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August 6, 2015

Luciferian Pressure Cooker Being Pressurized - Safety Valve Turned Off - Are You Spiritually, Mentally And Physically Prepared For The Hell & Chaos About To Be Unleashed?

Remember The New World Order's Motto 'Order Out Of Chaos'? We Are About To Experience It First Hand!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With a crazed, naked man running down a highway in Cincinnati and causing a massive 6-car pileup just the latest example of the warped satanic behavior now gripping America as America rejects God, we see our nation unraveling with events such as a 'blue moon sacrifice' or a man cutting off his wife's head to 'get rid of the evil' reigning daily in big cities and small towns and we're warned it's likely to soon get much worse as we prepare to experience the NWO's motto, 'order out of chaos', first hand and front and center.

Asking us if we're spiritually, mentally and physically prepared for the hell and chaos about to be unleashed upon America as 'they' prepare to completely demolish the existing system in order to bring in the new, the new videos below from radio show host Hawk warn us that the luciferian's 'pressure cooker' is being fully pressurized and the safety valve has been turned off as the NWO prepares to follow through on the 'hegelian dialectic', problem, reaction, solution, of which they're completely controlling all three.


This excellent story from John Little this morning at Omega Shock breaks down in great detail for us the 'coming typhoon' as the biggest socio-economic and political storm the world has ever seen barrels down upon us while the masses think that everything is just fine. Only those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear can see the storm clouds on the horizon and hear the thunder from the distance. For those who aren't prepared for the hell and chaos coming, it'll likely be a bumpy ride from which there is no return.

With the government in Venezuela now seizing food from farmers another sign of what will likely soon be coming to America while the elite are in a panic according to one alternative energy insider, a visit to the NWO-linked website STILL SHOWS a MASSIVE DEPOPULATION EVENT coming for America. In order for us to reach their forecast population of 65 million residents in America by 2025, they'll need 254 million Americans to die or just go away in less than 10 years.

In reminding us that the system only works because we work for them, we see that America has gone 'off the cliff' to become the land of evil and obamination, given over to an evil and debased mind and culture where the wickedness being sown will soon reap a whirlwind of horrifying judgement. As Americans abandon God for 'self', will our collective sins bring the wrath of God and soon shock all nations?


After a brief introduction, Hawk comes on live at the 3 minute 10 second mark of the 1st video below and begins with his feelings on the 1st debate last night as this was taped prior to the main event. Hawk talks politics until close to the 9 minute mark prior to moving on to the most recent shootings in America which he shares they show all the signs of controlled, MKUltra 'false flag' events.

Are we now witnessing another series of 'grey terror' events in America, the 'overture' as warned of by a former Russian defector who wrote under the name Viktor Suvorov, prior to the final act of bringing America to our collective knees?

Suvorov warned of "a series of large and small terrorist operations, the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemies moral, create an atmosphere of suspicion, fear and uncertainty and divert attention of the enemy's army and police forces to a huge number of different targets' we are told. The main method of employing such operations is 'grey terror', terror that can be blamed upon any number of existing terrorist groups."

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