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August 9, 2020

Incrementalism Is The Globalists Key To Unrestrained Slaughter As Democrats Unleash Pandemonium Across America  

- We're Witnessing The Beginning Of America's Worst Nightmares If Democrats Get Their Way

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With it long warned that what's happening in the state of California and within America's big cities are signs of what could soon come out to the suburbs or the country, we should all look with a bit of alarm at what's taking place in locations such as New York city, where 'checkpoints' have become 'the new norm' and homeless junkies and just-released from prison criminals are being put up in luxury hotels on the Upper West Side, giving us more hints of where America is headed should Democrats get their way.   

With those just-released criminals bringing with them the 'spectacles' of public urination, 'brazen catcalls' and out-in-the-open drug use, the Daily Mail reports the residents who've lived there for years are now terrified, with NY City actually paying $175 a night to house these people in  luxury hotels as an alternative to homeless shelters where Covid-19 could allegedly spread like a firestorm. 

Also reporting that these move-ins coincide with a massive exodus of wealthy New Yorkers, many of whom will never come back to the city, as Steve Quayle recently warned while linking to this story reporting that one released suspect had already returned to kill his victim/accuser: "the purpose of releasing hardened and violent criminals is to cause maximum mayhem & chaos as the new world order is established."  

And with New York City going so far as to establish covid-19 checkpoints at main entryways throughout the city to help enforce quarantines that have been put upon people entering the city from many other locations across America, as the Daily Fodder reports in this new story, who else is thinking of these totalitarian checkpoints in NY and comparing them to checkpoints in Communist China now and to checkpoints by other authoritarian regimes throughout history? From this Daily Fodder story before we continue. 

People in New York City have been subjected to one of the most repressive coronavirus crackdowns in America. Included have been months-long forced closure of many businesses and extreme limitations placed on businesses that have been allowed to resume some operations during incremental scaling back of closure orders. Such government actions have decimated businesses in the city. A Sunday report by Lauren Thomas at CNBC illustrates the continuing economic destruction by describing vacancies and bankruptcies, along with a large drop in rents sought, in 16 major retail corridors of the Manhattan borough of the city. 

The plummeting economy has come hand-in-hand with plummeting respect for liberty, with people in New York City having been prohibited from doing many of the things, in addition to operating or working at businesses, that people have long considered basic to living — doing daily activities outside home without wearing a mask, attending religious services, meeting friends at a bar for a beer, and taking children to a playground, for example. 

The New York City government, with ample help from Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany, has succeeded, in the name of countering coronavirus, in making the city a downright depressing place. That means many less people want to visit it. It also means many residents have reason to move away. 

As if to put an exclamation point on the “Stay Away” message that is communicated by the city’s despotic mandates purportedly intended to counter coronavirus, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that cops will be stationed at checkpoints at entry locations of the city. The cops will inform people who have been in any of a, subject to change, long list of states and territories and who are seeking to enter the city (including New York City residents returning to their homes in the city) that they are legally required to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon entering the city. 

Police at the new checkpoints will also require these individuals entering the city to register and complete “travel health forms” that will be used for carrying out surveillance in the form of “contact tracing efforts.”

The city’s descent into economic hardship and tyranny continues.

And as we had warned in this August 7th ANP story titled "The 'Boiling Frogs Syndrome' Is Now Fully At Play As The State Of New York Attacks The NRA, Another Sign Of America's Full Descent Into Communism", while all of this may not look like outright tyranny to some, people in New York and other big cities across America are like boiling frogs just before they are cooked. 

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With 'incrementalism', the globalists key to unrestrained slaughter, unfolding before our eyes this very moment and happening for decades prior with America's younger generations being fully indoctrinated into communism in our public education system, more alarms are sounding every day of 'economy travesty' ahead of us. 

As this new story at the NY Daily News reports, grocery prices have skyrocketed since the pandemic began and the chaos that coronavirus brought to food supply chains is being felt by Americans’ wallets, as the complications of the pandemic have pushed grocery prices higher and forced many to go without the food they need. And just think, we may have not really seen anything yet with warnings of a 2nd/3rd wave/lockdown ahead. From that story.:

The chaos that coronavirus brought to food supply chains is being felt by Americans’ wallets, as the complications of the pandemic have pushed grocery prices higher and forced many to go without the food they need.

According to data released last week by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, almost all kinds of food have seen an increase in its price since February. Beef and veal prices are up a staggering 20.2% since before the pandemic, while other staples like eggs (10.4%), poultry (8.6%) and pork (8.5%) have also seen significant increases.

As the Washington Post points out, these prices soared because the pandemic infected large amounts of workers, forced factories to close, sparked hoarding and in general completely upended the country’s food supply chain by shutting down school kitchens, restaurants and entertainment venues.

And while tens of millions of America still don't see what's really unfolding across the country, as 'Health Ranger' Mike Adams recently warned in this story over at Natural News we’ve reached the “tipping point into a collapse spiral” that cannot be halted. 

