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October 31, 2021

Those Who Declared War On America's 1st Responders Are About To Learn A Very Difficult Lesson As Their Tyrannical 'Vax Mandate Deadline Day' Arrives

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The stories linked within this story one after another hint of catastrophe ahead for big US cities getting ready for their hardline, deadline imposition of un-Constitutional vax mandates, the globalists satanic 'vax everything that moves' agenda about to explode in their own faces.

With the Associated Press reporting New York city is bracing for fewer cops on the streets and a trash buildup conundrum of epic proportions as employees of the NY Department of Public Works join law enforcement officers in saying 'hell no!' to medical tyranny, the NY Post reports as many as 20% or more of NY Fire Departments may be forced to shutter their doors in the days ahead due to firefighters also being pushed out due to the impending deadline.

And as we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story featuring Andrew Ansbro, the President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association in New York, this insane 'mandate' will cause a 'catastrophic staffing shortage', with Ansbro warning the "vaccine mandate will lead to a major staffing shortage resulting in firehouses being shutdown and an inevitable loss of life."

Yet as the top-voted comment on this Daily Mail story reporting upon the forthcoming fiasco pointed out, "Good, start the party, no police, no services at all, let's see how the liberals authorities likes it". With the #2 voted comment on that story pointing out the utter hypocrisy of what we're now witnessing with the comment "What about the illegals coming over the border?!? Where is their mandate?!?!", the replies seen below to the top-voted comment speak great truth and hint of massive rebellion in the air. 

"Most of these First Responders had the plague already. Their antibodies are far superior to anything from the lame vaccines. I have been vaccinated but there is no reason for a fireman or nurse with antibodies to get the jab."

"All Americans should take next week off, largest walk off in history. I'm doing it."

So with the very real possibility that some of these big cities all across America that have declared war upon their own 1st Responders will be going up in flames, taken over by warlords and buried in trash in the coming days and weeks, there's never been a more important time than now to be fully prepared. Because as the website State of the Nation reports in this new story, a National Strike against tyrannical vax mandates has been planned for November 8th through the 11th, with the goal of shutting down the US economy and bringing the vax-pushing tyrants to their knees

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As this previously mentioned Daily Mail story also reported, it'll be not only firefighters and police who are no longer employed if this insanity is allowed to stand but emergency medical 1st responders as well. 

Reporting that a severe ambulance shortage will also be ahead, how many other big US cities across America will soon follow the lead of NY City and allow their cities to become raging madhouses, with crime sure to skyrocket in the days ahead with a huge shortage of law enforcement officers? 

Giving all the opportunity in the world for inner city 'warlords' to rise up in their place, as that Daily Mail story also pointed out, with the mandate deadline for city workers kicking in on Monday, at least 22% of cops, 35% of firefighters and 20% of EMS workers have yet to receive 'the shot'.

Also reporting that protests against the insane mandates continue to grow as hard deadlines near, just imagine how horrible things are going to get in America's big cities with them already looking like what we can see in the image above. We clearly haven't seen anything yet. From this Daily Mail story.: 

New York City is facing a crime spike, shortages of emergency workers and piles of trash on the streets as Monday's COVID vaccine deadline for city workers looms. 

Figures show that 22 per cent of the city's 36,000 cops, 35 per cent of the Big Apple's 10,951 firefighters and 20 per cent of the city's 10,000 emergency responders - around 4,300 of whom are employed by the fire department - are also yet to get jabbed. 

Close to a quarter - 23 per cent - of the city's 7,200 uniformed sanitation workers remain unvaccinated, with the figures sparking fears of huge shortages of essential workers in the coming weeks. Trash bags have begun to accumulate in piles in Staten Island and Brooklyn, amid claims the slowdown is an unofficial protest at the vaccine mandate. 

They - along with any of the city's other 160,000 workers - will be put on unpaid leave from Monday if they fail to show proof they've had at least one vaccine dose.

New York City has also (ANP: already, prior to the mandate!) been hit by surging crime figures, fueling worries a reduction in cop numbers could further worsen that issue. 

Robberies are up 10 per cent in the last 28 days, compared to the same period of 2020, with felony assaults rocketing by 15.2 per cent over the same four week period, and by eight per cent in a year. 

Non-rape sex crimes have spiked by 27 per cent year on year, with hate crimes up by 90 per cent. 

De Blasio held firm on the mandate despite the concerning numbers of just how many essential workers have actually gotten vaccinated. He insists the deadline will prompt a last minute surge in vaccination numbers.

So with 'government' counting on their threats against Americans to 'get vaccinated or lose your job' will work to get more people vaxxed showing us the way that America is headed in the days ahead under Democrat 'leadership', we fully agree with the main points of Alan Barton in this October 29th ANP story, Joe Biden and the Democrat party are the very catalysts for America's full-scale destruction.  

With human employees already in very short supply all across America as Fox News New York had reported in this October 22nd story titled "Where are the workers? Cutoff of jobless aid does not bring them back", just imagine the utter chaos now being sowed by Democrat leaders who've declared war upon America's 1st Responders. 

And as this October 29th story over at Zero Hedge points out, it's also our military service members who are under all-out 'get vaxxed or else' attack. Reporting that at least 12,000 Air Force personnel, including numerous 'elite pilots', have rejected 'the vax' as their Tuesday deadline looms, this coming week could be one for the history books as 'mandates' are cemented into place and a huge segment of America fights back against them. 

And with that 'resistance' to unfolding medical tyranny also including a forthcoming 'seismic event' as was reported in this new story over at the MAGA Institute titled "Breaker! Breaker! We Got Ourselves a SHUTDOWN! Blue Collar Blockade to Cripple Supply Chain Over Vax Mandates Is ON!".

Reporting that a national strike will be taking place between November 8th and November 11th with a goal to 'bring the economy to its knees', its looking more and more like the month of November will be huge. From that story.:  

Attorney Leigh Dundas joins the MAGA Institute Podcast to share the seismic event that will rock this nation next month. As Leigh notes, this country runs on the backs of our blue-collar workers who manufacture, transport, and stock all the products in our stores, generate all our electricity, run our airports, etc. 

Axe the Vax Walkout: Employees in the healthcare, education, telecom, and supply chain/transport industries, as well as public sector employees whose employers are mandating the genetic therapy injections are organizing a national strike from November 8th-11th to bring the economy to its knees, so people can see what an impact illegal vax mandates will have on their lives. 

Stand strong and stand together!

So with the very real possibility that the next two weeks will be huge, and the very real possibility of shutdowns of all kinds of industries all across America, we've gone ahead and published numerous links to various products at the bottom of this story that could make the difference between life and death with insanity hitting the fan and reigning within Joe Biden's 2021 America.

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