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July 21, 2016

Has The 'Highest Act Of Treason' Just Been Committed Against America? Is This How ISIS Gets Nuclear Weapons To Annihilate Us? 'The End' May Have Just Begun


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Imagine this very real possible scenario that may be playing out before our eyes.

To hasten the arrival of the Islamic Mahdi by ensuring the nuclear annihilation of much of the planet Earth, Islamic-terrorist sympathizers hidden within high places of Western government's concoct a devious plan to ensure that some of the most devastating nuclear weapons on the planet fall into the hands of ISIS terrorists who've warned they'll use them against their enemies in the West.

While some say 'impossible', we may have just witnessed such a 'devious plan' happening recently in Turkey.

According to this September 2015 story from the National Review, "to misunderstand the nature of the threat is to risk being blindsided by it." We were also told within the story the great fascination that the 'apocalyptic forces of Islam' have with not only attacking us but completely annihilating us in order to hasten the coming of their 'messiah'.

As we were told in this story, the recent 'coup attempt' in Turkey "caught the United States and our European allies asleep...but it shouldn't have". We were 'blindsided'. Was the recent 'coup' just what 'our enemies' needed to get NATO's nuclear weapons stationed in Turkey into the hands of ISIS? As is shown in much more detail below, we have all the evidence we need that Turkey not only supports ISIS but is seemingly putting itself into the position to lead the Islamic caliphate.

An entire series of stories linked to on the website of Steve Quayle over the past week has raised such a loud alarm in the offices of ANP that we decided to call him and touch base on what we believe may be some of the most dangerous events to all of humanity in recent history playing out before us now.

Quayle confirmed to us then that "I TRIED TO POST SOME DANGEROUS INFO ON MY ALERTS YESTERDAY AND MY PASSWORD FOR POSTING ON MY OWN SITE WAS HACKED IN REAL TIME," just the latest evidence we've gotten that somebody doesn't want some very important news to get out to the world. We also heard from Zero Hedge that Wikileaks is attempting to expose 100,000 documents about the Turkish 'coup', but someone is trying to silence them. Who and why is someone trying to 'silence truth'? Could it be Erdogan and the Turkish government themselves? 

A new story yesterday from Consortium News 'sums up' our fears in a nutshell in this story called "Turkey's Nukes: A Sum Of All Fears" which reminds us instantly why we are so very concerned: 

The post-coup chaos in Turkey is a reminder about the risk of leaving nuclear weapons in unstable regions where they serve no clear strategic purpose but present a clear and present danger.

Was the recent 'coup-attempt' in Turkey purposely carried out to enable ISIS terrorists to get their hands on nuclear weapons?

A new story from Van Hipp over at Newsmax tells us part of the reason why Turkey is too dangerous for nuclear weapons storage. "Turkey has been on the road to total instability for a very long time. Besides being our 'most inconsistent NATO ally'". We're also told "Turkey's President Recip Tayyip Erdogan has been on a path towards authoritarian rule for years now. These facts only underline the real danger."

Erdogan's recent purge of soldiers, police, judges and teachers who have been detained in Turkey and may have hit the 'hundreds of thousands' by now reminds of Pol Pot and shows Erdogan is driving to become a dictator. According to this Daily Mail story, 21,000 teachers across the nation have been suspended while at least 50,000 people have been 'suspended or detained'. The fact that Erdogan recently said "all he wants is the same power as Hitler" remind us of comments made by African human rights activist George Ayittey in "How To Defeat A Dictator"


Was 'the coup' in Turkey set up by Erdogan himself, possibly with help from some of those in the West including the Obama administration, to allow Erdogan to 'crack down' upon those he fears and to expand the grip of ISIS upon the Turkish nation? As we hear in the 1st video below from Jon Bowne and Infowars and read in this story from Michael Snyder at End Of The American Dream, if this was a REAL coup, the very first thing those who were overthrowing the government would do would be to TAKE OUT Erdogan.

