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April 26, 2021

'Maximum Suppression' And 'Full Spectrum Dominance Of Humanity' Health Policies Are Hallmarks Of Totalitarian Governments That Excel At Locking Down Societies

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the name 'Professor Susan Michie' is definitely NOT a 'household name' recognized by nearly anyone outside of the UK, as this new Daily Mail story reports, few government scientists helping to shape that nation's Covid strategy have been as influential and ubiquitous as her. 

A HUGE proponent of Covid emergency measures being extended UNTIL the Covid pandemic has been completely eradicated, even if that means years of never-ending lockdowns, masks and 'vaccines' ahead, as that Daily Mail story also pointed out, Michie is a proponent of 'maximum suppression', meaning, if Michie gets her way, no family in the UK will be allowed to have contact with any other family outside of their household, for any reason. 

And while much of that sounds partially like what we already have here in America, where many large events such as weddings and other gatherings have been curtailed while masks in public and social distancing requirements were rolled out in every state across the nation in one form or another, as the Daily Mail story also surprisingly pointed out, Professor Michie is a self-professed and die-hard communist. And communist regimes throughout history have thrived upon 'maximum suppression' and locking down populations. 

So with Michie, who was actually dubbed 'Stalin's nanny' during her years at Oxford, and has also been a member of the Communist party in the UK for over 40 years, now carrying so much weight in how the UK handles their 'Covid-19' crisis, as we'll explore within this ANP story, more and more signs are now emerging that this entire Covid-fiasco was 'designed' to 'usher in Communism' and 'the Great Reset', and they both may be not too far ahead if the democrats/globalists get their way. While the left screams 'socialism or extinction', there's definitely a better way. 

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In his book "COVID World Order: Recreating Humanity 2.0", author Luis Vega takes looks at Covid-19 through a Biblical End Times perspective, warning we're now witnessing nothing less than a worldwide shift towards tyranny which will use a 'medical world order' that will seek to dominate every aspect of our lives.

Labeling what is coming as the 'full spectrum dominance of humanity', should Professor Michie and other die-hard lockdown proponents get their way, we're on the fast track there. From Vega's book description first.:

The purpose of this book is to provide a systematic array of scientific evidence that dispels the current 'official narrative' pertinent to the COVID-19 pandemic. Or is it a 'plandemic'? 

The studies presented in this book will consider the various sources that strongly suggest that the release of COVID-19, although real is being abused to foment the need to undergo and implement the Global Economic 'Reset'. 

It will be shown that the event is being used to acquire a 'Full Spectrum Dominance' of Humanity. 

This new COVID World Order will be contingent upon all People needing to take the coming COVID vaccination that has technology unlike any prior type of immunizations. 

It will essentially be a recreation of Humanity 2.0.

With many on the left here in America now pushing for socialism/communism, is that why so many are happy to remain 'locked down'? Lockdowns are HUGE under Communism/totalitarianism. From this Daily Mail story before we continue which takes a look at one of the big lockdown pushers in the UK.: 

Few of the Government scientists helping to shape the nation's Covid strategy are as influential and ubiquitous as Professor Susan Michie. Not only is she a senior member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) but also two other groups guiding Ministers and she is regularly given a platform by the BBC and ITV to share her ideas. 

Yet few viewers and listeners will realize that Prof Michie is a key member of the Communist Party of Britain and is dedicated to establishing a new socialist order in this country.

To her critics, it is little wonder that she is prominent among those demanding yet more Covid controls, bursts of short, sharp isolation and seemingly indefinite mask-wearing and distancing – the sort of policies favoured by the Communist Morning Star newspaper.

As the entrepreneur and former Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson noted drily: 'Susan Michie is a member of the Communist Party. They know all about controlling behavior in places like Communist North Korea.'

Normally Prof Michie – who was dubbed Stalin's nanny when she was a student at Oxford – is coy about her revolutionary politics but just before the first lockdown last year, she responded to someone praising China's extreme measures of in dealing with coronavirus by tweeting: 'China has a socialist, collective system (whatever criticisms people may have) not an individualistic, consumer-oriented, profit-driven society badly damaged by 20 years of failed neoliberal economic policies. #LearntLessons.' 

It offered a rare window into the true beliefs of a woman who has been a Communist Party member for more than 40 years. Prof Michie remains at the forefront of the campaign to keep life closed down until the virus has been completely eradicated. Even this month, with the death rate plummeting and vaccinations proving an outstanding success, she co-authored a widely circulated article that demanded yet more restrictions on daily life and 'maximum suppression' of the virus here and around the world.

And with 'the Great Reset' clearly part of the globalists plans for America and the world as we move towards 2025, as we hear in the must-listen 1st video below, while millions of clueless Americans call 'the Great Reset' a 'conspiracy theory', it's all laid out for anyone to read at the World Economic Forum's website

With that video warning 'the Great Reset' was 'designed' to help 'usher in global socialism', as we hear in the 2nd video below in an interview with Leigh Dundas, the tyranny that's being unveiled now across America and the world is something she compares to a '2nd holocaust' being carried out before our own eyes. 

So with many on the left now pushing 'maximum suppression' in an attempt to 'get America out' of this mess we're now in, advocating, like Michie, endless lockdowns, endless masks and endless social distancing, while totalitarianism would surely be created out of such long term, never ending lockdowns, we'd love to know, how many more people just like Professor Susan Michie are out there in America or other Western nations, advocating for lockdowns and social distancing while hiding their Communist roots from the unsuspecting public? We'd guess many of them. 

So while communism allegedly strives to make all people equal, as one of the top-voted comments on that Daily Mail story pointed out, "equally poor that is. Unless you are in control. Then you are super rich"

Yet with totalitarian governments absolutely hating well armed people as Brandon Smith over at Alt Market pointed out in this April 22nd story titled "The Reasons Why Leftists Will Never Successfully Disarm Americans", we thank God for the eternal wisdom of America's Founding Fathers in writing the 2nd Amendment into law. Because with the very real possibility that medical tyranny will continue to be unveiled as the 'great reset' of society is ushered in, as others have warned, it may never be as important as it is now. 

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