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August 11, 2016

MSM To Admit Hillary Clinton Is Mentally Diminished, But According To Them, That Is Good For America!


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Since images of Hillary Clinton needing two of her social security detail to help her up a short set of stairs went viral, followed by†documents †alleging that she was suffering from dementia, Clinton puppets in the MSM have been attempting to do damage control but it hasn't worked, so now they are laying †groundwork for the new official narrative before they publicly admit that Hillary Clinton is, indeed, mentally diminished.

Less that a week after the Drudge Report splashed the image of an unbalanced Hillary Clinton holding on to her SS agents in order to climb stairs from February 2016, and just days after another image from April was revealed showing Hillary needing to be held up while giving a speech, in the midst of claims that she was also suffering dementia and partial seizures, the Associated Press, suddenly publishes an article with the following headline.

"Some great leaders had mental illness - it may have helped."

I kid you not!

Not one mention of Hillary Clinton in the AP article, but the timing of this blatant attempt to minimize the fallout for the Clinton campaign couldn't be any clearer.

Now that they can no longer hide Hillary Clinton's mental issues, they are planning to admit it, but not until they have convinced the mindless sheep that still read and believe them, that having a mental illness is actually beneficial and makes a "leader" better, rather than hindering them or putting America's national security in jeopardy.

Saying someone has psychiatric issues, "in my view ... is a compliment," said Ghaemi, author of the book "A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness." He used medical and historical records to analyze historical figures.

Manic depressive people are often more creative, more empathetic and realistic than the more mentally healthy, Ghaemi said. These people tend to succeed in times of crisis and fail in times of peace and prosperity, he said.

The MSM truly believes the American people are gullible enough to not understand the timing of this new narraitive, to not see how they are attempting to "spin" the news of Hillary's diminshed mental health as a plus, something the sheeple of the country should want in a leader, before they finally come out and admit Hillary is a very sick woman, mentally and physically.

Recent polling suggests that a majority of Americans believe presidential candidates should release their most recent medical records to the public. 59 percent now say that, up from 38 percent in May 2014.†

On August 8, 2016,†Michael Krieger asked why the media wasn't covering Clinton's bizarre behavior, pointing out that recent images and videos, in isolation wouldn't be a huge deal, but seen together, they point to some very serious issue. Kreiger also took screenshots of search results showing the MSM was participating in a media blackout on Hillary's †strange behavior.

In fact, the rare articles we find that do address the topic are those claiming Hillary's health issues are " largely considered a fringe issue," as CNN claims on August 8, 2016. The Washington Post covered the story, but claim that images and videos have been "wretched out of context," and critics question #HillarysHealth are armed with "junk †science" and old photos, depite those "old" images being from 2016.

In other words, nothing to see here, move along....

It didn't work, and now the media is going to plan B, a new narrative, mental health problems make better leaders they claim, so that when they admit the speculation is correct, and that Hillary is suffering from medical issues that causes diminished mental capacity, it isn't a problem, it is plus!†

Expect to see more of the MSM jumping onto that new narrative.


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