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March 24, 2016

The NWO's Final Plan Coming Into View - Left Wants More Terror To Take Our Freedoms While The 'Thorn In The Globalists Side' Slams United Nations And NATO


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News tells us that ISIS planned to unleash a nuclear holocaust in Brussels by attacking a nuclear plant there and Adams reminds us, due to the current administration's open door policies, hundreds of nuclear facilities in the US are now vulnerable to similar attacks. Since the Brussels attack, ISIS has also released a new video calling for more 'jihad' upon the West, and anybody who's been paying attention and who knows 'the history of Islam' also knows that 'jihad', or the 'holy war against infidels (non-believers),' is a central tenet of this 'religion'

As reported earlier today by Susan Duclos on ANP in her story "Chilling Details Revealed Indicates ISIS Is Prepared To Attack The U.S. At Any Given Moment" we learned that, despite the fact that Barack Obama said the terrorists 'are not an existential threat' to the US, we learn here they may be. The mere fact that there are an unknown amount of terrorists in the country who want to do Americans harm and are being freely permitted to go about their business of planning to harm Americans by their own families and friends, who are not turning them in, speaks volumes.

Knowing there are over 100 nuclear power plants in the US potentially vulnerable to attacks absolutely sets up ISIS as an 'existential threat' if what they seek to do is to change our way of living, which is what they've said they seek to do anyways via implementing sharia law in America and the West. Would sharia law, or martial law, nationwide in America be an existential threat to freedom and our ways of life? While maybe not permanent, either of those in America immediately changes everything. A 'locked down' America would also would allow the globalists to complete their plans for global govt. 


For many years, people such as Alex Jones and Steve Quayle, the Hagmann's and Greg Evensen, Michael Snyder and Matt Drudge have been warning America about globalism and a coming 'new world order'. Many have been laughed at, ridiculed and scorned and some 'watchmen' even have been attacked violently for simply sharing the news and their messages in their own ways. In an attempt to drive people away from their message, some have even taken to the streets in failed efforts to shut down the 1st Amendment in America of those whose opinions they didn't agree with as was seen recently in Illinois and Arizona with Donald Trump.

The 'watchmen' have been telling us, in a nutshell, that America was being destroyed due to many things, including globalism, as good American jobs were sent overseas and to Mexico by globalist corporations seeking to line their own pockets. We feel it's not just a coincidence that Ford Motors recently WITHDREW their plans to move parts of their operation to Mexico after Donald Trump criticized them for planning to do so. We see the 'Trump Effect' already in action with Ford's response, aimed directly to Donald Trump.:

Ford CEO Mark Fields said he wrote a letter to Trump defending his company, and elaborated on the defense of his company in an interview with CNBC: “Ford Motor Co. is here to stay in the United States. It's presidential politics and we are just going stay focused on facts.”

Trump has mentioned Ford throughout his presidential campaign, but that’s not the only company he’s singled out.

In February, he also blasted air-conditioner maker Carrier, a unit of United Technologies Corp., after it announced plans to close a factory in Indianapolis and fire 1,400 employees.

By moving the plan to Monterrey, Mexico, Carrier could pay employees $6 an hour instead of $34, according to a United Steelworkers representative cited by

We've also been warned about the absolute existential threat to Christianity by ISIS which threatens daily to annihilate it and, as even John Kerry has now said, commiting genocide. Each day now we get more proof that those who warned of the dire consequences of globalism and what we're now seeing with Islam were correct, In fact, some of the dire consequences of what globalism and a 'Islamic new world order' would bring to America may have been vastly underestimated.


As YouTube videographer jonah70757 tells us in the 1st video below and his brief excerpt of video directly below, the New World Order plan is now coming into full view after the recent terror attacks in Brussels. Jonah tells us that the stage has been carefully set since the end of World War 2 and warns that the globalists plans in America include 'chaos in the cities, chaos in border states and chaos from Muslim jihadi terror across the country. As some alternative news outlets have been reporting for quite some time now, there has been no stop to the endless flow of people into America who might not have our best interests in mind. 

The Stage has been carefully set since the end of WW2. Currently planned Chaos in Cities, Chaos in border States, Race war, Chaos from Muslim Jihad Terror cross country, Economy will collapse. All this will equal Martial Law and result in UN NATO US MILITARY Takeover In the name of Peace and Stability Action. All resistance crushed. As this occurs we will likely see a ramp up of international conflict as the stage has already been set with Russia, a few exchanges, a few limited tactical nuke exchanges, throw in a few geotetonic and weather warfare attacks and the Global population will be terrified into "The Global Governance" solution. The enslavement of the Global Population will be complete. Population resettlements will be forced and Agenda21 sustainability (lower standard of living) forced upon all populations. The "new" Ten Commandments as enumerated by The Georgia Guidestones implemented. The World Population will enter the "Brave New World" a Feudalistic Technocratic Dark Ages of sorts. The populations having all participated in their own demise.

Even though Barack Obama is off dancing the tango and having a 'gay ole time' at a baseball game, do we really think that ISIS and the countless number of possible 'lone wolf terrorists' that are in America now are taking a day off? As we learn in the 2nd video below from Infowars featuring UFC fighter and former Special Forces operator Tim Kennedy, it truly appears that the 'left' WANTS more terror so they can continue to take our freedoms! No wonder Mr. Obama is dancing the tango as Brussels burns. What better way to make sure more terror occurs than by not doing something about what they already know? Why is this administration handcuffing our law enforcement on this extremely important issue? According to one former DHS worker, threats of discrimination suits are paralyzing us.:

Terms of the settlement of a recent discrimination lawsuit brought by Muslim activists against the New York Police Department has set a dangerous precedent that makes it even harder for law enforcement in the United States to prevent attacks like the coordinated bombings Tuesday in Brussels that killed at least 31 people and injured more than 180, contends a newly retired Department of Homeland Security officer.

Philip Haney, a former Customs and Border Protection officer who previously worked in the Middle East, explained to WND that as part of the settlement reached in U.S. District Court in January, the NYPD was forced to purge a study of terror attacks that helped law enforcement detect potential threats.


So now we see...our nations public servants are being prevented from going after those people who might seek to do America harm. There's been a steady flow into the country of the same people and law enforcement in America is virtually powerless to stop them. As we have asked on ANP before, is America being set up for a huge fall? The FBI and DHS have warned we're not able to properly vet all of those people coming in; why are the floodgates still open? 

In the final video below, we learn why Donald Trump is a direct threat to the establishment as he's recently taken on the "utter weakness and incompetence" of the United Nations, warned that we shouldn't be continuing to support NATO like we do as it's costing too much money and that other European nations needed to 'step up to the plate' and he's the only person saying what needs to be done.

Stopping people from coming into the country who might want to launch terrorist attacks against us isn't 'racist'. Getting people out of the country who are here now who might want to launch terror attacks upon us isn't racist, either. However, both of those issues stand in direct contrast to the globalists agenda and are part of the reasons why Donald Trump has seemingly become 'enemy #1' of the 'globalists' and their 'new world order'. 


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