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December 5, 2015

Obama's ISIS Policies Leading To The Overthrow Of America As 'Immigrant Invasion' Threatens To Topple Western Society Once And For All! Is This How It's Going To Happen?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the US government now treating illegal aliens and refugees/immigrants in America as 'untouchables' while spying upon and throwing the book at Americans like never before, Alex Jones of Infowars breaks down Barack Obama's 'quarterbacking' of the ISIS invasion of America in the 3rd video below while in the 2nd video below from the Next News Network, we learn from a former director of the CIA that Obama's 'real' ISIS policies are leading to disaster for America.

We also take a look below at a warning from Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert and a Steve Quayle alert from a reader who tells us how Barack Obama's ISIS policies could soon lead to both the overthrow of America and the deaths of millions of law-abiding Americans if this warning is true. You can hear Texas Congressman Gohmert in the 1st video below telling us the cold hard facts; Barack Obama's policies have led to an uncountable number of terrorists getting into our country.

Gohmert is on fire in this video and anyone who doesn't believe that Americans are in grave danger due to the Obama administrations policies needs to hear what this Texas Congressman has to say. Much more below video.

1st, this important warning from the website of Steve Quayle:


Steve. don't know if you caught c-span last night,but i was shocked to hear
some congressman from texas, and he was laying it out telling how the
president let all these muslim in knowing they were terrorist and than use
them to take away our 2nd amend rights, sorry i didn't get his name but it
so rare to hear the truth on t.v. this guy was the last one on before they
closed for the day. Bob

While learning that ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the massacre in San Bernardino, we also learn from former CIA Director Mike Morell that the Obama administration's official policy in the Middle East is aligned on the side of ISIS. Listen to the words of Morell yourself in the 1st video - why would the former director of the CIA tell us this? While most ANP readers already knew that all is not as the govt and msm lead us to believe, to hear these words coming from the mouth of the former director of the CIA hits the truth home.

An even more important question is, now that we know this administration is aligned on the same side as the people who carried out the slaughter in San Bernardino California that left 14 Americans dead, why are they still in power in America? Why haven't the American people DEMANDED that they be immediately removed from power (legally, of course)? This has to be more proof that the American people are either totally clueless or completely spineless and will continue to let authoritarian government push them around for the remainder of their time here on this planet.


Furthermore, with this administration now pushing potential terrorists into America in mass numbers and the powers in Washington DC firmly exposed here as supporting ISIS terrorism, how can the American people have any expectations what-so-ever of protection here in our own country when our own government is buying ISIS much of their weapons and ammunition and then letting them in with 'red carpet' welcome?

Certainly we all know that not all of the refugees coming into America are terrorists nor would the majority of them likely be any harm to Americans - however, why are we even willing to take that chance when officials from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that they are unable to properly vet the people coming into the country?

Islamic Terrorist #1 in San Bernardino was allegedly vetted by officials who still allowed her into the country to carry out this brutal massacre. How many more potential married Muslim women who just had babies who are masquerading as caring mothers with an ISIS terrorist mindset for mass destruction are there in America?

The answer to that question is in the 2nd video below. There could potentially be thousands of ISIS members hidden in the flow of Syrian refugees into America and European countries. Alex tells us right from the start how members of ISIS joined the flow out of Syria right from the start and have been hiding amongst other refugees. Even ISIS themselves have sent forth messages that they were using their killers to infiltrate the refugees and get into Western cities.

As San Bernardino quickly found out, ISIS is here in America. As the mainstream media so aptly pointed out to us yesterday with their invasion of a terrorists home, ISIS has children, sometimes babies. They have Islamic prayer rugs and kitchens full of dirty dishes and food. The mainstream media made it clear that sometimes members of ISIS are just like the rest of us, and they've managed to completely blend in with American society. How many more members of ISIS are hidden in American communities with children and jobs with the county, state or federal government?


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