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June 12, 2019

Are Human Guinea Pigs Bringing Pestilence Into America? The War At Our Southern Border Heads North Along With Deadly Diseases Long Believed Eradicated 

- How To Set Up A Medical Quarantine In Your Home For A Pandemic 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this June 8th story over at Infowars, Kelen McBreen reported upon a major threat to the United States that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media; hundreds of illegal aliens from ebola-stricken Congo have been dumped in Texas with at least 350 more on the way. As Paul Joseph Watson reported in this new story over at Summit News, Africans fleeing the pandemic are now being transported throughout America with some U.S. cities "overwhelmed by the number of illegal African migrants arriving from Ebola-stricken countries, with Portland Maine complaining that they are beyond capacity".

With what's being called a 'terrifying ebola epidemic' in the Democratic Republic of Congo now completely out of control according to doctors working in the nation and the outbreak being called 'the worst in history', experts warn that 'emergency measures' must be taken to stop the deadly virus from spreading further and out into the world in general though acknowledging it may have already done so with many people from the Congo trying to get out as quickly as they can. 

As the Daily Mail had reported back on May 17th, the nation of Congo is suffering terribly from war between rivaling tribal militia factions and relief efforts there are being consistently hampered by militia attacks upon doctors and other caregivers. And as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP on June 8th, due to the rapidly spreading outbreak, according to one ebola expert, "the scope of this bio-security threat is changing, and the risk of the virus leaping the border to other countries is very high."

And with a recent report totally censored by the mainstream media finding that infectious diseases are just pouring over our Southern border due to ineffective medical screening, happening at a time when big US cities are already turning into melting pots for long-thought eradicated Medieval diseases, we thought we'd take a look within this ANP story at what might seem a controversial theory to some; that intentionally infected 'human guinea pigs' might be being used to spread deadly diseases in America. We'll also be taking a look below at a new SQAlert from DHS agent 'Warrior at the Border' who has just issued an emergency warning to Americans that the border is lost and the 'war' is heading north. So in the final section of the story below we'll be taking a look at how to prepare our homes for self-quarantine should the worst case scenarios come to pass. First, from this Infowars story.

Few, if any, government agencies and contractors are screening illegal immigrants for diseases after an initial screening by overwhelmed Border Patrol and ICE agents.

Contractors who are sheltering migrants after they’re released from federal custody are dependent on the government to ensure migrants are screened for contagious medical conditions, but the Border Patrol recently admitted that they’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of migrants – indicating that initial screenings are rudimentary at best.

“ICE has a standard procedure of vetting for tuberculosis, but even if we assume agents are not too overwhelmed to make mistakes, thousands are being released directly by Border Patrol without ever stepping foot into an ICE facility,” reported Conservative Review on April 30.

The outlet also reported the following:

Even if DHS had more time to screen some of these migrants, they are bringing in strains of diseases that medical professionals have not dealt with and might not be familiar with. A recent report from the bipartisan Homeland Security Advisory Council noted that “most FMUs [family units] are not detained by ICE ERO due to their lack of capacity,” so they are released very quickly by CBP. And although CBP has hired staff to treat medical concerns, the report observes how all the “infections” are “not necessarily evident” with the medical observations being done by CBP because “an expectation for clinical acumen by CBP agents and officers is highly unrealistic.”

Typically, aliens released from custody are given “temporary asylum” along with orders to appear before immigration court. They are then sheltered by government contractors, such as churches, who also aid them in traveling to their host families across the country

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As Susan Duclos had reported within her June 8th ANP story, back in 2014, Forbes put out this story titled "Ebola As ISIS Bioweapon?" within which they reported ISIS had considered using Ebola as a bioweapon and the terrorist group wouldn't even have to weaponize the disease to cause total havoc. They'd only need to get a 'carrier' of it into the United States undetected. 

As the Forbes story reported, the idea of using human carriers to intentionally spread deadly pathogens has been around for centuries. As Capt. Al Shimkus, Ret., Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College pointed out, "in the Middle Ages, adversaries threw infected corpses over their enemy’s city walls in order to spread the deadly Bubonic Plague." And ISIS had already conducted experiments using 'human guinea pigs' to contaminate food supplies and spread bio/chemical weapons into large population centers as the Independent had reported in this May of 2017 story, so it's absolutely not out of the realm of possibility that they'd attempt to do so in 2019.   