This is it, folks: We’ve triggered a tipping point that’s now plunging America into a self-reinforcing collapse spiral that cannot be halted. The weaponized lockdowns were maliciously extended month after month in a deliberate effort to crush the U.S. economy, cause widespread business failures and reckless levels of unemployment. This was all carried out by Democrat mayors and governors as a deliberate assault on Donald Trump’s America. 

There are plenty of fools who think this can all be undone after the election, but that’s a tragic miscalculation. The destruction of business infrastructure, food supply lines and economic opportunity was carried out on such a grand scale that it has now reached a “snowball effect” tipping point of self-reinforcing economic destruction. 

We are beyond the point of no return.

Adams also warns us that tens of millions of Americans could end up losing their homes as the result of all of this though recent executive orders signed by President Trump may put off this worst-case-scenario for a period of time. 

It’s like a Beirut bomb of debt has just been ignited. And the results will be catastrophic. 

Tens of millions of new homeless before the end of the year 

We’re talking about tens of millions of Americans becoming homeless before the end of this year. Mass starvation as food inflation reaches new, insane levels. Explosions in crime across U.S. cities where woketard Democrats have worked to abolish or defund police, which is already leading to record increases in rapes, murders and other violent crimes. (Democrats have become the pro-crime political party, and they all endorse left-wing terrorists like Antifa. If you vote Democrat this year, you are voting for rapists, arsonists, terrorists and murderers.) 

If you have failed to prepare for the chaos explosion that’s coming, you have now reached the end of the window of opportunity to get ready. There will be no more advanced warnings and no pauses. The sh#t is already hitting the fan right now, with each passing day that the lunatic Left pushes for civil war in the streets of Portland, for example, where even the woketard left-leaning mayor is now pleading with terrorists to stop trying to “murder” police officers by burning down their buildings.

So with the Democrats/globalists now going all-out as we approach the November election with only one thing in mind, stopping President Trump from winning again at all costs, everything is now on the line with globalism bringing with it tyranny and all-out war upon freedom, God, Christianity and America. And the signs of covid-tyranny aka 'the big picture' are everywhere.  

As we had also reported within this August 8th ANP story, the nation of Australia had also recently become the 'canary in the coal mine of covid-19 tyranny' with reports that police there can now legally enter people's homes without warrants to carry out 'spot checks' and enforce quarantines. And now we have another new story by Paul Joseph Watson over at Summit News reporting a woman there was recently left with severe bruising after being arrested, simply for being OUTSIDE during their covid-19 lockdown. 

And while people there were 'permitted' to be outside to do such things as exercising and walking, (as if human beings really need PERMISSION from GOVERNMENT to do something GOD gave us the right to do long ago!), as Watson reported in his story, an iron fist has come down in Australia, China and elsewhere. From Summit News

“You can do this in a disarmed country like Australia, Canada or the UK,” commented Ezra Levant (of the police beatdown on a woman simply for being outside). “You could never do this in the United States — at least not in Second Amendment respecting states. Take a good hard look at China-style “public health”.” 

In the vast majority of civilized countries, people who violate arbitrary lockdown laws are hit with fines and are not subjected to arrest or police brutality. 

However, the state of Victoria’s draconian coronavirus clamp down is being enforced with an iron fist.

Yet as Michael Snyder warns in this new story over at the Most Important News, the economic depression of 2020 has become an endless nightmare for millions of Americans, with unemployment numbers at never before seen numbers and as Snyder warns, if America continues along this road we're now on, especially if Democrats get their way and somehow 'braindead Joe' wins in November, America will never look the same. From Snyder's story before our conclusion.: 

Overall, more than 55 million Americans have now filed initial claims for unemployment benefits over the past 20 weeks. That is a number that should be almost theoretically impossible, but this is actually happening.

Prior to this year, the all-time record for new unemployment claims in a single week was just 695,000, and now we have been above a million for 20 consecutive weeks.

We are in the midst of an economic nightmare, and even Bloomberg is admitting that conditions in the U.S. are becoming a lot more miserable

The US is projected to undergo the biggest increase in economic misery across 60 countries as the nation grapples with heightened unemployment and fresh coronavirus hotspots.

Bloomberg’s Misery Index, which ranks major economies by inflation and unemployment expectations, shows the country sinking to rank 25 from rank 50 in 2020. Venezuela, Argentina, and South Africa held their spots as the world’s most miserable economies.

And every day more businesses are shutting down, more workers are being laid off and more dreams are being shattered.

The consequences of literally decades of incredibly foolish decisions are catching up with our nation, and this economic depression will ultimately get a whole lot worse.

In the 1st video below, Mike Adams warns that we’re now well beyond the tipping point of collapse and the time  to get prepared is running out with food and supply lines collapsing all around us, including ammo supplies, firearms, consumer goods, commercial materials and any more covid-19 lockdowns in the future sure to bring more such chaos.

In the 2nd video we hear more about Los Angeles terrorizing their own residents by cutting off power and water should residents hold parties within their own homes while in the 3rd video we hear more about how economic collapse is being used by the globalists to force their sinister agenda upon America. And in the final video below we're warned that this really is America's last chance, with any Democrat win in November sure to be followed up by more tyranny and attacks upon God, freedom and Christianity.  

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