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March 23, 2016

'We Have To Do Something And We Have To Do It Rapidly' - Bombshell Donald Trump Interview With Michael Savage: 'The Whole World Is Collapsing' - March 2016 Map Shows What US Cities Received Most Refugees


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Soon after the devastating explosions that ripped through Brussels happened on Tuesday, a 2015 story on ANP began to get an awful lot of attention again as people began searching the web to try to find out where ISIS terrorists might be in America. The story, called "Map Shows US Cities On 'ISIS Kill List' As The Terrorists 'Master Plan' To Overthrow The West Is Exposed," took information from a†News Channel 10 story†released back in July of 2015 that shared a list of US cities expected to receive an increase in security after ISIS published a list of names, photos and addresses of US Armed Forces personnel.†

Telling us then the data released was likely compiled using public sources such as Facebook or other news articles, the Pentagon requested that city police departments and military police step up patrols in the neighborhoods where those who had been targeted by ISIS lived. Over 20 different states were represented back then and we understand those are merely the tip of the iceberg as ISIS is now operating in all 50 states according to FBI Director James Comey.

ANP readers have since added their own warnings to this map and as we see in the latest map, as seen at the top of this story (via WND), the flow of refugees into America has continued unabated. Keep in mind this map shows only the refugees coming here from Somalia and doesn't include other countries. While we'll be the 1st to say that not all refugees have ill intent in mind, without proper vetting how are we to know the 'good' from 'the bad'?†As we've also since learned, something very suspicious is going on as more public servants have been targeted here in America while members of the US military were recently 'taken from us' in Iraq, seemingly with insider knowledge, as shared in more detail below.


Are there answers to the problems that America faces that our own sitting President Obama has failed to admit even exist? In the 1st video below, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump joins Michael Savage for a blockbuster interview about what recently happened in Brussels, Belgium, and what we can do here in our own country to help make sure it never happens here. We thank Savage and Trump for having the courage to address what needs to be talked about....something we'll never get from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC before next January.†

Trump tells us that a huge problem is that those who have become radicalized are being protected by their own families and friends. Savage asks Trump if the answer is to shut down radical mosques. Trump says that whether we like it or not, we need to increase surveillance and we need to be smart. He also tells us that 'we have to do something and we have to do it rapidly' because 'the whole world is collapsing'.

Trump also calls out the tough guns laws in Europe, Hillary Clinton and her lack of support of the US military and US Veterans and the possible 'ultimate trojan horse' that we are now watching in America as we continue to take in just about anybody w/o doing due dilligence into their backgrounds. Is America being set up for a major fall? Trump also tells us that a major problem that we face is that we're playing by a different set of rules than ISIS is. While we aren't even allowed to 'waterboard' those who want to kill us to gain information, ISIS can put us in cages and set us on fire or let their children cut off our heads w/o any repercussions. How can 'good' fight back against 'evil' that has no moral nor ethical rules? †Much more below.†

The Drudge Report linked to a story yesterday from The Daily Beast telling us it appears that somebody on the inside may be giving ISIS information, and it's already led to the deaths of US soldiers. Telling us that "ISIS Knew Just Where To Hit These U.S. Marines", we have to ask, are ISIS hackers gaining information that can put Americans at risk through the military or governments computer systems or, God forbid, have they already infiltrated our chain of Command and can get access to classified/top-secret data? As we've reported on ANP before, the Muslim Brotherhood has been reported to have infiltrated the Obama government. Is someone on the inside leaking inside information that will put our public servants at risk?

We also recently learned despicable news that ISIS has released a 'kill list' aimed at police officers in Minnesota after a list was released with the personal information of 36 Minnesota cops a little over a week ago as shared in this story from the American Thinker. Telling us that the state of Minnesota has sent more recruits to ISIS than any other US state, their story also tells us that a massacre of peace officers in the heartland of America would be one of the most terrifying incidents that could happen to many Americans...and exactly why ISIS would likely want to pursue it.

With airports and other mass transportation hubs across America now under increased levels of security since the attacks in Brussels took place, the next few videos take a look at these recent terror attacks from several different angles including a warning from one analyst that all of this is part of World War 3 and it has already begun as well as warnings that chemical products and an ISIS flag had been found after one raid after the bombings. Were they preparing chemical weapons to use in Europe? We thank God these weapons were found and wish God-Speed to those searching for more.


Susan Duclos also reported upon the Muslim Brotherhood being in America as shared in this linked story and the number of mosques in America can be seen in the map above. As she told us back then, this map is 'reality, not racism'. She warned us back in January of 2016 of a move by the House of Representatives to push for Sharia law in America by attempting to ban free speech by conflating it with violence while Obama is seemingly leading the immigrant invasion of America.†

Several other videos below include a 2015 story about 2 dozen Muslim enclaves popping up across 9 different states that are 'no go zones' for police and others who aren't part of their clans as well as a video that takes a look at whether or not an 'Islamic Revolution' is being PERMITTED to take place in America. The 4th video below is a History Channel documentary that takes a look at Islamic terrorism after Paris and warns that what ISIS carried out there is what they also plan on carrying out here in a video called: "The ISIS Storm: America On Alert".


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