And as Susan had also pointed out in her June 8th story, with the globalists long having a 'depopulation agenda' written in granite upon the Georgia Guidestones, one leftist professor even suggested using ebola as a 'depopulation tool'. With Professor Erik Pianka of the Texas Academy of Sciences sounding absolutely gleeful as he declared that the population of the world was far too high and needed to be 'culled', as this Natural News story reported, his audience actually erupted in standing applause.

Some clues about the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak may be found in the contents of a speech given at the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science back in 2006. Professor Erik Pianka reportedly told his audience that the best way to kill off 90 percent of the human population would be to spread an airborne version of the Ebola virus, to which he received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

As reported by Australian journalist John Ballantyne, Pianka opened up the meeting with a series of highly disturbing statements on population control, which were so controversial that he had them censored from video footage captured at the event. Pianka basically likened humans to bacteria during his extensive rant, claiming that we are destroying the planet and need to be culled in mass numbers.

Professor Erik Pianka proposes weaponizing Ebola "[Pianka] argued that the sharp increase in the human population since the onset of industrialization was destroying the planet," wrote Ballantyne for News Weekly. "He warned that Earth would not survive unless its human population was reduced to a tenth of its present number."

In order to do this, Pianka proposed the idea of weaponizing Ebola, and specifically Ebola Reston, to travel through the air rather than just through fluids. Since AIDS apparently takes too long to kill off its victims, Ebola is a much better option, in his view. This, combined with the usual weapons of manufactured war and famine, just might be successful in culling billions of people from the planet.

"His preferred method of exterminating over five billion humans was via airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and kills its victims in days rather than years," added Ballantyne.

"I watched in amazement as a few hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science rose to their feet and gave a standing ovation to a speech that enthusiastically advocated the elimination of 90 percent of Earth's population by airborne Ebola."


With crazy leftist professors joining ISIS terrorists in thinking that ebola might be a great way to cull the population of the planet, Steve Quayle had recently left a series of important SQnotes while linking to several different stories on this unfolding Ebola crisis that could easily spread into America should just one or two 'human guinea pigs' slip over the border undetected. 

Warning that this seemingly never-ending outbreak of ebola could very well be a bioweapon, we've previously reported on ANP that cutting edge sciences have allowed the creation of 'genetic specific bioweapons' which would only target those whose bodies hold specific genetic markers as this wikipedia entry reports. And now we get a new SQAlert from a DHS agent who is stationed down near the border and who has warned Steve Quayle that the US Southern border is lost.  

EMERGENCY UPDATE: The border is lost. There is no Border Control, we're being invaded. Not just by our border now, but the border towns are teeming with immigrants that are not conforming to our way of life

FROM DHS AGENT ON THE BORDER! The border is lost. There is no Border Control, we're being invaded. Not just by our border now, but the border towns are teeming with immigrants that are not conforming to our way of life nor are they contributing to help our economy.

We take them to the hospitals for their medical needs and the Border Patrol pays for all of it out of their budget. At least 10 to 20 immigrants a day just in El Paso. Yes, most have serious medical problems and I'm glad that it can be treated however, why can't they recieve this aid in their home country? I'm not in the mood tonight to run the numbers but I know that we give millions if not billions to these countries south of our border and yet they can't take care of their own?

Most of the people coming from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua are nice and listen to commands; most of them, not all. The ones from Cuba, ironically always dressed the nicest, never dirty, and always complaining about their rights and needs, ya they give us most of our problems. But we can't send them back to Cuba because Cuba doesn't repatriate their own. How about we send them half our prisoners and tell them we wont take them back? That seems like a fair trade.

Let me speak on a topic the MSM gets wrong most of the time. When illegals get here, they get whatever medical treatment and medications they need. Border Patrol sees to it that everyone is treated fairly. But some come over here with life threatening health problems and by the time we get them into an emergency room it's too damn late and they unfortunately die in our custody. Is that our fault CNN? Is it really our fault? It's not, the DMC, Beto, or George Soros' fault for funding the whole damn situation and pushing these people north? Nope its ours. Well, if we had it our way, there would be a 100 foot wall surrounded by land mines from sea to shining sea.

