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May 6, 2016

NWO Warns Of 'Terrible News' For America And The World - Donald Trump NWO 'Enemy Number 1' - False Flag Warning Into 2017 As NWO Panics


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 9th of 2015, ANP published a story in which we asked if the mysterious card seen (below left) from the 'Illuminati Card Game' hinted at an upcoming political assassination attempt upon Donald Trump, who was then only ahead in the polls and considered by most Republican insiders to be way too far outside of the mainstream to have a chance at the nomination. ANP readers immediately noticed the resemblance of the card to Donald Trump. The final video below looks at  the interesting 'coincidences' between the cards from the 'illuminati card game,' and the 'enough is enough' card in particular, and events that have unfolded in real life. 

Now nearly 7 months later, Trump has presumably wrapped up the Republican nomination with all remaining foes dropping out of the race, leaving him the last-man standing and seemingly in the position to help America 'overthrow' the 'New World Order' and the globalism that he recently warned us about that is reeking havoc upon Americans jobs, our national sovereignty and certainly our security with a revolving door into the country now wide open.

A brand new story from the 'nwo-tied' The Economist magazine today helps to tell this story from an 'elite' point of view. Called "Fear Trumps Hope" with a subtitle of "
Donald Trump is going to be the Republican candidate for the presidency. This is terrible news for Republicans, America and the world", it's easy to see why the NWO has Trump labeled as their 'enemy #1' and as we learn in the newly released videos below, will likely do ANYTHING at all to stop him and his plans for an "America Great Again".

In turn, The Economist story also tells us that Trump is thinking about getting the US out of the United Nations, great news for anyone paying attention to what the globalists have planned for America including disarmament and the gutting of the 2nd Amendment and global government with a loss of national sovereignty and rapidly dwindling rights for Americans with no Constitutional guarantees.

As former Clinton aide Larry Nichols tells Greg Hunter in this new story on USAWatchdog, a 'silent coup' led by FEMA is beginning to take over America at this very moment that seeks to install Barack Obama as 'king'. With only a general election now standing in between Trump and the White House, what else does the 'new world order' have planned for America? What the globalists call 'terrible news' is great news to most 'awake' Americans! Why the disconnect? It's now quite clear, only Donald Trump can stop their plans for a 'new world order'. What will they do to stop him? 


As Susan Duclos wrote in a recent story soon after Trump had seemingly guaranteed the nomination, do we really expect the 'elite' to give up power as simply as that? While the 'nwo' still has a donkey in the race in the person of Hillary Clinton, it's becoming more and more clear that Trump will absolutely destroy Hillary if she is the last donkey standing in the Democratic race, a prospect still not guaranteed with a possible indictment in her future and Sanders supporters threatening to vote for #AnybodyButHillary, even Donald Trump. Even the Washington Post sees the writing on the wall for Shill

With Hillary quite possibly the only thing standing between Donald Trump and the White House and a 'new world order' and her campaign in freefall while the Trump juggernaut surges onward, gaining millions of supporters along the way who realize if it's between Hillary and 'the Donald', it's a no-brainer, more and more people are warning of a major 'false flag' event of some sort between now and the election as the only way to possibly stop Trump as heard in the videos below.


Back in March we told you that we have 'reached the rubicon crossing' with many 'Republican elitists' turning against Trump while promising to vote for Hillary instead. We continue to see who's still lining up against Trump, including two former Republican presidents in the Bush father and son combo who recently stated that they wouldn't be endorsing Trump, as a very good sign that Trump won't be letting America down like our last 4 'new world order' bound presidents have.  

In the 1st two videos below from Alex Jones over at Infowars and Mike Adams from Natural News and Trump.News, we hear from two alternative media personalities who have the same gut feeling that we do here at ANP, the NWO will do ANYTHING at all to stay in power and control, even if that means completely tearing America down and putting the final stake within our collective hearts. 

Whether via a 'Kennedy-style' assassination attempt, massive riots that force the cancelling of the election, EMP, nuclear war, economic collapse or something else totally, we believe that Americans need to stay dilligent through 2017 as absolutely anything is possible and there is no doubt that the NWO will do anything at all to bring us down. As we learn in the 3rd video below, "we're facing the most evil people the world has ever seen."  



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