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November 20, 2017

At War For 93% Of Our Existence, Will The 'Deep State' Entrap Us Into Just One More, Getting President Trump And America Into A Quagmire We Can Never Get Out Of? 

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker


In 1947 liberal Demoncrap President Harry Truman (our thirty third President and a thirty third degree Freemason) signed into law the National Defense Act, creating the CIA and turning America into a militarized state with a peacetime draft. The reason (or excuse) was the emerging Cold War with the Soviet Union, which was genuinely an evil empire. When the Cold War finally ended decades later with the implosion of the USSR, many expected a “peace dividend.” Surely we could now reduce military spending, taking us closer to balancing our budget.

But, strangely enough, military spending continued at high levels, very profitable for the defense and aerospace industries, and the US continued to maintain bases and troops in scores of foreign lands most Americans have never heard of. And the undeclared (hence unconstitutional and illegal) wars continued; the stalemate in Korea was followed by the disaster of Vietnam…and we seem to have learned nothing from these experiences.


Today we continue to maintain massive ground forces; the US Army (these are all 2017 figures) has some 476,000 regular military personnel and 199,00 reserves, plus 343,000 Army National Guard troops. The Army has 4,836 aircraft, mostly helicopters, and maintains 10 active divisions. The US Marine Corps, a second army, has 185,000 active duty troops, 38,500 reservists, and 1,199 aircraft, including both helicopters and fixed wing planes.

Of course all the services also have tens of thousands of civilian personnel doing a variety of jobs. And the sheer bureaucratic complexity and duplication is staggering. We have an Army, a Navy, and an Air Force. But then we have a second navy…the Coast Guard. And the USMC is, indeed, a second army, which is within the Navy Department. So the USMC is, in a sense, the Navy’s army, and USMC aviation is the Navy’s army’s air force.

The US Air Force has 318,415 active military personnel, 69,200 reserves, and 105,700 Air National Guard troops. It maintains 5,500 planes and 406 ICBMs. The US Navy has 324,415 active personnel (not counting civilians) and 106,622 reserves. It has 430 ships, of which 279 are currently deployable, including 10 carrier groups, and over 3,700 aircraft. The US Coast Guard has 36,255 active personnel and 7,351 reservists and maintains 238 cutters, 1,523 smaller boats, and 187 aircraft.

Total active military personnel, counting the Coast Guard, total 1,303,875. Military spending comes to about 16% of our national budget each year, more than the next seven countries combined, or 37% of the world total. In 2017 Congress authorized a “defense” budget of $700 billion.


Leftists throw other people’s money at real or imagined social issues, with scant regard as to how the money is actually spent. But neocons (who fill both parties) throw other people’s money at real or imagined military deficiencies…again, without considering how best to spend the money. And all the money in the world, all the high tech gadgetry imaginable, cannot compensate for poor leadership, discipline, and morale.

Does anyone other than the most wild-eyed leftist UI (useful idiot) really believe that a military filled with homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, radical feminists, and millennial snowflakes can defeat a real enemy? Despite the undeniable courage and skill of many of our troops, we cannot even defeat a rag-tag “army” of Afghan tribesmen. West Point now has at least one Muslim instructor and has graduated at least one communist cadet. Christians are under attack in all the services. Over 60 Navy admirals are currently being investigated for taking bribes from a supplier (of fuel, spare parts, etc.) named Leonard Glenn Francis, a.k.a. “Fat Leonard.”

In the last year, US navy ships have been involved in four collisions, and the USS Antietam ran aground in Tokyo Bay. Simply driving the ship without mishap is the most basic skill required of officers and men…and our Navy can’t even do that. On 1/12/16 two US Navy vessels strayed into Iranian waters in broad daylight, and, when challenged, meekly surrendered. What ever happened to “don’t give up the ship”? Once captured, several of the sailors cried like little girls. I guess men are an extinct species. And there is no reason to assume that the other services are any better.

And then there are the wars, whose cost must be measured in blood as well as treasure. These wars, since 9/11, are, we are assured by our masters, being waged to defeat ISIS and protect us from terrorism. But there is considerable evidence that the US helped to fund ISIS, or the terrorist groups who became ISIS. Consider this: not one terrorist has parachuted into the US or landed by helicopter or landing craft.


Every terrorist killing in the US was carried out by Muslims “our” government invited in (except for false flag operations like 9/11). Every American killed by terrorists died here, or while visiting or stationed in terrorist countries, or in Europe, where the enlightened and tolerant political leaders have also invited in hordes of fanatical Muslims. Can someone please explain how our eternal wars are “protecting” us?

You might think that decades of illegal wars would produce a strong anti-war movement here in the US, but there is no draft anymore, so most of the sheeple simply don’t care. To name but some of the disasters since Vietnam, we have fought in Bosnia, Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and have bombed or used cruise missiles in Yemen, Libya, and Syria. In Bosnia we bombed the Christian Serbs, who had been our WWII allies, and we aided the Muslims, who were allied with Iran and who were major drug smugglers.

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, brutal tyrant though he was, helped to hold Iran in check, so we fought two costly wars to overthrow him and put Shiites in power…and they are virtual allies of Iran. Our Afghan war is in support of a government composed of homosexual child rapists and opium producers. We have tried to overthrow the relatively moderate Syrian dictator, Assad, and, in the process, have aided the Islamists who became ISIS.

We lost 18 killed in Grenada, 23 in Panama, 149 in the First Gulf War, 256 in Lebanon, 29 in Somalia, 1,954 (so far) in Afghanistan, and 3,826 in the Second Gulf War in Iraq. The Afghan war alone has so far cost us $841 billion, and the spending in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 is close to $5 trillion.


If we ended these wars and pulled our troops out of most of the dozens of countries where they are now stationed, if we ceased to be the world’s policeman and the UN’s bully boy, we could not only save American lives, but also substantially reduce the size of our ground forces. We need a real debate in this country about our real defense needs…

I suggest that hardening our grid against EMP and developing truly effective defense systems to counter air, ballistic missile, and cruise missile attack should be high on our list. Given the fact that we face no formidable armies in this hemisphere, and the fact that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans still make an invasion from Eurasia (provided we maintain strong air and naval forces) virtually impossible, we need, at the most, perhaps nine or ten brigades of ground troops; counting support units we could get by with less than half the number of personnel we now have in the Army and Marines.

They would be backed up by reserves and National Guard. By doing this and by eliminating much of the duplication, fraud, and waste that has long plagued our Defense Department, we could actually spend less and be more secure against the real threats.

But, unfortunately, this is not what the neocon elites want.

The views expressed by story contributors to All News Pipeline are their own and do not always align completely with those of ANP.


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