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September 9, 2015

The Biggest Trojan Horse In History - Europe Crumbles, America Next?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the video 1st below from Gex 2nd we see a compilation of some of the most powerful evidence yet that the refugee crisis in Europe is not only getting ready to completely overwhelm existing systems but that what we are watching unfold is truly part of the end of the 'old world order' as the nwo elite prepare to unveil 'the new'.

Imagine scenes like this playing out all across America each and every day as they are now playing out all across the European Union. The massive weight of suddenly throwing tens of thousands of people into already broken systems will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back as we see below many of the scenes that the mainstream media refuses to publish.

With the Greek Island of Lesbos turned into a war zone by rioting migrants from Syria and Afghanistan allegedly fleeing war, we see Europe suddenly turned into the Middle East, a Middle East just struck by a massive, apocalyptic dust storm that helps to make us feel we're watching prophecy unfolding.


Showing once again that many of the refugees coming into Europe DO NOT HAVE the best interests in mind of the current population of these countries, we see why warnings such as the one given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany being 'occupied' and 'changed for years' are not only coming true but likely to be absolutely devastating to these country's citizens.

With a new world order released 'sea of chaos' destroying everything they run into as they rampage across the European continent, we watch the face of Europe change forever. Who's looking down the road to see what this 'change' will bring within a generation?

While yes there are families coming over, one only has to look at threats coming out from an ISIS leader that the terrorists WILL use this refugee crisis to get their killers into Western nations to see that we are now witnessing the biggest trojan horse in history...with so many westerners celebrating their ultimate demise.


Is America next? We are already undergoing one of the most massive shifts in the landscape of our nation in our history with the massive numbers of illegal immigrants already here. With the US to potentially bring in thousands of refugees in a humanitarian mission and the face of America already changing, how long will it be until Barack Obama replaces the US Constitution with Sharia law in America?

The 2nd and 3rd videos below from Spiro and Barney Winner break down this refugee trojan horse for us in much more detail. The final video shows the warzone on the Greek island of Lesbos.

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