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September 10, 2015

New World Order's ASYLUM Plan Exposed! Massive ISIS Weapons Shipment To Migrants Intercepted In Greece As Trojan Horse ASYLUM Goes Hot!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

“I don’t think there’s any doubt in extremists creativity. Wolves disguised as sheep crossing international borders with thousands of refugees is just the beginning. The bigger concern is the asylum process where new identities can be acquired allowing safe passage around the world.”

-Retired Navy SEAL/JSOC Operative, and author of the book 100 Deadly Skills, Clint Emerson

If the very interesting story we just read on Conspiracy Outpost is any indication, this Washington Post story from yesterday confirms that the European Union is sealing their own doom with a plan to give 160,000 asylum seakers asylum and redistribute them across the continent.

Quite interestingly, the Outpost story references a top-secret 'new world order' plan called ASYLUM, a cover story being used to send thousands and thousands of ISIS fighters to their new homes, homes in countries they would later attack 'en masse' in one 24-hour period all across the globe.

Coincidentally, or not, this Express story tells us ISIS has ADMITTED to smuggling thousands of their exremists into Europe disguised as refugees with the dire warning..."Just Wait!" We take a detailed look at the nwo's ASYLUM plan further below.

While still only 'conspiracy theory' based upon information gleaned from a secretive Wall Street source, ASYLUM may have been given another jolt of truth in a story reported out of Greece where we see below that a container with aid for refugees was intercepted by the Greece Coast Guard and found to be full of guns and ammunition. You can see that in 1st video below and at this story from International Business Times where we learn the Coast Guard was very busy at the beginning of September as seen in the 'tweets' below. 


While tweets alone are not absolute proof that the ISIS weapons seized by the Greek Coast Guard as seen in the 1st video below were definitely for the 'refugees' now being distributed throughout the European Union, we have strong reason to believe that what we have been learning recently is very true: ISIS agents of terror are likely being redistributed all across Europe and America under the guise of 'ASYLUM'. If the 'conspiracy theory' we look at below is true, we all better be very prepared for a truly devastating event in the future.

About 5 or 6 years ago my friends on wall street warned me about Syria, and that I should always keep a careful watch on it. On August 17th 2015 I posted a thread here titled: "My Final Warning To You About The Last US President!" In that thread after warning about Obama, I posted the following: The second thing my buddies on wall street told me was to watch Syria, and to never take my eyes off of it! The details were that they will play a very big roll in the events leading to war, but if you're not watching very carefully, you'll miss it. That's all they would say, but it is now my opinion they may have been talking about ISIS/ISIL. That was also a number of years ago before ISIS was even created. I think they were best known in those days as Al Qaeda.

Yesterday I watched a video that disturbed me as it seemed to fit the old warnings from my buddies about Syria. (2nd video below!) I decided to contact one of my friends to ask about the latest on Syria while making sure I said nothing about the video I just watched. This time I pinned him down and let him know I wanted all the details, and I must admit that I was sorry I said it that way. I wont tell you every detail because I have already become spooked by them, but you'll understand the main thrust of what is happening and what is set to happen according to them.

Before I begin, there was and is no date set by those who will commit these events as they will give their instructions only at the last possible moment. Some of these things you will already know, and some you will not. This is what was basically said:
The refugees we see being sent to every country is not what it looks like. They are ISIS with their families... men, women, and even their children. (Of course not every family that is part of the refugees being sent is ISIS.) It's all a cover story called "ASYLUM."

They also said the plan is to have ISIS in every single country, state, city, and even village according to the population. The plan is to strike all within 24 hours across the entire globe, and to continue indefinitely. I cannot, and will not give any details about that part, so don't ask! After my conversation ended, I realized what the part in the original warning meant, and which stated: ...but if you're not watching very carefully, you'll miss it... It was referring to how the refugees were not refugees at all, but ISIS instead.

I was taken back by that and how they actually knew about that so many years ago. As I've already said, as far as my friends are concerned, there is no date at the moment, because not everything is in place yet, and for protecting their plans, they will wait until just before they are ready to strike! Sorry I cannot tell you anything more, but I felt it important to let everyone know something I'm sure they didn't already know, and that was that they will attack everywhere all at the same time to overwhelm the entire system. (More below.)


Yesterday ANP published a story in which we warned of this 'biggest trojan horse in history' and gave you proof of Europe now crumbling while asking if America is next. With the very real possibility that nearly any one of these refugees being transferred to their new homes could be an agent of death sent by ISIS to wait for their call, America should be extremely careful about who we let into this country for if we aren't, we're clearly asking for our own demise and destruction. While at ANP we'd love to believe that every one of these refugees have a pure heart and noble intentions, history has proven that to be anything but the case.  

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