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September 30, 2021

Globalists Hint At 'An Event' To 'Cut Off Internet Communications' To Usher In Their End Game As 'The Free Flow Of Information' Is Needed For Freedom's Last Stand

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on September 1st, we published this story on ANP titled "'Operation Starfall' Introduced By Republicans In Congress Warns Of 'Rogue Regimes Shutting Down The Internet' And 'Tyrants Shutting Off The Lights'" within which we reported a bill was introduced in Congress to 'guarantee' internet access, specifically referencing 'rogue tyrannical regimes' as one of the reasons why the bill was put forth.

Reporting that one of the main reasons such 'regimes' shut down the internet was to prevent the free flow of information, imagine waking up one morning to find yourself unable to access your email account, nor any other website for that matter, at first believing it was one of those normal connection 'glitches' that pop up from time to time, prior to learning it was something a bit more dire. 

Still believing that, 'like normal', your connection would soon come back, you begin to notice other 'glitches' in your home as well, such as your phones not working and your normally trustworthy electricity now spotty, seemingly having a 'ghost in the machine'.

Learning soon thereafter that these problems are widespread, and in fact, no one living within shouting distance has a working internet, in the Scribd document we've embedded at the very bottom of this story titled "Solar Superstorms: Planning For An Internet Apocalypse" we're warned just such a scenario may be a 'sure thing' in our futures, though one that could last for months or even a year or more. 

As Live Science had reported of this study, "an 'Internet apocalypse' could ride to Earth with the next solar storm" with new research warning "the underwater cables that connect nations could go offline for months". Absolutely a 'catastrophic event' to our way of life, here in America, such an 'event' would play right into the hands of those now blatantly censoring information that goes against the 'official narrative', at a time when the 'great reset' the globalists are pushing upon America and the world is accelerating into global tyranny. Talk about an 'end game' set up.


As the Organic Prepper had asked in this September 27th story titled "These Countries Have an INTERNET KILL SWITCH (and They Admit It)", "What do you suppose would happen if the President of the United States deemed it necessary, for “national security,” to flip the Internet Kill Switch?"

Answering their own question with "In these digital times, there should be great concern over something like this. However, normalcy bias seems to have a firm hold on a majority of the citizens of the US, and many are clinging to the “it can’t happen here” theory", who'd really put it past this government to 'employ such a tool' against the American people, especially considering what they're already doing?

Warning also within that story that according to data gathered to examine the financial impact of internet shutdowns, since 2019, there have been 237 major internet shutdowns in 45 countries, a long term internet shutdown here in the USA would instantly become a 'TEOTWAWKI' event, with seemingly everything that makes us a 'modern society' somehow connected to the internet while Americans who no longer trust Joe Biden nor the mainstream media are suddenly cut off from all of their sources of 'alternative' information, though that would largely take down the msm as well. 

So if you think that what has happened in other tyrannical regimes such as Cuba, China, Egypt, Iran,  Zimbabwe and Russia among others could never happen here, we've got evidence they're already planning for just such an event. From this Organic Prepper story.:

Does the United States have an internet kill switch? Technically, yes. 

Under an entirely unconstitutional 1930s law on the books: 47 USC 606: War Powers of President; Chapter 5, Subchapter VI, the President has the authority to wield that mighty weapon. 

The 1930s law reads: 

(c) Suspension or amendment of rules and regulations applicable to certain emission stations or devices 

Upon proclamation by the President that there exists war or a threat of war, or a state of public peril or disaster or other national emergency, or in order to preserve the neutrality of the United States, the President, if he deems it necessary in the interest of national security or defense, may suspend or amend, for such time as he may see fit, the rules and regulations applicable to any or all stations or devices capable of emitting electromagnetic radiations within the jurisdiction of the United States as prescribed by the Commission, and may cause the closing of any station for radio communication, or any device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiations between 10 kilocycles and 100,000 megacycles, which is suitable for use as a navigational aid beyond five miles, and the removal therefrom of its apparatus and equipment, or he may authorize the use or control of any such station or device and/or its apparatus and equipment, by any department of the Government under such regulations as he may prescribe upon just compensation to the owners.

And as that story pointed out, such powers don't only apply to radio or TV stations but can be crossed over to the internet as well. So as it also asked, what's stopping them from declaring 'everything' a 'national emergency,' with this so-called 'COVID emergency' pushed to the limits? 

What do you think would happen in the US if the switch got flipped? 

While the first thing that comes to mind is communications, there are many more ramifications, particularly if it went on for a longer period of time. 

Many people use “paperless billing” and pay for everything online. We use online banking for all sorts of purposes. ATMs are connected to the internet. Many businesses rely on an internet connection for daily operations. Daisy said on the topic, “When I worked for a car dealership, we had to have internet access to program all those computer modules controlling your vehicle, to look up malfunction codes, and to determine whether or not a repair was covered by warranty.” And that’s just one example of a business that uses the internet constantly. There are many, many more. 

A whole lot more than social media and email would immediately grind to a halt.

So with Joe Biden and the left attempting to 'push everything to a halt' in 2021 as they prepare to usher in that 'great reset' we keep hearing so much about, how long might it be until he pushes that 'big red button' to drive the internet offline? We'd argue the only thing stopping him now is knowing much of the modern world will come crashing down upon him.  

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According to this Wikipedia entry titled "List of Military Strategies and Concepts", cutting off an enemies communications is listed in a section under 'blockades' or 'sieges', along with cutting off 'food, supplies and war materials', usually accomplished 'by force' and usually 'taking place by sea'. And almost always taking place before an invasion or 'kinetic acts of war' are launched upon a country or group of people. 

With this August 20th story over at The Sun titled "DOWN TO THE WIRE Vladimir Putin’s spy ship armed with stealth subs lurking above UK internet cables sparking fears lines could be cut" a perfect recent example, we find it's not just a coincidence that the mainstream media is finally warning of 'worsening shortages' for the 'foreseeable future' while even warning 'you may want to get your Christmas presents early while the 'shipping crisis worsens.'  

Meanwhile as the supply chain crisis hits record levels in America, 'at sea' off of both the East Coast and the West Coast sit dozens of cargo ships, unable to be unloaded, products and supplies sitting there, no way to get what Americans need offloaded and into stores, as if we're witnessing the preparation for full scale acts of war upon America with 'food, supplies and war materials' being cut off.  

Think it couldn't happen here? With the globalists 'great reset' pushing in our faces the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda including the 'mandate' that you will “own nothing and be happy,” the unstated implication being that the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite, and we’ll have to pay for the temporary use of everything, in the first video at the bottom of this story we see just that as the globalists work to cement their tyranny into place. 

With it now quite obvious that the 'great reset' across the planet is accelerating as the globalists manipulate events behind the scenes to weld world government forever into being for an unwilling populace, the next several days, weeks and months will be of absolutely crucial importance, what could be the last chance that free people have to take down tyranny before it fully snuffs out life. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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SIGCOMM 2021 Research Paper - Planning For An Internet Apocalypse by All News Pipeline on Scribd

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