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July 11, 2015

This Is How America Takes Back America - One Fulfilled Oath At A Time - Censored Videos Show Us What The MSM Doesn't Want Us To Know!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Every once in a while we get the opportunity to watch a video that makes us realize that maybe it's not too late to save a very important part of America when the economy all comes crashing down; this 1st video is one such video. Though only 30 seconds long, it's a drive out of the ballpark.

In this day and age of mainstream media and race-baiters bashing law enforcement across the country, ANP will continue to show videos and share stories of the great cops, and they far outnumber the 'bad ones'.

Americans and people around the entire world have a 'secret weapon' against the New World's something that the NWO doesn't understand...something they are helpless against. As Steve Quayle tells us, it's called compassion. The LEO's that you don't hear about enough from the CNN's and MSM's of the world have it in boatloads as you'll see in the videos below.

We all know the collapse is eventually going to happen...we can feel it coming...each day brings us closer. These are the kinds of guys America needs to stand up, and they're doing it across the country, we just don't see them on video because the mainstream media and various politicians have an agenda. We ask our readers to send in stories and videos of these great cops they know in their own communities so that we can share them with our readers by emailing videos/tips to

This 1st video features an unidentified law enforcement officer who shows up at a videotaped scene where a 'rent a cop' showed up to hassle a law abiding citizen on his own property on the 4th of July. This is 30 seconds that shows what America is made of. We thank this man sincerely as well as all of the other LEO's seen in the videos below. You are what will make America great again.

This next video is an outstanding speech to the 2015 NRA meeting in Nashville by Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin who talks to us about standing up to government tyranny and the ever lasting importance of the 2nd Amendment to a law-abiding society as a protection against corruption.

This next video is a compilation of real life heroes in law enforcement across America and across the world.

When was the last time you heard from the MSM about officers across the country doing the little things, such as this sheriff's deputy in Ohio? From what we have been told, stories like this happen daily across small towns and cities in America.

Finally, we thank Maryland's heroes across our state and all of those who have fallen. May God watch over all of you.

These videos are just a few of the recent stories/videos that we've been made aware of. We will continually update our readers whenever we find such important stories such as these that are purposely being overlooked by those following a particular narrative and agenda.


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