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November 24, 2015

Billions May Soon Die In Nuclear World War 3! NATO, Turkey And America Playing Russian Roulette - There's No Turning Back Now!


Has NATO Turned Into A Cult That Shares An Apocalyptic Death Wish With ISIS?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We all awoke this morning to the very real news that hundreds of millions of innocent people, possibly billions, may soon die in a nuclear World War 3 after a Russian fighter jet was shot down by Turkey over Syria. We now learn that a Russian helicopter on a rescue mission has also been shot down by US backed terrorists. With Matt Drudge putting out a tweet this morning that America has been arming ISIS we have to ask, is this more proof America has taken the side of evil and the devil himself?



As any history buff knows, all world wars have an event that seemingly catalyze their start; the shooting down of this Russian plane and rescue helicopter by the NATO nation Turkey and US backed terrorist rebels may be such events. However, as Infowars points out in this new story, NATO should be investigating Turkey (and the US) for their strong support of ISIS jihadis. Why would Barack Obama back ISIS terrorists bent on destruction?

If you haven't already done so, it's time to get straight with God and get your final preps in order. If you haven't already bugged out of the cities, it might be time to do so. Sadly, in a nuclear World War 3, large US and European cities will instantly turn into blazing concrete and steel infernos of melted death. Billions around the world could soon die and even such outlets as 'The Week' now have stories out relating this very real danger.


Is there any way that a nuclear World War 3 can be averted? Of course there is but after this latest incident, we see that Turkey and NATO have played their sad hand and we fully expect Russia to come back with a much stronger hand. We all know that this could easily escalate to nuclear Armageddon and we're beginning to think that is exactly what NATO wants. Why else has NATO suddenly taken the side of ISIS, who's fighting towards achieving doomsday, the end of the world? Should NATO's official name now be changed to the 'North Atlantic Terrorist Organization'?

With Russian President Vladimir Putin calling this latest provocation 'a stab in the back' as Turkey and NATO seemingly takes the side of ISIS terrorists, we see that the next few days could lead to full-scale nuclear war which would rapidly spin totally out of control leaving millions likely dead before they even knew war had begun.

“We all signed an agreement to work together to fight terrorism”. Putin then delivered a sharp rebuke to Turkey, saying, “This was a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists.”

Do they want NATO to serve the interests of ISIS?” said Putin.


While those in Washington DC may want NATO to serve the interests of ISIS terrorists, the large majority of the American people want NOTHING to do with ISIS and in fact, are arming themselves in mass numbers to take on ISIS on US soil since our commander in chief is seemingly now pushing these potential terrorists into America. With Obama now vowing 'millions of more refugees' in America in his final year, we see that America is being set up for a massive fall.

NATO seemingly recognizes the danger they have placed themselves and every NATO member nation in by calling an 'extraordinary meeting' in which they'll likely discuss Turkey, possible repercussions from Russia and the strong possibility of a forthcoming World War 3 and nuclear annihilation for NATO countries. This is no exageration; hundreds of millions, or even billions, could soon die.

Back on October 13th, Susan Duclos wrote a story on ANP telling us about the Russian 'dead hand' doomsday machine ready to push the red button in case the Russian military was 'incapacitated'. If they aren't alive, the doomsday machine takes over and would likely launch crushing nuclear attacks worldwide w/o the need of human approval.

Will Washington DC soon be struck by a nuclear bomb, killing millions and requiring that the capitol of the US be moved to underground bunkers in Denver, Colorado? We all know they're prepared to move underground. We also see that Russia is now working out of a 3-tier nuclear doomsday bunker seen below and as previously reported in an ANP story, Russia has also prepared for nuclear annihilation for their citizens while the US has done NOTHING to protect theirs.

Several different video reports of this incident that could quickly lead to nuclear incineration for billions below - warning, some of them are very graphic and may be difficult to watch for some. In the 1st video, Ron Paul talks possible escalation.


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