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October 28, 2016

Are The Globalists Building Their Own Private Army To Complete Their 'Takedown Of America'?

Plan To 'Corral US Citizens' By Flooding America With Jihadists, Plummeting Us Into Chaos And Pushing Us Towards Martial Law Exposed


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"If Hillary Clinton is capable of protecting ISIS in hostile territory, how far would a Clinton administration go to flood the United States with jihadists, plummeting us into chaos and pushing America into martial law in order to corral (deplorable) US citizens....?"

"Don't kid's all there in black and white. All you have to do is read it for yourself". Jon Bowne, Infowars

The February 2016 story from NumbersUSA tells us that in the year of 2015 alone, the Obama administration released 90,000 illegal aliens back onto the streets of America who had been deemed 'criminal threats'. Averaging nearly 1,800 'illegal alien criminal threats' released to each state across America, the same administration just filed 'Orwellian beyond imagination' criminal contempt charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio on October 17th for protecting the residents of Maricopa County, Arizona by enforcing the law and actually arresting those here in America illegally.

Proving to us 100% and beyond a shadow of a doubt that they could care less about the safety of the American people, we have to ask what is really going on in the minds of this 'banana republic' regime and look no further than the upcoming elections in just over a week to find our answers.

As Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at the Conservative Review stated about these Orwellian moves by a globalist government that could care less about US law, Our Founders are rolling over in their graves at the sight of a sheriff being placed on trial for taking common sense steps to protect his state’s sovereignty and applying federal law in cases of reasonable suspicion – laws over which Congress, not the judiciary, has plenary authority.”


Why would the Obama administration CHOOSE TO NOT CARE about the safety of American citizens while protecting those who are here illegally and may just want to harm us and how might all of this come into play on election day and in the 2 months in between November 8th and inauguration day on January 20th of 2017 should Donald Trump win?

As we're told in the 1st video below from Infowars, we already have 100% proof that Hillary Clinton will do absolutely anything to 'win' this election, including outright breaking US law, stealing it via voter fraud at the voting booth and using George Soros' paid thugs to instigate violence across America against peaceful, law-abiding Donald Trump supporters and law enforcement officers.

However, we shouldn't be surprised as it's long been warned that when the left feels they're going to lose, they revert to violence like a bratty child throwing a temper tantrum. And as we hear in the 1st video, more and more evidence is continuously emerging that "Hillary and her merry gang of crooks" are planning violent mob attacks upon peaceful Americans if Donald Trump wins.

However,  we need to look much, much deeper to get the entire picture.


As is proven to us in the 2nd video below, also from Infowars, Hillary has a 'trojan horse' in her fight to steal America and liberty away from the American people - the massive trojan horse invasion of America that has been taking place in the last 8 years of this regime's 'slaughter of America' that many have warned has been geared towards this very moment in time.

With the globalists preparing their final steal of America and the forthcoming imposition of the UN's Agenda 2030 spoken of by Infowars' Jon Bowne in the 2nd video below, we see a totalitarian, sharia-form of law being pushed upon our nation by the government of Saudi Arabia and other radical Islamic factions that hate America and our freedoms and liberty. And as Infowars' Bowne proves to us, Hillary and Huma ARE the globalists final trojan horse.

We also recently received a great question from Steve Quayle:


As we reported back on October 25th, a 'grand jihad' is now taking place in America with radical Islamist 'sleeper agent' Huma Abedin having completely infiltrated Hillary Clinton's campaign. And according to this recent story from The Hill, Obama has commuted the prison sentences of more inmates than the last 11 presidents COMBINED

Are the globalists building their own private army to complete their 'takedown of America' and if so, is that the REAL reason for the massive amounts of weapons and ammunition purchased by govt in the 8 years of the Obama regime? If not, why are those who are enforcing US law like Arpaio being prosecuted for enforcing the law? And just how low might the globalists go to complete their destruction of America and their implementation of global govt, a 'new world order'?  


With the election now only days away, we're not surprised to read this morning that school systems across the country are closing down on election day due to fears of violence with Hillary's hoodlums threatening havoc and anti-Trump violence now sweeping the nation. While much of the left continues to sleepwalk their way towards self-destruction in their blind support of war criminal and mass murderer Clinton, we're happy to report that the Oathkeepers recently announced Operation Sabot 2016, their plan to make sure Hillary and the globalists aren't successful at outright voter fraud and their obvious plans of stealing this election from Trump and the American people as seen in the headlines from Drudge below.


However, with Hillary continuing to do her best 'weekend at Bernie's' immitation playing 'Bernie', continuously propped up by her chronies despite the fact that she should be in an alcohol rehabilitation center rather than running for president, we expect they'll continue to cheat and break the law, not caring about the consequences, until they complete their 'coup' and takedown of America via Hillary in the White House.

We've reached the point in time long ago warned of that only an alert and knowledgeable American citizenry will be able to stop the overthrow of this country though at this very moment, sinister and evil forces are plotting America's 'end'. We're also growing more and more concerned every day that John F. Kennedy's warning to America may soon play out if Hillary and the globalists are able to complete their steal of America via illegal means.


Despite the fact that the overthrow of America is quite well underway, we pray we never reach that moment in time that Kennedy warns us of. We still have the voting booth. However, as Pat Buchanan tells us in this new story over at WND, a Hillary Clinton presidency for America will be a presidency from hell with nearly 2/3 of America believing she is untruthful.

How might America react to a president that nearly 2/3 of America can't stand for lying to us and believes should be facing federal charges and sitting in prison rather than sitting in the highest office in the land? And how could America EVER regain the 'moral high ground' when we'd have the face of absolute corruption sitting in the White House?


While 'Liberty' and America are much bigger than Hillary Clinton ever could be, we take a look above at Hillary's own words in describing dictators and what we need to do to them. We presume she even means here in America.

And we can surmise, America will continue to stand up to dictators rather than allowing them to abuse human rights by 'waging war upon' or 'corralling' peaceful, law abiding US citizens into UN megacities as Jon Bowne expands upon in the 2nd video or into the 'hillary's fun camps' she so dearly wants to 'reprogram' the American people.


And while we hope that the American people are able to peacefully overthrow globalist tyranny at the voting booth in just days, as this recent story from Mike Adams from Natural News tells us, all bets for what might happen here in America are off the table after election day with some predicting a 95% chance of violence afterwards no matter who wins.

With Hillary Clinton and the globalists intent upon completing their 'takedown of America' regards of what the cost may be and how many laws they may need to break in order to achieve it, we pray to God that we don't soon witness all hell breaking out across cities and towns across the USA as some experts are predicting.


In closing, we ask you to listen to the final video below from Anonymous, an uplifting new message to the American people everywhere that helps to explain why we at ANP still have hope for America and for the future. Like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan before him, Donald Trump is a political outsider who right now has the opportunity to bring ALL of the American people together by focusing government once again upon what America needs, not what corporate interests and 'the world' need.

The American system, long represented by Hillary Clinton as the face of globalism, corruption and what is wrong with America, needs to be done away with and replaced by a system that works for the American people, not for global corporate interests. And we see stories across America of the American people 'waking up' with formerly solidly blue counties voting heavily Trump in Ohio while those who working towards social justice slam Clinton for her hypocrisy.

Whatever happens between now and November 8th and on towards January 20th, America will be forever changed. Whether it will be the change America needs to move forwards peacefully together or whether we keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, only time will tell. However, in watching what has happened in the past while attempting to figure out what the present might bring to our futures, we hope all eyes and ears are open as the near future will determine if America further slips into globalist tyranny towards dictatorship or America is returned to the American people. 


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