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Octover 3, 2014

Hawk: "The Clock Is Stopped, We're There"

By Susan Duclos

People really need to listen to The Hawk's show from Thursday night because it may just be one of the most important shows about what we are seeing happen right this second. Hawk states "The clock is stopped, we're there," as he discusses multiple alerts coming from †variety of sources about the first case of Ebola in the US and the actions being taken by those in Dallas..... not against the virus, but to protect themselves and their families. To implement plans and procedures set in place years ago in case of a nuclear war or pandemic or anything that gave cause to protect family members of law enforcement, military and the power elite.

Contacts are all saying the TX Ebola crisis is what they are referring to as an "open gate," and to start watching the Dallas elite because they will be high-tailing it out of dodge, so to speak.†

The relevant segment starts in part one of the four parts shown below at about the three-minute mark, where alerts that have come into Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen are discussed, as well as law enforcement that used to believe everything these folks warned of was simply conspiracy are now contacting them to tell them they understand now, it is all coming together.


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