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September 21, 2016

Obama's Science Czar Warns Earth Not Ready For Asteroid Strike As NASA Talks 'Asteroid Redirect Mission' - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?

Is 'Hopi End Times Prophecy' Coming To Pass?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Only days ago, Barack Obama's chief science czar John Holdren warned that our planet Earth was not prepared for an asteroid strike. Lifting the lid on the potential massive damage that such a strike could cause our planet, Holdren warns 'we have to be smarter than the dinosaurs' were 65 million years ago. According to the NASA Media Release seen at the bottom of this story, NASA recently provided three virtual updates on two planned Asteroid Redirect Missions (ARM) at the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland discussing 'planetary defense'. Do they know something we don't know? 

According to the Chinese Academy of Science, there are at least 1,640 'near Earth asteroids' heading towards the Earth according to this recent story from the UK Daily Star. We're also told that if even one of these asteroids crashed into our planet Earth, it could quickly cause an extinction level event here "meaning humans are toast" according to their story.

According to this recent story from the Daily Galaxy, China's telescopes at their Purple Mountain Observatory recently captured an image of such an asteroid approaching Earth. The asteroid, coded 2009ES, measured 10,000 meters and we're told that if it happened to have struck our planet, it would have exploded with the force of 3 billion atomic bombs. Fortunately, according to this new story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan, the asteroid narrowly missed Earth


While many believe that such an event will never happen in our lifetimes, at least one group of people who were living here in America long before Christopher Columbus arrived here to change the course of history believes such an event will happen sooner rather than later as shared in much more detail below and also heard in the 1st video from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network

Even though 2009ES missed striking Earth, according to this recent story from the Daily Star, one of the oldest Native American tribes in America still believes that the end of the world is not far away according to their story. Sharing with us the 'eerily accurate timeline' of the Hopi Indians, we see that most of the events leading up to 'the coming apocalypse' have already happened according to the Hopi.


According to Steve Quayle's book "True Legends", most people living in the West are blissfully unaware of true history. Fed a carefully edited view of the past, created to prop up the TPTB and keep humanity ignorant of our true past, Quayle tells us that we can learn a tremendous amount by paying attention to Native American stories and legends. 

Little wonder then that giants, artifacts, and relics that show a very different history than what we have been taught have become relegated to the stuff of fairy tales and myths when, in fact, they are a part of our history. Those rewriting history, especially that of Native Americans, have done a good job of keeping the public in the dark.

The ignorance in which we have been left and the lies we have been taught, enslave us at the intellectual level and cause us to believe lies and falsehoods at the spiritual and religious level - which is just the purpose of the gross obfuscation of history that has taken place.

Ignorance of the truth often leads to their enslavement or even their annihilation.

Conversely, the truth sets us free. The truth opens our eyes.


The recent story from AOL about this 'apocalyptic asteroid' tells us it might be time to stock up on emergency supplies and finally invest in that fallout shelter, though such a shelter wouldn't do too much good in an 'asteroid striking Earth' scenario they tell us. Warning us that only a slight deviation in the flight paths of the 1,600+ asteroids flying around near Earth could result in complete and total catastrophe, we find it interesting that there are so many 'asteroid striking Earth' stories coming out in 2016.

As we told you back in March of 2016, astronomers and astrophysicists were stunned after the discovery of a 'new planet' in our solar system dubbed 'Planet X' that may be responsible for a series of catastrophe's on our planet Earth. Telling us then that evidence of this new planet, also dubbed 'Planet Nine,' was overwhelming, and that it was likely responsible for a series of extinctions on our planet Earth, we have to ask if science is finally catching up with Native American legend?


For those who may have missed it, according to Dr. Daniel Whitmire, a retired Professor of Astrophysics, as 'Planet X' orbits the sun, its tilted orbit slowly rotates so that it passes through the Kuiper belt of comets every so often, causing them to be knocked into the inner solar system and eventually strike our planet, causing mass extinctions.

Interestingly enough, according to the Hopi, we may now be closing in upon that moment in time. 

While I've personally always had a tremendous respect for Native American culture and heritage and for a very good reason that most ANP readers probably don't know - I myself have some native American blood running through my veins - we've long refrained on ANP from putting exact dates on possible future events that are totally out of our control. Could the dinosaurs have predicted the date of their demise? While telescopes and technology clearly give us the upper hand on the dinosaurs ability to predict when they'd be wiped out, we find this press release from NASA from September 12th quite interesting when everything else now happening is considered. 


If our planet was facing a future 'extinction level event', would TPTB really not want the masses of humanity to know about it or might they hide such a future event to avoid causing mass panic? As has been previously pointed out by several different ANP readers in our comment sections, knowing of an ELE on the horizon would certainly explain why government no longer follows the rule of law and appears to be preparing for something humongous. While speculation on ANP has revolved around govt preparing for World War 3, economic collapse or a massive terrorist attack, might govt also be preparing on a massive scale for an event such as an asteroid strike upon the planet and the havoc that would ensue caused by 'Planet X' throwing meteors towards us in the sky?

In the 2nd video below, our videographer Nemesis Maturity tells us that in the race to find the exact location of this mysterious 'planet Nine' or 'planet X', several never-before-seen objects have been found in our solar system at such extreme distances from the sun that the more such objects are found, the better chance of finding the exact location of this mysterious planet being blamed for causing periodic extinctions upon our planet Earth. 


If Hopi legend is correct, while life is now in turmoil, a 'great purification' will soon take place upon our planet, restoring the rivers to run clean and the forests to be abundant and beautiful and the animals and birds to be replenished. While such a purification may sound necessary, it will also involve the loss of life of a huge portion of people now living on our planet.

According to a Hopi Elder as heard in the 3rd video below, the Hopi were long ago told that they would see America come and they would see America go. He also tells us he now sees America dying from within as many have turned away from all that God has given us. As we're told in this story from Revelation Now, there are a great deal of similarities between the Bible and Hopi prophecy. While we may not agree with everything he says in the video, there is still great wisdom in his words. 


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