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October 12, 2018

President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela

- Pitiful Democrats Devolve Into 'The Party Of Mess And Corruption'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the 2018 mid-terms now only weeks away and Hillary and Bill Clinton 'hitting the campaign trail' to tell America how our nation is supposed to be run as Susan Duclos reported Tuesday in this linked story, President Trump himself has penned a scathing Op-ed for USA Today in which he warns a 'Democratic wave' in the November election will bring America dangerously close to socialism

Warning that the Democrats want to abolish all private health plans, creating a 'Medicare for All' plan that would cost an astonishing $32.6 TRILLION during its first 10 years, President Trump also warns that the 'new' Democrats want 'open borders socialism' while comparing their model for the US economy to that of Venezuela, which as ANP readers know, has completely descended into pandemonium with much of their population starving.

And with Hillary crossing over into dangerous territory according to Kellyanne Conway, who called Hillary 'graceless', Conway also warned that recent remarks she made about Democrats "not being able to be civil" with Republicans was "taking it to a different level" and edging America ever closer to civil war as John C. Velisek warned in this new ANP story.  

And we're already seeing more of the results of that 'different level' in Vancouver, Washington, where one man's truck was torched just for sporting President Trump bumper stickers while in Portland, Oregon, the city has allowed Antifa to run roughshod upon the rights of anybody who is not a deranged, leftist terrorist. With the insanity there perfectly represented in this story from the Gateway Pundit which reports police are considering charging with a crime the driver who was getting away from the crazies, while they call the antifa terrorists the 'victims', we see huge chunks of America continue to descend into madness.

And with leaked google documents admitting that google 'abandoned free speech for safety and civility' as Breitbart reported in this new story happening at the same time as Hillary Clinton is saying that the Democrats can no longer be 'civil' with Republicans we'll remind them all, they can't have it both ways.  


In fact, as Susan Duclos argued in this October 8th story on ANP, the 'crazy' we're witnessing from the left has quickly become the 'new norm' within that party, with the mainstream Dems embracing 'crazy' as much as the radical, fringe far left. And we shouldn't be the least bit surprised about America's descent into madness in 2018, with a similar 'trend' happening around the world according to a new story from France 24. 

The title of that new story which Steve Quayle linked to on his website Wednesday morning was "Has The World Gone Mad? Mental Health Disorders On The Rise Globally" and as Steve wisely mentioned in an SQnote he left while linking to that story, "This is what the gates of hell opening produce, evil spirits on an escalating rampage, with satan's willing dupes tearing down all God's protective barriers".

And with many on the left now suffering from 'Trump derangement syndrome' on steroids with a mid-term election win by Republicans in the House of Representatives certain to kick them even further over the edge, who should we blame except the fake news spewing mainstream media? This is what we get for them lying to the American people for a very, very long time while doubling as the propaganda arm for the Democratic party, a party pushing America towards outright socialism as President Trump himself has warned.

And just like Galileo being convicted of heresy in 1633 for declaring the world was round when everybody around him, including the Catholic church, had been taught that the world was flat and the entire universe revolved around us, the mainstream media attacks 'Trump the truth teller' for completely shattering the 'myth' of their worldview, a worldview tens of millions of Americans bought into despite it being based upon lies and untruths and a very sinister agenda. Just imagine what the 'masses' must have felt in Galileo's time when finding out that indeed, Galileo was correct, and they had been misled or outright lied to by TPTB for their entire lifetimes. The 'mob' is being weaponized into fits of rage by the information mob, the msm, via their lies. 

And as US Senator Rand Paul recently warned, "someone is going to be killed" in the current political atmosphere while suggesting "those who are ratcheting up the conversation...they have to realize that they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence". Yet while we understand Senator Paul's concerns, as John Nolte reports in this always updated 'rap sheet' of Democrat violence and harassment of Trump supporters, there have already been nearly 600 such incidents, AT LEAST! 


How many more such attacks might there be in the days or weeks ahead due to the words of Hillary Clinton? As Susan Duclos recently mentioned in this story on ANP, while Conservatives and Republicans weren't very happy with the policies of Barack Obama, very rarely did we see Conservatives throwing the kind of temper tantrums being thrown by Democrats who are melting down in the streets, even quite literally clawing at the doors of the US Supreme Court like mindless zombies, trying to figure out a way to get in. 

Also confirming to us that the Democrats, from the top to the bottom, have become the party of the temper tantrum if they don't get their way, we're happy to see that Republicans led by President Trump himself, and Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell in the Senate of all people, have finally grown their spines back and are standing up to the 'party of crazy' that is more than happy to destroy America and all of our institutions to get their way. 

For as President Trump himself recently warned, should Democrats ever regain power, it'll be like giving matches to an arsonist with the Democrats melting down into the 'party of pyros' as Infowars recently reported. And while Hillary pushes the demonrats towards being 'uncivil' towards their political opponents whom she claims want to destroy everything the Democrats stand for, it's not the Republicans nor Conservatives who are carrying out acts of violence in the streets but Democrats already committing crimes. 

And as actor James Woods recently warned in this story over at the Washington Standard on Democrats threatening violence, "I guess they want civil war.... would not end well for them." As John Velisek recently reported in this story, with Republicans energized and angry, Hillary and 'the mob' would be very wise to be very careful about what they're wishing for, the very last thing Democrats should want is Civil war. 


With Hillary seemingly outright calling for civil war as Infowars argues in the 1st video below, ANP will instead pray for sanity to return to America, sanity that can only come about via the revealing of 'truth'. 

With Hillary refusing to condemn violence from the left as this June 29th story over at the Daily Caller reported and Antifa being used by George Soros and the left in what appears to be attempts to 'bait' Conservatives into civil war as we hear from Infowars in the 2nd video below, the tempers keep on rising within the left the closer we get to the mid terms and what they hope will allow them to take back the House.

So we hope that President Trump finally declassifies the FISA documents that help to prove who has been lying and who has been telling the truth and as soon as possible. And while we surely understand that many on the left will never accept 'the truth' even once it comes out, once those within the Democratic party who are still sane realize that they have been lied to by those they trusted, they will run away as fast as their legs can carry them from the Democratic party. 

So with the msm and Democratic party politicians refusing to condemn the violence being used by antifa against law-abiding Americans, we urge all Conservatives and President Trump supporters to be ready for absolutely anything in the days and weeks ahead leading up to the mid-terms and especially following them should the Republicans hold on to the House, a possibility Mike Adams of Natural News has warned could be a final 'trigger event' leading to Civil war. 


With big tech and the Democratic party machine attempting to silence all Conservatives ahead of the November elections as Susan reported in this new ANP story, and power in Washington DC quite literally hanging in the balance as November nears, the next several weeks will be the most crucial political weeks in America since the 2016 election with 2020 then only 2 short years away and potential Democratic presidential candidates already thinking about their upcoming debates as early as the Spring of 2019.  

And with Hillary already touring the country with Bill in what looks more and more like her getting ready for another presidential run, we thank Hillary for returning to politics, helping to re-energize the Republican base after the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings had also done the same, with tens of millions of Americans having the opportunity to see what the Democratic party has devolved into, a 'party of mess' and corruption. 

In the 3rd and final video below, Mike Adams talks with us about America quite literally being held hostage by the insane left, with Hillary Clinton announcing they'll begin to be uncivil (i.e. commit acts of terrorism) in America if they don't win the House of Representatives, setting up America for either a huge tumble into a bloody and deadly civil war or the mass arrests of the leftist lunatics who've resorted to terrorism to get their political goals accomplished. 

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