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March 10, 2016

More Proof We Have Reached The 'Rubicon Crossing': Liberal Slams Clintons And Hails Trump As Republican Party Prepares To 'Trump' Trump - Americans Show They Have Trumps Back As We Fight Back Against The NWO


(Photo above from the Julian Raven Project: A Christian's Journey For Trump

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media has been unable to explain the 'phenomenon' surrounding the remarkable rise of Donald Trump as previously shared in this story from Susan Duclos on ANP, a brand new story from left-wing Salon author Camille Paglia helps to sum up the 'Trump tidal wave' we're watching unfolding before our eyes and gives us a good indication of what forces will push Trump into the White House in January. As blue-collar Democrats in Ohio dump the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton 'en masse', many Americans who hadn't previously noticed the many outstanding qualities that a Trump presidency would bring America are beginning to see the light as truths shared via social and alternative medias drown out mainstream media lies. 

Paglia, who had previously had ripped Trump in a column, has penned a scathing new story called "Why I Was Wrong About Trump" that has liberal commenters on Salon both frothing at the mouth and calling for her head and as shown in the brief excerpts here, provides anyone sitting on the fence with great reasons to vote for Trump against Hillary in November.

Sharing with us that Hillary is truly simply the 'same old same old' while Trump is a breath of fresh air and a new direction for America, Paglia's story speaks harsh truths and provides us with some thought provoking, cutting edge thought that borders on dangerous in the liberal world many still are living within.:

Trump’s fearless candor and brash energy feel like a great gust of fresh air, sweeping the tedious clichés and constant guilt-tripping of political correctness out to sea.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, whose every word and policy statement on the campaign trail are spoon-fed to her by a giant paid staff and army of shadowy advisors, Trump is his own man, with a steely “damn the torpedoes” attitude.  He has a swaggering retro machismo that will give hives to the Steinem cabal.  He lives large, with the urban flash and bling of a Frank Sinatra.  But Trump is a workaholic who doesn’t drink and who has an interesting penchant for sophisticated, strong-willed European women.  As for a debasement of the presidency by Trump’s slanging matches about penis size, that sorry process was initiated by a Democrat, Bill Clinton, who chatted about his underwear on TV, let Hollywood pals jump up and down on the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom, and played lewd cigar games with an intern in the White House offices.

Can you say 'treason' within the Democratic party ranks? Certainly much less than we've likely gotten in 7+ years of Obama in the White House. Thankfully, Paglia wasn't done yet and perfectly ends talk of Trump as Hitler while exposing Obama's own transgressions against the US Constitution.:

Primary voters nationwide are clearly responding to Trump’s brand of classic can-do American moxie.  There has been a sense of weary paralysis in our increasingly Byzantine and monstrously wasteful government bureaucracies.  Putting a bottom-line businessman with executive experience into the White House has probably been long overdue.  If Mitt Romney had boldly talked business more (and chosen a woman VP), he would have won the last election.  Although the rampant Hitler and Mussolini analogies to Trump are wildly exaggerated – he has no organized fascist brigades at his beck and call—there is reason for worry about his impatient authoritarian tendencies.  We have had more than enough of Obama’s constitutionally questionable executive orders.  It remains to be seen whether Trump’s mastery of a hyper-personalized art of the deal will work in the sluggish, murky, incestuously intertwined power realms of Washington.

When reading these comments, please keep in mind that Paglia is a lesbian and has sometimes been considered an 'anti-feminist feminist'. She certainly has no problem at all ripping Ted Cruz, along with the previous ripping of Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton. She's also a Bernie Sanders supporter who obviously sees Trump as being more honest than the other candidates and much more 'presidential' than Cruz.:

From my perspective as a fervent supporter of the ruggedly honest and principled Bernie Sanders, Trump with his pragmatic real-life record is a far more palatable national figure than Ted Cruz, whose unctuous, vainglorious professions of Christian piety don’t pass the smell test. Trump is a blunt, no-crap mensch, while Cruz is a ham actor, doling out fake compassion like chopped liver. Cruz’s lugubrious, weirdly womanish face, with its prim, tight smile and mawkishly appealing puppy-dog eyebrows, is like a waxen mask, always on the verge of melting.  This guy doesn’t know who the hell he is—and the White House is no place for him and us to find out.


