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November 17, 2015

Map Shows US Cities On 'ISIS Kill List' As The Terrorists 'Master Plan' To Overthrow The West Is Exposed - Social Media Is ISIS 'Command And Control'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

REPOSTING TO FRONT PAGE ON 6-12-2016 See Susan Duclos new story on ANP here:

Map - Is Your City On The List? Islamic Holy Month Of Terror Begins - After ISIS Calls For Lone Wolf Attacks In U.S. During Ramadan, Dozens Massacred In Florida As Supporter Heeds The Call


“No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.” Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji

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'We Have To Do Something And We Have To Do It Rapidly' - Bombshell Donald Trump Interview With Michael Savage: 'The Whole World Is Collapsing' - March 2016 Map Shows What US Cities Received Most Refugees

72 hours prior
to the Paris attacks, ISIS-linked social media accounts put out tweets asking 'Allah' for success in their forthcoming mission. Shortly before reports began appearing in the media of the horrific Friday the 13th massacre in Paris, ISIS social media accounts were celebrating their 'huge success', the triumph of terror. ISIS has used social media extremely well to recruit other members since their inception and interestingly enough, they seem to be getting a little help from social media mega-monster Facebook itself.

This past summer, a hacker gained access to the personal information of a large number of men and women in the US armed services, some of that access allegedly gained through social media accounts of the men and women. With that information, terrorists have put out a 'kill list' as shared in the 1st two videos below and by using this News Channel 10 story, ANP has mapped out for you the list of cities spread out across America where ISIS is alleged to have threatened topped by Texas with 7 cities on the list.

California, Virginia, Florida and the state of Washington also have a large number of cities that were on this 'kill list' and as you can see, the cities are spread out across the nation. Is this all part of ISIS' 'master plan' to overthrow the West?

If this 'kill list' is not bad enough, Facebook has also recently been accused of disabling the ability of patriots to block an alleged terror supporter who apparently had been 'friending' a lot of 'US patriots' (and US Vets?) and then who cheered on the Paris attacks as shared in more detail in this story and this video (language warning). Coincidentally, or not, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is 'unblockable' as well. Was this 'terror supporter' part of ISIS, using Facebook to gather information on Patriots and US Veterans? Why would Facebook make them 'unblockable'?

Additionally, and almost beyond comprehension, Facebook also recently blocked the Facebook page of an Anonymous group that had been helping to expose ISIS recruiters - blocked just hours prior to the attack. Why would Facebook do such things? Are these things proof there is more to this than meets the eye? Map and much more below.


If you know of suspected or alleged terrorist activity in cities near you, please feel free to add them to the map which you can access at this ZeeMaps link. You can also check them out in this interactive map without leaving ANP. More below includes video reports, a shocking report  about what one US politician has done since Paris, and reports about what other politicians have recently stated we should be doing to properly deal with this worsening crisis.

(Hit the + button on top right hand side to add entry - scroll over pointers for specific cities - cities listed in red are cities listed from this News Channel 10 story - blue markers were added by readers.)

It has become more and more clear that Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media have become the preferred command and control mechanism used by ISIS and other terrorists. With ISIS now threatening attacks upon Washington DC (of which one ) while at least one man who praised ISIS while warning "Manchester will be next" has been arrested, we see that fighting ISIS online may be one of the most important methods of defeating them.

The political response here in America to the attacks has been a bit surreal with Obama himself following up the attacks by releasing 5 al-Qaeda terrorists to the United Arab Emirates. Reinforcing ISIS after Paris? While the Daily Caller tells us that Congress only recently learned of the Syrian refugees coming into America, at least 22 sitting GOP governors are revolting against Obama over bringing potential terrorists into America.

With Rand Paul moving to hault refugee visas and Donald Trump declaring he'd have to look at Mosques with ties to radicals, we have to ask if we'll ever get any 'real truth' from our government on this 'organized chaos' that even Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum recently said was created by the US.

Is the West too stupid to defeat ISIS and survive as asked in this story from the Rebel Planet Dispatch? Pamela Geller tells us that the West has lost the will to live. We KNOW that Western intelligence has tremendous amounts of info on ISIS jihadis hidden within Western countries. Why haven't more arrests been made? We know that French anti-terror cops have the ability to monitor and locate terrorists and 'eliminate them' in real time - why wasn't that done? Were these gunmen in Paris being fed live intel over their social media networks while the operation was ongoing? We know that ISIS has told us terrorists would be amongst Syrian refugees, why would we let them into our country?

It has become obvious with threats of ISIS terror in America that now's a great time to avoid large congregations of people and to be prepared for whatever may come at any moment in time.

Are ISIS or other terrorist organizations able to gain access to private information of men and women in the US military via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts? Earlier this year, the US Navy put out new Operational Security for social media.

An Ohio man was recently arrested in a plot against a US military member. How many more 'invisible' terrorists are there out there, ready to kill US public servants? Why haven't we seen more arrests here when we know that the FBI has at least 1000 ongoing 'probes' and when ISIS has told us they will attack here?


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