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July 23, 2021

Covid Is A Political Power Grab On A Global Scale That Was Unveiled To Restructure The World For A Handful Of Super-Wealthy Psychopaths 

- While Eliminating Most Of The 'Useless Eaters'

By Walt Gelles for All News Pipeline

(ANP: This is a follow-up to Walt Gelles story published July 21st on ANP titled "The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway With Globalists At War With 7.8 Billion People: They've Used Two Main Bioweapons On Us, A Lab Engineered Virus And Often Deadly 'Vaccines'- As Tyranny Is Unveiled As Safety, Never Forget, Vaxxes Kill!")

A real pandemic does not need a bogus PCR diagnostic test (deemed worthless by the World Health Organization in January 2021). 

A real pandemic does not need a relentless 24/7 propaganda campaign based on lies and disinformation. 

A real pandemic does not need to be declared because of a virus which has never been isolated or proven to exist---a virus which if it does exist is statistically less deadly than the seasonal flu. 

A real pandemic does not need Big Media/Big Tech censorship to deprive people of vital information and alternative views by distinguished, prize-winning doctors and medical researchers who are smeared as "conspiracy theorists". 

A real pandemic does not need a gigantic exaggeration of the death count by shifting all Seasonal Flu cases into the "COVID-19" death column and by labeling anyone who died in a car accident or by suicide as "death by COVID-19". 

A real pandemic does not need to shut down freedom of speech. 

A real pandemic does not need so-called "vaccines" (genetic modification treatments) that are harmful, often lethal, and have already killed and permanently destroyed millions of people around the world, according to the Governments' own statistics. 

A real pandemic does not need to be declared on the basis of a respiratory virus from which 99.9% of infected people recover spontaneously in a few days, like the common cold. 

A real pandemic does not allow the vaccine manufacturers to include Package Inserts with "fact sheets" that are BLANK or list only mild "Potential Side Effects" like slight fever, rash, and headache. while omitting major potential adverse reactions to the "vaccines" such as death, permanent paralysis, blindness, permanent vision loss, heart attacks, stroke, immune system collapse. miscarriage, massive blood clots, damage to heart, lungs, and kidneys, brain inflammation, thrombocytopenia (extremely low blood platelet count), uncontrollable tremors, convulsions, autoimmune disease, meningitis, multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, and many other widely-reported life-threatening reactions. 

A real pandemic does not need media-invented "highly contagious new variants" to whip up fear and hysteria, luring people to get more jabs, when the variant is no more dangerous than hay fever---and a variant is never more than 0.003% different from the original virus, so people who already have immunity from coronaviruses have nothing to worry about. 

A real pandemic does not need Big Pharma-paid "fact checkers" to lie and spread fake news. 

A real pandemic does not need people snitching on friends, relatives or coworkers who question the Official Narrative which says "the vaccines are safe and effective". 

A real pandemic does not need Biden/Harris goon squads going door-to-door to coerce people to get injected with a harmful, experimental, unapproved kill-shot. 

A real pandemic does not violate the Nuremberg code of ethics by criminally administering those harmful, experimental, unapproved, often deadly kill-shots to CHILDREN---and then the politicians and media remain silent about this despicable crime against humanity. A real pandemic does not suppress essential information about inexpensive, effective remedies and treatments widely used around the world to eliminate the risk of Covid illness. 


There is no real pandemic. Anyone who objectively looks at the facts will reach that conclusion. 

What is taking place is a political operation being conducted on a global scale, having nothing to do with public health---and everything to do with making people sick, killing them with "vaccines" which are bio-weapons, pulverizing civil society through absurd unnecessary lockdowns and masks, wiping out the middle class, massively transferring wealth and power to the Ruling Elite, and restructuring the world for the benefit of a tiny handful of super-wealthy sociopaths. 

If you got the jab, you were duped. Tricked. Conned. 

Permission hereby granted to reproduce this article in any print or digital format, with attribution and link.

(ANP: The first video below is a must-watch.)

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