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December 18, 2017

Is President Trump 'Too Little, Too Late' For America? 'When The Law No Longer Protects You From The Corrupt, But Protects The Corrupt From You, You Know Your Nation Is DOOMED!' 


Story Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker
President Trump has kept many promises and done much good. His judicial appointments are outstanding, and his economic policies, as might be expected from a successful business executive, have improved the economy. He has at least made some effort at reducing immigration and barring Muslim immigrants from nations suspected of supporting terrorism or harboring terrorists.

It is not his fault that Congress, including RINOs, and leftist judges have blocked or delayed much of his agenda. But when he was elected he promised to “drain the swamp,” meaning the corrupt Deep State controlled by the wealthy NWO (New World Order) banksters.

Our system of justice has become a sick joke; honest citizens like Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean and the many ordinary citizens who have been attacked by the IRS or the BLM have been railroaded into prison, along with Amish dairy farmers, home schoolers, alternative healers, and people who attempt to live off the grid or just grow vegetables in their front yards.


Meanwhile, the Clinton body count keeps growing, and the Witch Hillary has never been indicted for maintaining an insecure email server and using it for classified information, or for leaving four Americans to die at Benghazi. Hussein Obama and the despicable, arrogant Eric Holder have not been punished for arranging the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels (Operation Fast and Furious).

Nor has Hussein been punished for weaponizing the IRS against his political enemies, or the IRS officials (like Lois Lerner) involved in that crime, nor Slick Willy Clinton who used the IRS as a weapon when he was President. In fact, for some of his lesser crimes, Slick was impeached...but not removed from office, making his impeachment a farce, a pointless gesture. There is one set of laws for us peasants and another from our would-be masters. Trump could have, on day one of his Presidency, pardoned Ramos and Compean and given them their jobs and back pay. He could have pardoned dozens of other victims of an out of control government...but he didn't.

Before he took office he hinted that he might end our eternal undeclared foreign wars, and even get out of the UN. But he has kept us in the UN and in NATO, a Cold War relic that forces us to protect nations fully capable of arming themselves against largely imaginary enemies. He has continued our war in Afghanistan, and we have troops in harm’s way in Iraq and Syria, and in various African nations. He has aided the Saudis in their war in Yemen, and attacked Syria with cruise missiles for allegedly (proof is lacking) using chemical weapons against their own people, which is none of our business anyway. If we are going to stick our nose into the internal affairs of other countries for human rights violations, why not simultaneously invade China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and half the countries on Earth? This is sheer madness, and following the neocon policies has been Trump’s greatest failure.


And he could have begun real investigations of the Witch and Slick, of Hussein and Holder, of Loretta Lynch, of the IRS, and all the other criminals who rule over us. It would have been relatively simple to grant immunity or at least offer reduced sentences to the little fish to get them to give up the bigger ones. He could even have begun real investigations of the Las Vegas shootings, 9/11, and all the other apparent false flag operations.

But to do this he would first have had to really “drain the swamp” by cleaning out at least the worst of federal agencies from the top down…agencies like the FBI, BATF, CIA, State Department, and others. The top people do not have civil service protection and serve at the pleasure of the President; they could have been fired and replaced by true reformers, who would go after the bad apples in the next layer down, and so on. Of course, the slimestream media creatures would howl with rage, but they do that anyway.

Of course Congress and a horde of unelected judges would try to block his appointments, but he could at least appoint acting directors. Aside from some effort by Rex Tillerson to clean up the State Department, Trump and his people have done virtually nothing. The current Director of the FBI (which has degenerated into a criminal organization like the Nazi Gestapo) is Christopher Wray, who has failed to answer questions put to him by Congress. In fact, Congress has both the right and the duty to oversee the FBI and other federal agencies, and, all along, the FBI has ignored subpoenas and FOIA requests.


This defiance of Congress’s lawful authority is a felony, but Trump…who appointed Wray to his position and has kept him there…has made no effort to prosecute the guilty agents. Trump also appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions, while a Senator, seemed to be a true patriot, but he has failed to clean house at Justice and in the FBI, or to investigate the crimes of the Demonic Duo (Slick and the Witch) and Hussein Obama and its followers. Either he has been a traitor all along or he is being blackmailed. Yet Trump has kept him as Attorney General.

There is no clear smoking gun indicating that Mike Pence or most of the people Trump has appointed to Cabinet positions are traitors, but, on the other hand, none of them appear to be dedicated patriots. Pence has supported the Second Amendment, and has been strong on limiting immigration and abortion, and supporting school vouchers, but he also supported NAFTA, Russia sanctions, and the overall neocon interventionist policy. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is a member of the truly Satanic Skull and Bones, and was an executive at Goldman Sachs…bankster central. Some of the others are a bit “iffy.”

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State has wisely opposed the insane sanctions on Russia, but also favors keeping the US in the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and the Paris Accord (to combat imaginary “global warming”). Defense Secretary James Mattis trusts the Saudis (who have supported terrorism for decades), believes in global warming, and supports sanctions against Russia. CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell supported the Witch and claimed that the Russians meddled in the election to help Trump.

But it is Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. General H.R. McMaster who may be the most dangerous of all of them. He is a CFR member who supports eternal war and “nation building” and claims that terrorists are not true Muslims. There are repeated rumors that he despises Trump and has said that he is a complete idiot with a low IQ. He and Mnuchin are not to be trusted.


So Trump has failed to drain the swamp or restore justice and the rule of law by pardoning the innocent and investigating the guilty. He has kept the eternal wars going and has failed to mend relations with Russia. America can be totally destroyed by an EMP attack, but he has failed to knock out the two NOKO satellites that pass daily over our country, or to demand that Congress authorize a measly two billion dollars to harden our grid. We are at risk of nuclear holocaust but he has failed to reduce tensions between us and Russia.

Our growing national debt will ultimately wreck our economy, but he has made no effort to limit spending or even speak out on the issue. Sadly, I must conclude that either Trump has been just another RINO/neocon traitor all along, or, much more likely, he is a flawed but basically decent man who lacks the wisdom and the courage to oppose the dark forces of the Deep State and the NWO banksters who own it.

Perhaps as the criminal nature of the FBI continues to be exposed Trump will come to his senses and begin real reform. Perhaps as Dave Hodges and others hope, Trump and Sessions have been secretly building a case against the Witch and the others all along…but this seems highly unlikely. As a reformer and national savior, Trump may turn out to be too little, too late. 

The views expressed by story contributors to All News Pipeline are their own and do not always align completely with those of ANP.


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