Who wouldn't want Donald Trump for president, therefore preferring a Hitlery Clinton presidency for America? Let's face it...if you're not voting for Trump, you're helping to elect Hillary Clinton while helping to continue the legacy of Barack Obama. The story Steve Quayle linked to on his website yesterday was called "Approximately 54 Private Jets Arrive with GOP Leaders and Donors Set on Stopping Donald Trump" and with the link he asked us to ask ourselves: "Who has the most to lose if Trump wins and the fingers point to those who already have it all." Quayle also mentioned this when linking to a recent story on Trump's warning us that Islam hates us as shared in the linked story.: TELLING THE TRUTH IS SO DESPISED, THAT THE POLITICALLY CORRECT MSM CANT BRING THEMSELVES TO STATE THE OBVIOUS! 

Who does have the most to lose if Donald Trump wins the presidency in 2016? The 2016 election has changed the playing field like no other before with many of those long holding Republican (neocon) beliefs stating that they'll be voting for Hillary Clinton while many anti-war Americans, blue collar workers, Unions membership and those who might normally vote Democrat in an election choosing to cross over party lines and vote for Trump. 

If you are still on the fence about Donald Trump, and we know that there are some ANP readers who do not like him, we ask you to please take a look at the videos below which we're quite sure you won't be seeing on CNN, MSNBC or from any of the other TV stations that so obviously support the globalists agenda. As seen in the videos below detailing the 7-points of TrumpCare, Trump's strong stand on the 2nd Amendment that rivals that of Ronald Reagan, how Trump is putting together such a broad coalition of seemingly different Americans and much more, Trump is bringing Americans together in what may be a last chance attempt to fix what's broken and set things straight in this country we love so dearly. While some ANP readers might believe that's already too late to do, we see many reasons to believe the important things aren't quite over yet though challenging times quite obviously remain ahead.  


In the 1st video we hear about Trumpcare, breaking down the 7-point plan that will replace Obamacare after Trump is voted into office. With Hitlery threatening the 2nd Amendment regularly, Infowars looks at Trumps stance on the 2nd Amendment and finds that he is even stronger supporter of it than Ronald Reagan was! In the 3rd video below, black pastors 'stump for Trump' in just the latest showing that Trump will do very well with religious blacks and stands to do great with blacks overall if more black Americans start listening to what these religious leaders have to say. In the 4th video below we learn that Trump is speaking out against the 'dictatorial' bureau of land management who says is harming economic growth. When was the last time you heard that from a US President or Congressman? Meanwhile, the 5th video below has gone viral and shows us the REAL Donald Trump that our mainstream media is trying to suppress. If you think that Donald Trump will be the next Adolf Hitler, you really don't have a clue and we challenge you to watch the 5th video and still say the same thing bad things about him after watching the video all the way through. 

We also see a very clear divide between those who love America and want to put Americans first, Americans jobs, investing in US Veterans, making the US military strong again compared to those who we can freely say appear to hate us. Anyone in government who is consistently giving US dollars to other nations while Americans are living out on the street and our economy is in shambles and getting worse clearly hates America whether they admit to it or not.  

Despite the fact that Trump isn't perfect (and neither are any of us), if he is nominated as the Republican nominee, we will most likely either have him or Hillary Clinton as president in January of 2017. Do we really want somebody in office who has already proven themselves inept with the handling of the Benghazi situation? Hillary Clinton's foreign policy, specifically in the Middle East and the Ukraine, have been absolutely horrendous but if we want more of what we have now, we should just make sure she is (s)elected by ignoring Trump for what he appears to be, a man who has used his own free will to try to make America great again at a point in time when America needs such a driven man as president like never before. 

Is Donald Trump 'the real deal'? Certainly only time will tell but as it is right now, unless Hillary Clinton is soon indicted or Trump defeated by the RNC Rino's, it will be Trump vs Clinton in November. Who will be best for America? All we need to do is look at their pasts to see their futures...the answer is very clear to us at ANP. All we need to do is to take a look at how much the 'elite' and EVIL hates Trump... now isn't that the 'ultimate endorsement'

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