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September 6, 2016

Active Duty LEO Warns America To 'Prepare For A Gut Check' - This 'Worst Nightmare Scenario' For America Has Already Begun: 'Low Tech Death'

- The Globalists Depopulation Agenda Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The email seen below recently sent to ANP came from a well-trusted source and warns us of a possible nightmare scenario for 'America in collapse' that we may soon see coming true in our country on a massive scale. As Donald Trump recently warned in his Labor Day speech, we're already seeing it on a much smaller scale as the US worker continues to be crushed by 'globalism'. As we're told, many experts around the world are now warning of escalating chaos and as the globalists prepare to bring an end to the current system, and bring in their new one, more and more ordinary, every day Americans are losing their jobs, their homes and all hope for their futures. 

When the full collapse of the current system hits, possibly as soon as this coming fall or winter according to some warnings, might we soon witness 'low tech death' all across the country as Americans find it more and more difficult to pay bills and keep a roof over our heads? As we learn more below, an America in total collapse will see massive chaos and widespread death, especially if total collapse comes over the winter, with Americans unable to pay electric/gas bills to keep homes heated. We also learn America in collapse may see the same thing they're now seeing in Venezuela, rolling blackouts all across the country and a power grid in total disarray, unable to provide electricity to the nation brought on by their rapidly spiraling out of control, economic descent. 

Additionally, we'll take a look below at a warning from an active duty law enforcement officer in America who 'walks the walk' and tells us that we better get prepared now for what's coming as America is about ready to receive a 'gut check.'

Also below are several videos including a new one on the 'globalists depopulation agenda' in the first video for those who haven't yet recognized the globalists blatant propaganda. In the second video we see how easily America could be brought to its knees if a hostile party decided to launch a cyber attack upon our power grid, thus sending large parts of our country into the same state of 'low tech death' increasingly being experienced by those who've already fallen into hard times such as the additional 7,000+ Wal Mart workers losing their jobs as Gary Franchi of the Next News Network tells us about in the final video below.


According to an August story from the International Business Times, the 2017 Farmer's Almanac is teasing 'teeth-biting cold weather' for much of America this coming winter. Warning of the possibility of 'Snowmaggedon' hitting the East Coast this winter as summer comes to an end, we're forewarned 'exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather' will dominate over parts of the Northern Plains, the Great Lakes, Midwestern America, the Ohio Valley, Middle Atlantic, Northeast and New England before long. Their story also tells us that 'very cold weather' will reach as far south as Florida and the Gulf Coast while 'milder than normal temperatures' will prevail over the Western US states. 

With most of America due to receive 'bone-numbing' temperatures this winter and heavy snow forecast for large parts of the country, might the globalists 'pull the plug' on the dollar this fall or winter, timing it to inflict the most damage upon unprepared Americans who might be literally driven out of their homes and onto the streets at the worst possible time of the year?

We've republished the email sent to us below:

Food For Thought:

Many people are talking about the escalating chaos in the world, and many of the nightmare scenarios that are being predicted could come to pass ll at once, and we already see many of them in play. Specifically, I wanted to write and pose this question...if the dollar tanks completely, then people may soon after find themselves unable to afford their electricity. That would create a public without electrical power, not involving a nuclear/emp attack, or solar flare. So if the lights go out because the dollar crashes and rates are too high to afford, then what? Will local governments evict people from homes for such? Would government condemn such houses without electrical power? And how many people would voluntarily leave because of their lack of survival skills?

Winter is coming. Without heat, many would be tested like never before. So man people are waiting for that big event like a foreign war, an emp/nuke attack, and they are in their minds bracing for it to some extent. But what if there was no external culprit at all? What if electricity still worked fine, but was shut off at the source due to the innability of most people to afford it. The police state would still have electrical power, as would government. But the individuals of our public would be pressed into hard decisions.

Thought I would ask if you have imagined this scenario or if you think it has merit. I woke from a dream and this was the first thing on my mind when I woke, though I can't recall the dream. If the national grid went down its trouble for everyone, but if the rates to keep electricity simply got too high for most to afford, then government would try to play the good guy on the high ground, claiming that electricity is still offered to those who can afford it. Meanwhile, masses would be forced to relocate (maybe with FEMA help) somewhere....and MAYBE be forced out of their homes because they had no electricity. If so, the ones who plan to "bug-in" in place would be unable to do so "legally."

May God keep you and all His people ever safe.


