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September 19, 2017

Hollywood 'Stars' Drop Nuclear Bombshell Upon Future Profits As Emmy 'Hate Fest' And Illuminati's 'Luciferian War Upon God And Religion' May Guarantee President Trump A 2nd Term 

- As Massive 'Red Pilling' Among Former PC Liberals Causes Revolt And 'Mass Awakening' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Despite the fact that Sunday night's Emmy awards had highly enhanced security following the London subway attack, Hollywood's stars still managed to drop a nuclear bombshell upon themselves and their future profits by turning the event into a 'bash President Trump hate festival'. With the Emmy's proving that most of Hollywood is too clueless to realize their own hatred of President Trump was leading to a race to turn TV's off across America, thus leading to their own destruction, we see an America rapidly growing sick of the Hollywood elitists and their luciferian agenda for America

While this Daily Mail story tells us that even Sean Spicer got into the act by bashing his former boss, anybody reading the top rated comments to the DM story seen via screenshot below sees that most Americans (and Canadians!) are absolutely sick and tired of the entertainment industry peddling their beliefs upon America. Results which the entire world can see in their rapidly declining 'draw' numbers (Emmy's hit new lows!), their waning power and influence and their rapidly falling profits as revealed in 2017 being Hollywood's worst summer in 20 years at the box office.

While completely oblivous actress Jennifer Lawrence recently bashed President Trump, claiming that the deadly hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean, Florida and Texas were 'natures wrath against him', she should have been paying attention to her own work. With her latest movie, "Mother!", being reviewed as one of the very worst movies of the past 100 years for, among other things, its attacks upon Christianity and God, deservedly so her movie was also a box office flop and absolutely another taste of things to come for anti-Trump, anti-Christian Hollywood. 

As we reported on ANP back on February 17th of 2017, between numerous 'cannibal' movies being pushed by Hollywood upon the American people to the very real war which they've been waging against Christianity, the murky, satanic forces aligned against President Trump and Christianity have been trying to 'program us' for dark times ahead.  

Yet if 'Hollywood' still thinks they 'hold sway' over the 'masses', they should read these top-rated DM story comments. 


As City Watch LA recently reported, the LA area is in the rearview mirror lately with many people on the road out of town. Not only is Hollywood closing in upon full collapse mode but some of the people in the LA are starting to 'get it', massive corruption is rampant in LA and Hollywood. Hence the massive amount of 'red-pilling' we're now seeing from liberals across the country as Americans awaken to lies long being spewed as Fox News recently reported.

First, from City Watch LA.:

CORRUPTION WATCH-The City of Los Angeles is losing population, but no one wants to admit it. When the City bases planning for the future on the falsehood of a rapidly increasing population, the observation that it is really losing population is unwelcome at City Hall.

The adage, “Garbage in, Garbage Out” describes planning in LA, a city that habitually misrepresents its population. Propaganda serves its masters by disseminating a false narrative designed to mislead the masses into going along with whatever the rulers desire. If everyone were to recognize that the stagnation of Los Angeles’s population has turned the corner into decline, then some opposition might arise.

And as Fox News recently reported, we're now watching a massive 'awakening' among the formerly PC left: 

The mainstream media failed to see the rise of Donald Trump in 2016. Now it’s overlooking another grassroots movement that may soon be of equal significance— the growing number of liberals “taking the red pill.”

People of all ages and ethnicities are posting YouTube videos describing “red pill moments”—personal awakenings that have caused them to reject leftist narratives imbibed since childhood from friends, teachers, and the news and entertainment media.

You might say that those who take the red pill have been “triggered.” But instead of seeking out “safe spaces,” they’re doing the opposite, posting monologues throwing off the shackles of political correctness. Their videos can feature the kind of subversiveness that was once a hallmark of the left—before the movement lost its sense of humor.

Candace Owens, a charismatic young African American, posts commentaries on her YouTube channel whose titles seem expressly designed to make PC heads explode.


Back in January of 2016, even far-left Daily Beast reported Hollywood had gone 'full on' devil worshipping with the release of a show called 'Lucifer'. And as we've seen in one decrepit Hollywood show after another since, Hollywood has fully embraced John Podesta's love of cannibalism. From the Santa Clarita Diet to the Neon Demon, Hollywood and the MSM are attempting to 'normalize' something long held as one of the greatest 'taboo's', the same way the MSM and Hollywood are attempting to 'normalize' pedophilia

Yet we shouldn't be surprised. In this February of 2017 story over at the Duran they reported that the Deep State and the CIA have controlled the message that the US mainstream media and Hollywood have been pushing out upon America for decades. What we're seeing from the msm and Hollywood is often coming directly from the 'deep state'. For many years now, the website Vigilant Citizen has done a fabulous job exposing the deep state's 'Hollywood satanic illuminati mind control' and the 'symbols which rule the world' as we hear about more in the 2nd video below from Sgt Report called "The Illuminati Luciferian Endgame Revealed".

On a side note, now we see that the creator's of Vigilant Citizen have started a brand new website called 'The Vigilant Community' within which they expose even more of the connections interwoven between the 'deep state' apparatus, satanic hollywood and the 'luciferian agenda' we've been witnessing unfolding in America. 


After the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and 'd-list comic' Kathy Griffin's best attempt to imitate ISIS backfired in her face after she held up 'artwork' of President Trump's severed head, it was reported across America that the mainstream media and Hollywood have blood on their hands. When groups that are supposed to provide 'real' news and entertainment decide to fully indulge themselves in the 'loser politics' of Hillary Clinton, to the dismay of most of 'real America', bad things will inevitably happen to those who think that they know what's better for America than most Americans. 

As Accuracy in Media reported back on September 11th, both the msm and Hollywood have been using recent hurricane's Harvey and Irma to push their 'climate change agenda' with the AIM story concluding with "There is still a lot of gas to come from global warming alarmists, who try never to let a crisis go to waste. But don’t be fooled. The data do not support them."

With Americans showing Hollywood in overwhelming numbers that they are voting with their wallets and pocket books and withholding their hard-earned cash from their increasingly blatant luciferian indoctrination, we're quite happy to watch them as they further descend into 'self-destruct mode', much like the Democratic party now that Hillary Clinton is peddling her own voodoo doll witchcraft to the world while hinting at revenge upon all who wronged her.

Clearly, Hillary was 'Hollywood's candidate' and the sheer magnitude of the total breakdown both in Hollywood and throughout the Democratic Party on all fronts proves to us that we're witnessing self-destruction in action.  


As the Daily Caller reported back in May, the 'Trump movement' is killing Hollywood and the mainstream media with anybody quite foolish enough to come out against the first 'America-first' president we've had in many years proving that they're doing nothing but using their own platform to spew hatred as we saw coming directly from the mouths of 'hollywood elite' last night at the emmy awards.

With the Emmy's devoting much of the entire night to Trump bashing, it's clear who the 'real winner' last night was: President Trump. As we hear from Lionel of Lionel Media in the first video below called "Emmy Awards: Alt-Left Trump Bashing Hollyweird Psycho Liberal Circle Jerk Alienates Middle America", the 'average' American is sick of it.

And thus go Hollywood profits, out the window. And just like Hillary, Hollywood will be 'victims' of their own bad decisions.  

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