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October 9, 2019

Delusional Hillary Clinton Thinks She Won The 2016 Election - 'I Can Beat Him Again'  In A 'Rematch' She Says, Despite The Fact That She Lost Last Time


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have seen an incredible amount of craziness from the left since the 2016 election, from the whole Russia collusion hoax to liberals planning and organizing a day to "scream helplessly at the sky," on the first anniversary of President Trump's election, to a never-ending litany of claims that "this is the beginning of the end" for President Trump throughout 2017 and 2018, to liberals creating their own  "Earth 2" alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is the President, but no level of crazy tops the bat-crap insanity we have seen from Clinton herself.

For nearly three years she has plugged her "What Happened" book, and has gone on interview after interview, eventually coming up with 39 different reasons that she lost the 2019 presidential election, blaming everything and everyone but herself.  She has called President Trump an "illegitimate President," despite the fact that Trump one 304 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clinton's 227

(Note) - Technically it should have been 306 to 232 but there were seven total faithless electors. More here on that.)

Unfortunately for Clinton, Trump understood that American elections, as established in the U.S. Constitution, was set up using the Electoral College, as a "compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens."

For nearly three years Hillary Clinton has whined that she received the "popular vote," with her claim of that she recieved three million more votes that President Trump. 

As an example of why the Founding Fathers did not set American elections up using popular vote, look to California, where Clinton received nearly four million more votes than President Trump did. If the popular vote counted, then California would have been able to dictate who was elected.

Hence using the electoral college so that every state has equal representation according to their population. 

In other words, President Trump won 30 states, and Clinton won 20. The majority of states, not individuals in liberal enclaves, elected Donald Trump as President.

Perhaps that is why on October 4, 2019, Clinton quoted Barbara Jordan from 1974, by tweeting "If the impeachment provision in the Constitution of the United States will not reach the offenses charged here, then perhaps that 18th-century Constitution should be abandoned to a 20th-century paper shredder!"

Apparently Clinton isn't fond of the U.S. Constitution.

Of late, Hillary Clinton has truly lost touch with reality.........specifically the reality that she lost the 2016 election.

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While Clinton is on record back in March as saying she was not going to throw her hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential election, immediately after she made that statement, Clinton supporter, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, insisted "Spoke to someone close with Clinton in contact with her today. They say she wasn’t trying to be emphatic and close the door on running when she spoke to a local reporter yesterday, and that she was surprised by how definitively it played."

For the past three years, Clinton has also continued to troll President Trump on Twitter, to which, Trump being Trump, happily responds to in kind.

The latest back and forth with President Trump on Twitter has caused quite a bit of online chatter.

Hillary Clinton's "don't tempt me" response to President Trump daring her to enter the 2020 White House race sparked an intense reaction on social media.

The back-and-forth between the two 2016 presidential candidates began Tuesday morning after Trump suggested in a tweet that Clinton "should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren" under the condition that she explains "how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails."

That prompted Clinton, who has twice run for the White House, to respond, "Don’t tempt me. Do your job."

On top of betting sites like PredictIt listing Clinton in third place as being the one to win the Democrat nomination to run against President Trump in 2020, we have Clinton herself fueling the rumors that she may enter the race at the last moment.

A bizarre statement she made Tuesday night on PBS, indicates that Clinton appears to be suffering from either a dissociative disorder, where one escapes "reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy and cause problems with functioning," or the "Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder," snarkily dubbed TARD.

There are two major points about Clinton's PBS commentary: 1) She states "maybe there does need to be a rematch; I mean, obviously, I can beat him again."

Again? Clinton didn't win the 2016 election, but apparently she continues to think she did.

2) Then she addresses President Trump's reference to her deleting emails after receiving a "C" subpoena, and she claims "there was no subpoena."

Even the left-leaning Politifact shows that not only was there a subpoena, but her emails were deleted after receiving it.

Here is their timeline:

March 4, 2015: The Benghazi committee issues a subpoena requiring Clinton to turn over all emails from her private server related to the incident in Libya.

Between March 25-31, 2015: The Platte River Networks employee has what he calls an "oh s---" moment, realizing he did not delete Clinton’s email archive, per Mills’ December 2014 request. The employee deletes the email archive using a software called BleachBit.

March 27, 2015: Clinton’s lawyers send a letter to the Benghazi committee saying that the State Department already has the relevant emails, as they were included in the Dec. 5, 2014, turnover.

Trump’s timeline is correct. The congressional subpoena came on March 4, 2015, and an employee deleted the emails sometime after March 25, 2015, three weeks later.

Here is a link to the six-page subpoena dated March 4, 2015. (PDF)

While the liberal media outlet CNN, believes Clinton is only joking about running in 2020, there is no doubt that Clinton would love another shot at the presidency.

Her reference to a "rematch," her belief that she was "entitled" to the win the election, the polling which shows Clinton and Trump "dead even," which frankly shouldn't be encouraging for her since the polling in 2016 all predicted she had no chances of losing and Trump had no chance of winning, and everyone knows how that turned out. 

Even long-time aides of Clinton are not totally ruling out a another run for Clinton, with Philippe Reines telling Politico in October 2018 that while it is highly unlikely, there is a "not zero" chance that she may still enter the race.

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Another reason Clinton may decide to run again is the former front-runner Joe Biden has been losing steam in the polls, Bernie Sanders just had a heart attack and will be slowing down on the campaign trail, and Elizabeth Warren just got busted for lying yet again.

All other candidates in the Democrat primary are polling in single digits, not that the actual numbers mean anything (remember the 2016 polling disaster) but the patterns over the months, show none of the others are very popular with Democrat voters.



Some, on both sides of the aisle believe that if the top level candidates presently running for the Democrat nomination, continue along the same path they are now, that Hillary Clinton is setting the stage to "step in" for a rematch of 2016, which she has made clear she would love to see.

Her delusional assertion that she could beat President Trump "again," while looking straight into the camera and lying about the "subpoena" for her emails, as well as her continuous three-year whine-fest over losing in 2016, shows that unlike 2016, when it was her physical health that was in question, especially after publicly passing out during a 9/11 memorial, this time around, it is her mental health that would give her opponent the most ammunition against her.

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