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December 15, 2020

Globalists End Game Dead Ahead As They Complete Their Transformation Of 'The Free World' Into 'A Prison Planet' - We Were Warned Long Ago: 'Liberty, Once Lost, Is Lost Forever'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With anyone who had hoped that life would soon return somewhat to 'normal' in the year ahead getting a huge dose of reality in several recent stories that have come out across America over just the past few days, if we aren't prepared now for what's to come, we've about run out of time to do so.

While US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently 'popped the bubbles' of people hoping a vaccine could allow them to 'return to normal' by saying people still need to wear masks and socially distance after they've been vaccinated because it doesn't prevent infection, just severe illness, we're quite certain Democrat politicians in Washington DC will soon be 'bending over' to satisfy the wishes of global eugenicist Bill Gates who told CNN on Sunday: "lockdowns should be prolonged until 2022...".

Just the latest indications that Americans must be prepared to be in this mess that we're in for the long haul, as Mac Slavo reports in this new story over at SHTFPlan, Gates and the globalists refuse to give up their dreams of devastating and permanently eliminating all small businesses as the globalists ramp up their efforts of bringing about 'a great reset'

With millions of small businesses across America claiming they won't survive another coronavirus lockdown while globalists push Americans to take the vaccine or wear the submission muzzle forever, just imagine what America might look like by 2022 should we go through a full year of 'lockdowns' in 2021! 

Former US President John Adams warned all the way back in 1775, "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever"

And as Slavo warns in this story, with Gates telling CNN bars and restaurants should be closed for four to six months, and there'll be no "return to normal" until 2022, all of this is not about a virus and health but about the Great Reset and the total, permanent enslavement of humanity by the very few. From Slavo's story

They will not stop until we are so impoverished we give up everything we’ve worked for in the system they set up in order to get their vaccine and agree to life as a slave. It’s become too obvious to ignore at this point. 

Gates is one of those elitist tyrants who needs the population to willingly accept the vaccine. People can expect to start receiving the newly approved Pfizer vaccine as early as today, according to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield. But even these tyrants are concerned that people won’t take this rushed unnecessary vaccine. 

Fauci: Take The Vaccine, Or Wear The Submission Muzzle Forever 

Bill Gates: The U.S. Should “Brainstorm” Ways To Reduce “Vaccine Hesitancy” 

Army General In Charge Of COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Fears The Public Won’t Take It 

The ruling class fears only one thing: The bulk of humanity finally standing up and saying “no. You have no power over me.”

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And a perfect example of 'Americans standing up and telling globalists politicians that they have no power over me' comes to us from Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, where co-owner Ian Smith has gone viral once again for telling New Jersey governor Phil Murphy 'where to put it' as seen in the 1st video at the bottom of this story. 

Despite facing fines of a million dollars or more and having been shut down numerous times already, Smith and Atilis Gym remained open, and mask-less, and thousands of people have been visiting. 

Flying directly in the faces of those who seek to impoverish and imprison him, as Smith pointed out in this recent tweet, the hypocrisy that small businesses are facing in America while big businesses remain open is absolutely mind-boggling. 

And with hotels now considering requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for their guests while several different airlines have also announced plans to make being vaccinated a condition to fly, there is NO chance that America will 'return to normal' when we consider what America was 'before'. Before 'globalism' arrived on our shores and our politicians began to sell-out the US Constitution and slowly whittle away at the Bill of Rights in an attack that has left us all 'frogs' in a now-quickly-simmering pot of water about read to come to a boil. 

With potentially 48% of US small businesses warning they may have to soon permanently shut their doors hinting at the very difficult times that likely lay ahead for 10's of millions of Americans, as Michael Snyder warns in this story, just as the globalists intended, America is being ripped apart. 

Everywhere we look, our society is starting to break down all around us. Americans have filed new claims for unemployment benefits more than 70 million times this year, the number of homeless in New York City has reached an all-time record high, and civil unrest continues to erupt all over America. 

No matter what happens politically, conditions are going to continue to deteriorate as we head into 2021. 

Of course the mainstream media is boldly proclaiming that the new vaccines will pull us out of this tailspin and that life in America will soon return to normal. 

You can believe the mainstream media if you want, but in the end the “hope” that they are promising will turn out to be a complete mirage.

With freedom now facing extinction in America according to President Trump attorney Lin Wood while most Americans will accept any 'solution' to this 'crisis' as they grow more and more desperate, suicidal and depressed every day due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, this heartbreaking story over at CTV provides the perfect example of how lockdowns kill after 90-year-old Nancy Russell chose a medically-assisted death rather than another coronavirus lockdown.

With Russell severely depressed following lockdown after lockdown at the retirement home she lived at, lockdowns that stopped her from visiting with her family and loved ones, how many more people across America and the world will die in the days, weeks and months ahead due to depression or homelessness or starvation caused not by 'the virus' but by 'the lockdowns'

This story over at Sputnik News reports upon what America faces in the year ahead if US politicians once again bend over to satisfy the 'needs' of Bill Gates and the globalists. 

The American billionaire and Microsoft founder has been repeatedly warning that the country would see “lots of additional” coronavirus-related deaths if the nation does not follow restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the dangerous disease. 

Bill Gates told CNN on Sunday that bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed and, “sadly, that’s appropriate”. He added that “tradeoffs need to be made”, as “the next four-six months really call on us to do our best”. 

According to Gates, by the summer of 2021, life will be “way closer to normal” than it is now, but even through early 2022, the risk of reintroduction will remain, Gates said. “About for another nine months big public gatherings will still be restricted. But we can see now that somewhere between twelve to eighteen months we have a chance to get back to normal,” he concluded. 

Last week the Microsoft founder stated that he doesn't believe the world will completely return to normal life until halfway through 2022

While the globalists depopulation agenda will forever be called a 'conspiracy theory' by the mainstream media despite the fact that it's written in granite on the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia for all to see, as we hear in the 2nd video below featuring attorney Robert Barnes, Barnes warns the entire vaccination program being unfolded across America is driven by that 'depopulation agenda'

And with famine now knocking at the door due to covid-19 lockdowns, and the very real potential nightmare that millions of people could starve to death in 2021, we continue to urge preparation as also heard in the final video at the bottom of this story. 

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