What upsets me the most is the amount of children we deal with..we had a group of teenagers and kids from 4 to 12 in a large group walk up to us to give themselves in. They were from Guatemala and Honduras. God knows what those poor children went through to get here but God help the parents if I ever find them.

There is war going on across our border and its spreading north. Some of my Intel buddies in DHS say give it a year and half and we will see crime waves come north, due to the immigration crisis. 

With this ebola outbreak in the Congo striking children particularly hard and this DHS agent warning that children make up a huge number of those attempting to make it into America, with this recent Gateway Pundit story reporting MS-13 was trying to use a child with chicken pox to make it into America, all eyes and ears should be wide open and Americans totally and completely prepared for whatever might come in the days, weeks and months ahead. Please read the rest of 'Warrior at the Border's' warning here


In this must read May 25th story by Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan, he took a look at how to prepare our homes for a pandemic so in this final section of this story, we'll go ahead and look at what he and several other different survival blogs recommend we do when planning and setting up a self-quarantine room in our homes or even self-quarantine our entire homes. 

As Slavo mentions, if all of a sudden we learn that ebola or another deadly disease outbreak is spreading within America, if we're able, we may want to hunker down within our own homes for an extended period of time while the outbreak passes by, sealing ourselves off from the masses in the rest of the world who may not be taking the same precautions that we are. 

No one knows the timing or the severity of the next pandemic, but we do know the rise of the superbugs is upon us and the time to prepare is NOW!

As most of you are aware, the chances of superbugs killing 10 million people per year by the year 2050 are getting higher. Because of the rise of infectious superbugs – infections that cannot be killed by drugs or Western medicine’s interventions – I’ve decided to put together this guide that will help you quarantine your home and prepare your family for a pandemic.

You’ll want to hunker down in your home as soon as possible and keep it as clean as possible to reduce the risk of getting sick. You should also build a “quarantine kit” or “pandemic survival kit” with some necessary items. These are the items you’ll want if you and your family stay home and are not ill, and the ones you’ll need if someone does become infected.

Body Suits and N95 Masks
Thick Plastic Sheeting (common at home improvement stores) and Duct tape or painters’ tape
Simple and easy to clean cot
Strong High Mil Trash Bags
Hydration and Electrolyte Options (sports drinks or others)
Immune Booster (pine needle tea, for example)
High-quality disinfectant soap, bleach, and scrubbing tools. Sanitizing tablets.  
Disposable latex gloves
5-gallon bucket to act as a backup toilet (multiple would be preferred)
Water – in this case, at least 2 gallons of water per person for up to 7 days if possible. More is better.

Should a person get sick, you’ll need to create a “quarantine room” to care for that person while keeping everyone else safe. Designate a room for the quarantine in advance. If the room can have a bathroom or is a bathroom that would be best. It’s a much better area to quarantine someone especially if they are going to be vomiting or having diarrhea. Use your duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal off the opening of the room from the rest of the house.

Because you’ll have clothing and bedding to wash, consider storing more water than you think you’ll need. A pandemic may not cut off water and power supply, but if it does (for example, everyone who can fix it becomes sick) you will want to have some extra clean water on hand.

Constantly clean your surfaces and bleach the cot if it’s been used to care for a sick person. Always wear the disposable gloves and toss everything out in your heavy duty trash bags after a thorough cleaning. When it comes to a pandemic, you cannot kill too many germs and if it’s a superbug, you will want to come at the organism from all directions (bleach, alcohol, boiling water, etc.) considering it will be incredibly difficult to kill.

You should also give your immune system a fighting chance and start now before a pandemic breaks out. Try boosting your vitamin C intake or drink some pine needle tea. Your goal is to keep from getting sick and treat any ill person to the best of your ability should doctors become unavailable. Preparation is key for pandemic survival.

With advance preparation clearly the key to pandemic survival and a potential ebola outbreak now knocking at the southern border of America, and ISIS having declared they are more than happy to use human guinea pigs to start a deadly disease outbreak, the 1st video below looks at how to set our homes up for a pandemic while the following two from Infowars take a look at the still unfolding situation, that could include ebola, now going on at our southern border.

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