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August 31, 2016

'In The Next 2 Months, This Country Is Going To Be Rocked' - Globalists 'Going For Broke' To Steal US Election For Hillary As America Begins The Final Countdown


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Lucifer's Card Handler's Are Already Laying Out Their Cards Against Trump" Steve Quayle

As if we needed any more evidence that "the globalists who've been raping America" are preparing now for the final 'steal' of our country and our liberty, we get it from the headlines splashed all over the front of the Drudge Report as detailed in the stories linked below. As we hear from YouTube videographer Mark Connors of The Connors Report News Channel in the final video below, "in the next 2 months, this country is going to be a way that it's never been rocked before." We're also told that "the globalists are now going for broke" with only the election of war criminal Clinton to go for them to complete their total destruction of America. Only Donald Trump and the American people stand in the way. 

In this story from the Washington Examiner telling us that the Department of Homeland Security was preparing to 'take charge' of the election with a special declaration, we see 'the steal of America' unfolding before our very eyes with the 'Hillary health factor' also possibly weighing prominently after revelations that 'a candidate's death could delay or eliminate the election.' Providing us with more evidence that Barack Obama may not be going anywhere in January of 2017 should Shill's health further deteriorate, Steve Quayle recently asked "Might the evil globalists 'throw their darling to the wolves' to maintain control" if it appears she's heading for complete collapse? 


As we also read in this story Drudge linked to and hear in the 3rd video below from Infowars, the head of the FBI has also warned that these elections could be hacked, possibly by foreign hackers, setting up either a perfect way to ensure the globalist steal in November for Hitlery or provide plausible deniability should Trump win the election fairly and squarely. 

If we think that the DHS will be impartial during these elections that they're now in charge of, all we need to do is look at this new story from the American Mirror in which we're told 'DHS election czar' Jeh Johnson 'has already picked sides' by claiming that Donald Trump's policies were 'irresponsible' and get this, 'un-American'.

image002.jpg image004.jpg

With Hitlery clearly having DHS czar Johnson in her corner for this election should she somehow manage to stay on her feet through whatever it is that she is going through that now apparently requires her to have an 'ambulance-loony-van' transport her everywhere she goes as also shared in the 2nd video below, we may be getting even more indications why government has been stocking up heavily on both guns and ammunition for the past 8+ years. Even if Americans legally vote Trump in, are tyrants preparing to 'round up the red list' and slaughter peaceful Americans for our political or religious beliefs while completing the process of undermining of our electoral system by stealing the election?  

Even if we have an election in merely 2+ months, as this story from Mike Adams at Natural News argues, chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days no matter WHO wins the election. Warning us that America is a tinderbox ready to explode whichever way the election turns, Adams offers us 'an educated analysis and a warning, along with a call to prepare' in his must-read story that lays it all out for us - the very future of America and freedom is at stake.

Adams warns us that America has nearly reached 'the fulcrum of rebellion' with hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of peaceful, law-abiding Americans who are completely fed up with tyranny encroaching upon their lives. While we're huge fans of just and lawful government here at ANP, the 'death, destruction and despair' unleashed upon Americans and much of the entire world by Hitlery and the 'globalists cult of death' govt we have now is completely unacceptable to Americans and to God, who gave us our rights as His creation long before the US Constitution came along to protect them. 


“We Are at a Point Where the Encroachment of Government Power Has Historically Resulted in Rebellion” the new story at Zero Hedge tells us, a warning that we pray never comes true here in America for if it does, it'll mean we've completely fallen into the plans of the globalists. As Adams wisely points out in his story, we should never 'hope for' civil war or rebellion - either would be a complete disaster for America. "Be careful what you wish for" Adams warns. 

We also feel that it's probably not just a coincidence that over the past several years, a countless number of government agencies have been 'arming up' in huge numbers - agencies such as the US Postal Service, Social Security Administration, NOAA, and the IRS have all purchased vast quantities of weaponry and ammunition over the last several as has been documented over and over again. What do they know that we don't know? Are we about to find out? 


With everything completely falling apart now for the globalists, it's no wonder that the Department of Homeland Security will be taking over this election as that might be the only way that the 'nwo' can hold onto America as Clinton continues to 'self-destruct' and the American people continue to 'awaken en masse' to the fact that Hitlery is nothing more than 'a war criminal in a dress.' As we learn in this story documenting 'Latinos for Trump' as well as this story from CJ Pearson over at documenting why young black Americans should be clamoring to get on the 'Trump train', Americans are awakening to all of this. Will it be too late? Is an 'October surprise' awaiting us?  

Have we begun the 'final countdown' for America and this 'experiment in liberty' that began over 240 years ago? As we hear in the first video below from Press Reset Earth, it's become abundantly clear what's going on: the globlalist agenda is to put Hillary Clinton into office. Our videographer tells us he's not a 'fan' of Donald Trump but it's clear that there's way more support for Trump than there is for Clinton and "the globalists may have to go to extra lengths to steal the election" from America. Our videographer also suggests here that it was the DHS itself that initiated these election hacks to gain more control over the election via 'problem, reaction, solution' - the hegelian dialectic playing out before our eyes.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that if Jeh Johnson and the DHS have their way, there's no way on the face of this Earth that they'll allow 'un-American' Donald Trump to win in November. Hillary is clearly their 'war criminal' in this horse race and damn the will of the American people. If Johnson, DHS and the globalists have their way, the only thing standing in between Hillary Clinton and the White House will be her crumbling health, in which case they'll still have Barack Obama waiting in the wings if Satan decides to take 'war-criminal Hill' back to hell with him. God bless America and all of the peaceful, freedom-loving people of the world. 

Language warning on the video below. 

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