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December 3, 2015

Americans Being Set Up For Huge Fall! Most Mass Shootings In America EVER Under Obama Regime! Is He Now Hinting Of More Islamic Terrorist Attacks Upon America After Terror Strikes California?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"We're talking a 700+% increase in mass shootings where four or more people are killed just since George Bush Jr. was president..."

Why have there been SO MANY mass shootings under the regime of Barack Obama? Soon after the shooting happened yesterday ANP readers quickly noticed this shooting being used for political reasons and immediately Obama stated our laws must change. He also noted that terror suspects on no-fly lists can legally buy guns in America. Are we being set up for a massive false flag and a huge fall? Remember, this shooting came hours after the Republican House blocked debate on a bill that would have provided background checks to those on the terror watch list. Why are potential terrorists being allowed into the country in mass numbers and being permitted to get guns in America?

Even better questions might be, why at a time when potential terrorists are allowed to get guns in America is our 'commander in chief' (the greatest gun salesman in US history) attempting to take away the rights of law-abiding American citizens to get guns to protect themselves against the same potential terrorists? Why did Obama ignore ISIS intelligence? Was San Bernardino a 'staged event' to take our guns while ISIS terrorists are being armed and let into America 'en masse'? Something obviously doesn't add up right here and the videos below explore all of these questions in depth.


We've now found out that it was likely an act of Muslim terrorism upon American soil as even NBC News has now named the suspect as Syed Farook (several spelling choices - Shoebat says Farook Saeed.) While outlets such as the Daily Mail originally labeled the shooters as white males, it's quickly come out that there was one female and the suspects weren't white at all but Middle Eastern. Have we witnessed another Islamic terrorist attack upon American soil? Vocativ tells us that ISIS is celebrating the shooting with the Twitter hashtag #AmericaBurning. Why the discrepancy? Does a Muslim terrorist not fit the mainstream media's ongoing narrative that terrorists are 'Christians'? From Susan Duclos.:

Conflicting reports on the suspects with Pamela Geller quoting aThe San Diego Tribune article which stated "Riverside police dispatchers have broadcast a general advisory that the suspects involved in the shootings in San Bernardino may have fled in a black GMC Yukon, heading northbound on Waterman Avenue, roughly 40 minutes ago.

The broadcast indicated there were unconfirmed reports the suspects were male and of Middle Eastern origin, "armed with AK-47s and wearing body armor."

Editors NOTE - The Tribune article no longer reflects that... why did they change the information?

The conflicting report comes from The Daily Mail which states authorities are searching for "three 'white men dressed in ski masks and armed with AK-47s'"


Even prior to Susan discovering that another shooting had taken place in America an old ANP story began to go viral again which showed a map of cities in the US that were reported to be on ISIS' 'hit list'. We left that map open to others to add notes and cities and at some point, someone added the city of San Bernardino, California. Whether or not that was added before or after the latest attack we are unable to tell at this time. Was this an ISIS 'hit' upon America?


Was this some kind of a 'false flag'? Mike Adams pointed out that active shooter drills were held at the shooting location every month and staff allegedly tweeted 'drill started' as the police raid began. Why have there been SO MANY mass shootings under the regime of Barack Obama? The 1st video below from TRUTHstreammedia addressing some AMAZING facts that we all should know.:

When compiling the data for mass shootings (where four or more people have died as per FBI definition of mass murder) under the last five presidents, clearly there's a startling outlier under the Obama administration. Largest push for gun control in American history just so happens to coincide at a time when there are more mass shootings than ever before in American history. What are the odds?

We're talking a 700+% increase in mass shootings where four or more people are killed just since George Jr. was president...

If it is officially determined that this was Islamic terrorism on US soil, will we soon see another push to ban Syrian refugees from US states as the state of Texas is now doing? The Free Beacon tells us that more than 179,000 criminal illegal aliens roam free in America right now at this very moment. How many of them don't have Americans best interests in mind? How many more potential 'San Bernardino's' are there floating around in America? This map likely tells us more than we know.


In the 2nd video below Joe Biggs of Infowars explores the theme that San Bernardino was a staged shooting to take away Americans guns while in the 3rd video below, Pamela Gellar joins Tipping Point to discuss jihad. In the 4th video, PressResetEarth tells us this is likely a massive staged distraction from the biggest geo-political scandal of all-time, Turkey and the US's support for ISIS and the ISIS-Turkey oil trade exposed yesterday by Russia. In the final video below RT looks at the mass shooting yesterday in San Bernardino.


Amazingly, despite this latest needless slaughter in America, we still see the 'was this terrorism' or not question that's been seemingly floating around out there. Whether the perpetrators of these devious actions such as these were white conservatives from Arizona, #BlackLivesMatter supporters from middle-America or Muslim refugees from Syria, actions such as what happened on Wednesday in San Bernardino, California should always be considered an act of terrorism.

Shouldn't the needless slaughter of innocent people always be considered an act of terror whether or not there is a religious or political influence in the actions that were taken? Why is Barack Obama unable to say 'Islamic terrorism'? The brutal slaughter of 14 people is an act of terrorism whether or not it was domestic or international in nature and should be looked at that way and no other way. What happened in California was clearly an act of Islamic terrorism.




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