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October 9, 2018

Great News, Republicans! Hillary Clinton Is Back And Telling Us All 'Where We Go From Here' - Will The Media And Liberals Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory Again?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

First off: This is not satire. 

Hillary and Bill Clinton, unwanted by many Democrat politicians to speak for them, or campaign for them, and basically want nothing to do with either of them, have decided if their help is not wanted by Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, then they will just go on their own 13-stop live event  tour, touted as "An Evening with the Clintons" (with ticket prices continuing to rise) to offer their "remarkable insight into where we go from here," immediately after the midterms.

Yes. Really. 

At this point Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bill, are like house guests that not only overstay their welcome, but absolutely refuse to leave even after the home owner has clearly stated GET OUT!

The tour is scheduled to begin November 18, immediately after the congressional midterm elections, in which the Clintons have thus far taken on a diminished role as candidates shun their endorsement. Mrs. Clinton’s power as a campaign surrogate was significantly diminished by her defeat at the hands of President Trump in 2016, while her husband’s backing is viewed by many as a liability in the #MeToo era.

“I see the Clintons as a liability,” Paul Spencer, a high-school teacher and progressive congressional candidate in Arkansas, told the New York Times. “They simply represent the old mind-set of a Democratic party that is going to continue to lose elections.”

In Arkansas, the Clintons’ former home state, none of the four Democratic congressional candidates have sought their endorsement.

The former President, Bill, and the failed presidential candidate Hillary, who lost the 2016 Presidential election despite having the MSM practically fawn over her, while insisting GOP candidate president Trump had no chance to win, along with the DNC rigging the primaries against her challenger Bernie Sanders, and still managed to blow the election, simply refuses to "leave," with the announcements of this tour coming just weeks before the November midterms.

It seems there seems there are limited segments of society that actually want Hillary to keep talking ahead of their "evening with the Clintons" tour , especially after she spent over a year after losing the presidential election in 2016 bitterly complaining and whining, and citing dozens of reasons why she  lost, and it isn't Democrat politicians.

The first segment that cannot seem to get enough of Hillary is "The media" and #WithHer liberals (I know, the same) who is once again fawning over her, highlighting her claims that the only way "civility can start again" is if Democrats win back the house and/or the Senate.

Yes, after the disgraceful display by Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation process with a total lack of "civility," or honesty, the attacks, the coordinated efforts between the politicians and outside protesters to disrupt the process, and the very uncivil statements about now-Justice Kavanaugh by Senate Democrats in reference to completely uncorroborated allegations made against him, Hillary says, with a straight face, that giving Democrats power again will bring about "civility."

She must still think she is on Earth 2.

Her comments on "civility," ironically come just days after other media outlets gushed forth with Hillary's attacks on Brett Kavanaugh, calling him "defensive" and "unconvincing," while ridiculing his testimony where he was defending his family, his integrity, his reputation against claims made about his alleged actions 35-36 years ago when he was teenager. She had the nerve to call his behavior out of bounds. (Each of those links in that paragraph is to a short video clip.)

The second segment that seems to be extremely amused and says that "it’s too good to be true" that the Clintons' are pushing themselves back into the spotlight, are some conservatives with seemingly a perverse sense of humor, such as Steven Hayward over at the PowerLine blog, who laughingly states "Oh, please, please be a precursor to Hillary running again in 2020! But even if not, I hope there are videos of these appearances. The entertainment value will be awesome. Can we get Chelsea involved, too? That would make it perfect."

After my head crashed to my desk at the mere thought of the Clintons' coming back out of the woods again to be shoved into our faces ahead of the tour, I did start to see Hayward's point.



After the entire Kavanaugh saga played out publicly, the pattern of polling showed that the enthusiasm edge that Democrats had over Republicans  beforehand, had dissipated, as Republicans disgusted over the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh by Democrats, became much more enthused about getting out to vote in the midterms.

"In July, there was a 10-point gap between the number of Democrats and Republicans saying the November elections were 'very important.' Now, that is down to 2 points, a statistical tie."

Republican pollster Glen Bolger, co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, agreed that Democrats' enthusiasm advantage dissipated since the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing. Before that, he said, GOP lassitude was "very scary."
That is huge, but for Republicans it is likely not enough to keep control of the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterms.

Considering that the pattern of history in midterm elections shows that a first term president's party loses seats in the House of Representatives, and has done so consistently since 1946, with the only exception being George W. Bush, in 2002.


That bit of historical data bumps right up against another historical pattern, which is that  Republican voters had a midterm advantage in voter turnout, which was upended this midterm cycle due to sustained media and liberal anger since the 2016 presidential election, which is how Democrats edged ahead, until Democrats overplayed their hand with the Kavanaugh spectacle and Republican enthusiasm "surged."

Democrats need to flip 23 House seats to take control of the House of Representatives again, where Nancy Pelosi would most likely claim the Speakers' gavel. Chances of their taking control of the Senate are far lower.

While the prospect of having Pelosi become Speaker of the House again, could very well energize Republicans to turnout in larger numbers, having the media pushing Hillary back in the spotlight before the midterms, as we have seen multiple interviews of late, may very well be the tipping point that drives Republicans to the polls en masse.


Given the historical patterns of midterm losses in a president's first term, along with the constant outrage and incitement by the media to liberal rage, it should be a slam dunk that Democrats would at least take control of the House of Representatives, but given the Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco and the Democrats' "Alinsky Tactics," along with the knowledge of another Pelosi speakership, topped off with the MSM's love affair with the Clintons, shoving them down our throats again, right before midterms like this, they may just snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again.

Wouldn't that be a hoot? 

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