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June 16, 2015

Independent Media Under Attack - YouTuber Channel Deleted, Harassed And Threatened 'We Are Going To Kill Your Son' - Jade Helm Coverage Cited!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

[MAJOR UPDATE - June 17, 2015] Gary Larrabee's†new channel is still live but all the videos from the last two days, including the one embedded below, are gone again! ANP has emailed†Gary to see if there is anything we can all do to help.

[UPDATE #2] Gary has uploaded one new video, a taped conversation with one of the people harrassing him by phone. If it is removed, ANP has downloaded the entire thing. It appears these people have access to his entire account, meaning they have access to all his Google associated accounts since they generally are connected.

An Independent Media personality, Gary Larrabee, has had his YouTube channel with approximately 7,000 videos completely wiped out along with his subscription list of almost 13,000 people. He has been harassed by phone, threatened, †as well as a specific threat stating "we will kill your son," his personal information, including his bank account numbers accessed and much more as you will hear in the video below on his new channel which only has 46 subscribers as of this article.

(Gary Larrabee)

Gary had filled his YouTube channel with an information archive from Alternative Media sources, considered his channel an "information library," covering topics such as Jade Helm, Military movement across America, weaponized weather, Bilderbergs and much more...... in other words, news you won't find on the MSM.

The phone calls came from multiple people calling themselves "anonymous," then "Jasper," and "Hawkeye," citing his videos on topics such as Jade Helm, claiming they "worked for Jade Helm," and "Obama."†

Those aware of how Google Adsense works, understand that people that monetize their videos are paid by Google Adsense as YouTube is owned by Google. Mr. Larrabee supplemented his income with modest earnings from his videos, which if monetized can continue earning money indefinitely, meaning the loss of about 7,000 videos is a loss of present and future income.

Video details explain what occurred from June 14th to June 15th, 2015:

My You Tube Channel was Shut down yesterday, in the after noon of 6-14-2015. Shut down by a person going by the name of Annonymous and later Jasper He started out by threatening me saying if I hung up on him my YouTube site would be shut down. (At the time I thought I was dealing with the same internet company that was fraudulently taking my earnings from AdSense, saying my income would increase because they would be placing ads to be advertised world wide instead of just in the USA). So thinking this was another trick of this company I told him I did not think he was capable of shutting me down for I had previously been told by Ryan That this company was not able to do that although they had threatened to do so. Thinking this, I accepted his challenge and hung up on Mr. Annonymous. A Few minuits later I found I no longer had a you tube web site and over 7,000 videos I considered to be a library of information were all gone and never possible to get back.

Then within five minuits the phone rang again and this time it was Ryan, the very nice gentleman representing AdSense in dealing with the fraudulent advertising company. He said, I have good news for you. I got you totally released from the contract with the internet advertising company you were having trouble with.†

I then said, Ryan my YouTube Web site was just now shut down, Ryan responded he did not think so and I then ask him to check it and he said yes, everything†

is gone. He then said this company was not capable of doing this. I then ask would the US Gov. or Homeland Security have this power? and he said, Yes.

After what has happened in the last 24 hours it seems to me that there might be a possibility of all of these events being orchestrated and controled by demonic forces in the CIA and /or Homeland security. Just my opinion and speculation.

These people also told Mr. Larrabee that they would be going after others that are reporting on Jade Helm.

Questions - What kind of scum attempts to terrorize an elderly gentleman and why hasn't YouTube re-instated his older channel with all his videos intact? They have the technological capability to do so.

This is a religious man that spends countless hours attempting to inform and warn his subscribers and others of what is being seen but not reported by the mainstream media.

He is a watchman and he is under attack.

Personally, after hearing his story, I am an infuriated. You will be as well.


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