, what has happened to the msm reporting on Fukushima since then and is what's now happening to America due to Fukushima one of the 'roots' of the msm's pushing of 'fake news'? The screenshot below courtesy of Shattering the Matrix.


In the story over at Global Research written by Professor Michel Chossudovsky he reported the long-term repercussions from Fukushima upon America will be like 'a nuclear war without the war'. And while the large majority of Americans haven't yet discovered our nation's been 'nuked', several years ago Michael Snyder wrote a story called "28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima", a story which proved to us then that Suzuki's and Chossudovsky's warnings to America should not be overlooked. 

Back on June 7th of 2015, ENENews reported that by 2016, about 800 tera becquerel of Cesium-137 was going to reach West Coast of North America. As nuclear experts have reported time and again, the flow of radiation from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean may continue for time on end with TEPCO having found no way to put an end to the problem they created whether or not an earthquake and tsunami were needed to expose that problem.

And we get in the latest headlines from ENENews from the past week alone, stories that will never be adequately covered by the MSM, more proof that the 'nuclear war without the war' rages on whether or not the msm reports upon it.

ALARM: Record die-off of marine life along West Coast — Huge numbers washing up on shore… “This is just the tip of the iceberg” — Several types of animals found dead — Hemorrhaging from brain infection 

Peak of Fukushima radiation now moving to West Coast — Levels much higher than predicted — Huge red blob of nuclear waste near shore — San Francisco area being hit hardest — Concern over Iodine-129 with 15 million year half-life 

Brain-rotting toxin killing huge numbers of marine animals on California coast — Die-offs skyrocket over past week — Expert: “It’s worst year we’ve ever seen” — Mass deaths of sea lions, dolphins, birds — Officials warn outbreak is spreading 

Fukushima a “ticking time bomb” — Fires now “raging” near nuclear plant — Blaze doubles in size; “Smoke rising from wide areas” — Concern over fallout of highly radioactive material; Officials closely watching radiation levels 

Fires burning near Fukushima plant — Officials ask Japan gov’t to send in troops to help fight blaze — Strong winds hindering firefighters


Back on April 27th we reported the 'mass animal death events' in the Pacific Ocean had not only hit an all-time high but had also hit the top of the food chain after a massive and ongoing shark die-off on the West coast. As ENENews reports in their latest story on the record die-off of marine life along the west coast, what we're watching now is just the tip of the iceberg. And whether or not 'officials' or the msm will admit that Fukushima is to blame for the 'mass animal death events' we've been watching, it's clear to those who are paying attention that this 'nuclear attack' upon America has taken its harshest toll yet upon the sea life living within the Pacific ocean and along the entire West coast. 

Yet as the ENENews story argues, if this is only 'just the tip of the iceberg', then the real carnage has only just begun. As long as a never-ending stream of death continues to wash out of Fukushima and into our oceans and atmosphere, the 'ticking time bomb' called 'Fukushima' will continue to imperil life across the entire spectrum. As Mac Slavo reported over at SHTFPlan back on December 9th of 2016, proof of radioactive fish found off of the US West coast with a 'disturbing footprint of Fukushima' proved to us a massive cover-up was going on and had been admitted. , 

The first video below shows ABC's 2013 story on Fukushima, a very accurate portrayal of mass animal deaths and the strong possibility that things would only get wors, prior to ABC deleting the story and the msm going silent on Fukushima. The 2nd and 3rd videos below both take a look at the recent fires outside of Fukushima and the cesium 137 and strontium 90 blowing in the wind while in the final video below, videographer Leak Project takes a look at recent alarming deaths and mutations that can be blamed upon radiation from Fukushima as this 'nuclear war without a war' rages on.  


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