If suddenly you were driven out of your home during the middle of a freezing cold winter, would you hop on the local FEMA camp bus and 'ride it out' in 'the camps' or do you have other options available to you? As we're told in the new SQAlert republished below from an active duty law enforcement officer, if you plan on getting on that FEMA bus, you may very well be 'sealing your own fate'.:

'Fema Camps' - I would state that if you get on a bus with government plates then you may have sealed your fate

I worked for the company that was supposed to go to Benghazi but was ordered to stand down, so that being said anything can be true. Especially if it is a DOD, DHS or DOS contract. We were just mercenaries that did the militarys dirty work, that was ordered to be done by politicians. I would state, that if you get on a bus with government plates then you may have sealed your fate. I would think that if a 'bus' were coming to collect bodies (living bodies) then it would come after a large evacuation notice was given near any effected town. Dozens of variables come to mind for this event. The gun owners names being in a registry is a no brainer. If you have purchased a weapon from a store, you are now in a registry and the government approved your purchase via a background check kudos to the ATF and FBI databases. When we run a back ground check we look at criminal histrory which will show us everywhere you have lived, bad things you did, to include emergency contacts that you had listed on your drivers license. This will include your personal bio information. I would take this weapon registry so far as to include air guns, knives, axes, bows and crossbows...also prep food, if you purchased these things with a credit or debit card. That's NSA type knowledge for your portfolio that will include your texts, phone calls, emails, Internet inquiries, social media posts, political voting history, known weapons, known affiliates, known family members and so on.

Every large airport, warehouses, sports arenas, large churches, chain goods supplies stores, (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, shopping malls, grocery stores) all have the square footage capacity and simple security posture capabilities for becoming large containers of persons, like prisons do. All I need is space for you and yours to stay and a fence with roving armed guards, calling it adult fun camps and Hillary will be visiting soon.

What I tell people is that when SHTF, move with a purpose and don't look back. Go find a nice place to camp, like at grandpa's farm or your cousins in the mountains because when it's time to collect the harvest, the elite will send the combines and mow you and your town over. Go deep into the woods, way deep. Don't go alone and be prepared to stay a while. Hope you know basic bushcraft skills.

That's why people should train to have multiple hide outs, plotted on a map, the distance from their house to those destinations, the amount of gas it would take to get to each destination if one of the hideouts becomes comprised, and make sure that you have rehearsed this several times. Do what we call a "dry run". Completely set up camp, bring out all your crap over and over until you have refined your packing list with what you need and ditch what you don't use. THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU CARRY. Get your prepper friends involved and make it hurt and I mean rough it to the best of your capabilities. Chances are your gonna screw up leave what you thought were "essentials" later to find out that they were only luxuries. So 'suck it up snowflake' and practice your worst nightmare scenario doomsday plan until you literally memorize it.

Best bet for this scenario is that we're gonna get hit with something hard, like a knee to the groin, then the gut, followed by a Mike Tyson uppercut. What I mean is, and I'm just throwing this out prohibitions on self defense items, higher taxes on petroleum products and commercial goods, mandatory vaccinations for children then adults, voting audits followed by a huge scandal, multiple outside and inside agencies attacking our grid, the election of a satanist, the death of a rebellious patriot and a new war that may not be abroad but door to door. That's just spit balling it, there's hundreds more I can throw in there and I'm only referring to the next three months.




Might America soon suffer through the most deadly of all winter's? With frigid temperatures being forecast ahead, it's time that preppers get their cold weather preps ready - as we move into September, we're running out of time.

According to a study reported on back in 2015 by USA Today, cold weather kills 20X more people than hot weather does. As anybody knows who has been stuck out in the cold, it doesn't take long for illness and suffering to set in. Imagine being forced out of your home in the middle of winter, totally unprepared to live in it.

While we wish that nobody ever had to go through such an experience, far too many Americans already die from hypothermia during the winter time and the numbers could rise dramatically if total collapse comes over the winter.

We're forever grateful to churches and other individuals and institutions that make it their life work to help the homeless and those who are much less fortunate. We only wish the 'globalists' who are running America into the ground and controlling the flow of vast amounts of money felt the same way but helping others is clearly not part of their 'agenda'.

As Steve Quayle recently warned us on a note he left on a link to this story, "death and famine and decreasing the world's population as quickly as possible" are the globalists goals, no matter how many people might freeze to death in the process.  

As always, we open up the comment section to you to discuss how we can best prepare for such a scenario that we pray never comes as well as sharing any kind of winter survival tips that you might be aware of and want to share with others. You never know who might be reading your survival suggestions, sharing your experiences and wisdom can save lives. 


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