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December 8, 2020

Happening Now But The Media Is Too Busy Playing Politics To Report
The News - The Enemy Of The People Causing Starvation To Force Dependency



By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Four-plus years of misleading, out-of-context and outright fake news by the liberal establishment media, specifically the largest of outlets and publications, has left thinking Americans weary and more likely to research and discover the truth for themselves.

What is not as likely to garner as much attention as the MSM fake news phenomena is how much harm the media can and has already caused by ignoring relevant news while they are too busy being the Democrats' mouthpieces and puppets.



For example: Back when the constant videos showing Chinese people falling into the road, forcefully collected off the streets by men in hazmat suits, Independent Media kept their eyes on what was going on and the more virulent we were watching it become, the more we knew that maybe folks should be doing a little extra prepping, maybe getting themselves a few masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

It took the media far longer to finally look away from their opposing party politics to finally tell Americans to start preparing.

The result?

Independent Media readers and Preppers were pretty much prepared and waiting to see what would happen and to learn more about this new coronavirus, while the MSM audience collectively, starting at least a month or two behind Independent Media readers, were finally informed that what was in China, was now a global pandemic.

BOOM! Panic shopping began, shortages were reported and stores shelves started emptying faster than retailers could restock and readers from all across America were emailing us images of empty store shelves they were seeing whenever they went shopping.


Nearly a year later we know quite a bit more than we did when this whole COVID-19 fiasco first began.

We know that while highly contagious, the actual death rate was far lower than originally believed, and did not justify the massive overreaction of state politicians, and the lockdowns of states which affected everything from jobless numbers to food shortages due to the forced closures of businesses in those states.

This ultimately affected every state in the U.S., shortage-wise, whether the individual state overreacted or not, because the food chain was severed in many areas, leaving some states seeing more food, paper goods, frozen products and cleaning supplies limited. 

Well, here we go again.

Despite knowing much more about the COVID-19 coronavirus, state politicians now craving the tyrannical control they learned to love during the first set of lockdowns, are once again planning to lock down their states, despite the fact that "flattening the curve" the first time, apparently didn't work.

The lockdowns failed, but the media continues to help liberal (and RINO) leaders "inform" the public of how critical more lockdowns, more destruction to the economy, truly is.

It doesn't matter to them if it is the truth or not.

So the mainstream establishment media is "reporting" the plans for more lockdowns, but they are not following it up with the extremely critical warnings about food shortages, store limitations on products available in one shopping trip, empty shelves beginning already in a number of stores, and the shortages of cleaning supplies and paper goods.

In the articles we do see about this, we notice one commonality...... they are not mainstream media outlets reporting on it, they are generally local stations, local papers and online news.

The MSM is loudly declaring there will be more lockdowns, but they aren't informing people of the predicted amount of shortages to come during and after the lockdowns.

The emailed articles included sources such as Economic Collapse Blog, WTOP, Lending Tree, but if NYT, Wapo, CNN, etc.. are warning their readers at all, those articles far and few between, and usually buried fast to go back to playing the propaganda arm for the Democrat party.

The good news is the same as the bad news.

Good News: 34% are already stocking up in preparation, which is a larger number than seen when this all began.

Bad News: 35% plan to, but seem to be waiting until the stores are empty again, if they decide to bother at all.

Worse News: Approximately 30% of Americans are not even planning to prepare, which brings us back to the media failing BIGLY in their only job of 'informing' their audiences of the ramifications of more lockdowns (While encouraging them). 

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The short answer to the bullet point question is "Tyrants."

Knowing what happened the last time, the severe amount of shortages we saw during round one of the lockups, the loss of jobs, the long lines at food banks and food giveaways, one has to wonder why the media is playing the same exact game of informing their audiences of half the equation while burying the other half, the half that would help them actually survive another round of lockdowns.

Who benefits when Americans are starving and forced to depend on the state and federal governments to come in and "save the day?"

To answer that question, just ask yourself some questions and you will have your answers.

"Who wants Americans dependent on government?" 

"Who wants Americans forced to abide by tyrannical decrees at the threat of making them starve if they do not comply?"

"Who consistently pushes for big government to interfere in Americans' lives at every juncture?"

"Who believes Americans need to be told what to do, what to eat, where to go, what they can celebrate and what they should wear and how they should talk and think?"

If you said "Liberal Democrats" to any of those questions, then you have the answer as to why the establishment media is deliberately keeping the masses uninformed.

Remember more than 95% of major media publications, cable news, or online major media, are all Democrats, support Democrats and use the influence of the massive audiences to lead the people, like sheep, to the slaughter of their freedoms.

During shortage pieces we offer up links to items predicted to be limited in stores soon, which we have listed and updated weekly on our Still/Back in stock page.

Via the Lending Tree article reporting on their survey:

If you know of any of the approximately 65% of Americans that haven't stocked up on anything/do not plan on stocking up on anything, encourage them to do so now, before it is far too late and the shelves are once again, empty.

While this may sound harsh, at this point, we recommend encouraging them to stock up food and basic necessities, we also encourage readers to not do it for them, focus on your family and your survival.

If someone can't be bothered to save themselves, the heck with them.


At the beginning of the year ANP and many other Independent Media outlets accurately predicted the shortages that were on the horizon. Readers took those warnings seriously and were not left blind-sided by empty shelves as so many other Americans were.

They are coming again. It may take the establishment media another month to finally tell people, and by them, the shelves will already be bare.

Resupply. Top off your stores. 

No one knows how long this next set of planned lockdowns will last, so act accordingly.


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