As we're also told, if this was a 'real' coup, killing Erdogan should have been a fairly simple process once the coup began. Why was Erdogan allowed to escape with his head still attached to his body? Was Erdogan actually IN CHARGE of this 'false flag' coup and have the ISIS terrorists who want to slaughter Americans and annihilate the west emerged as the overall 'victors' of this 'coup attempt', with nuclear weapons now in hand?

As we were informed in this story from TruNews, since the failed 'false flag' coup, Turkey has been intentionally withholding power and vital supplies from the US-NATO joint Air Force installation at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, the air base that just happens to be housing close to 50 B-61 nuclear bombs in underground vaults.

We're also told, the B-61 nuclear bomb is a 700 lb thermonuclear weapon that has an explosive force of 10 times the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan. Imagine what might happen if ISIS got a hold of such weapons. 


Back in June of 2014, a member of Barack Obama's Homeland Security Advisory Council wrote on Twitter that it was 'inevitable that the Islamic Caliphate returns', thanks in large part to Obama himself.

A November of 2015 story tells us that according to a research paper from Columbia University, leaders of the nation of Turkey were collaborating with the Islamic State. We asked a short time later in a December 2015 story if the Obama administration was risking nuclear annihilation for America to defend ISIS after the "NATO nation Turkey risked all-out war with Russia in order to protect ISIS and their oil supply."

Why would Turkey so obviously provide support to ISIS and their slaughter of Christians unless they agree with them? As we're told, going back through history finds that Turkish regimes have been some of the most brutal of all towards Christians. Since the failed coup, they've also begun carrying out airstrikes again upon Kurdish rebels. Is it just a coincidence that a top Turkish official in charge of the campaign against ISIS was recently found dead with a bullet in his neck? Is it just a coincidence that a top US Air Force Lieutenant in the UAE supporting the US-led coalition against ISIS was also recently found mysteriously dead


Not surprisingly, this new Daily Caller story drops a bombshell on us: According to former Defense Intelligence Chief Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, not once did Obama have a face-to-face meeting with him so that Flynn could offer Obama his assessment of ISIS as it rampaged through the Middle East. 

In four years, Flynn was never invited to brief the president on any kind of intelligence issue. Ever.

"Here is the crux of my relationship with Obama," Flynn told TheDCNF in a wide ranging interview Tuesday. "Here I am, running one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world. He appoints me twice — one as the assistant director of national intelligence and one as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. I'm also his senior intelligence officer. And I had almost five years in combat."

He paused, then said, "I never met with him once."

We have to ask, did Obama refuse to even have a conversation with Flynn because he knew he wasn't going to listen to a word he said anyways? Why would the leader of our country REFUSE to have a face-to-face with the head of our military's intelligence UNLESS Obama was working towards America's destruction himself?

As we have warned within prior stories on ANP, it strongly appears to us that Barack Obama himself is a 'trojan-horse' that has been 'inserted' into the highest position in the land to assist and enable the overthrow of this nation in an attempt to bring in the Islamic caliphate to the West. Why would Obama call for the support of a dictator who's going about his country slaughtering people and supporting the same ISIS terrorists who are slaughtering Americans?

The fact that Erdogan 'cried crocodile tears' while calling the coup "a gift from God" while a member of his administration openly stated that "the United States was responsible" for the 'coup' shows us this global event is nowhere near 'over'. The fact that 14 Turkish Naval ships were still missing and expected to be heading towards Greek ports is just another sign this new world crisis is likely just beginning.  
If ISIS is allowed to get their hands upon nuclear weapons that are later used against America, we may have just witnessed the 'highest act of treason' ever committed against this country. As we hear in the final video below from Bill Still who gets us up-to-date on events in Turkey, the news is not good and could get much, much worse. With Erdogan recently declaring a 3-month 'state of emergency', we have to ask, how does Erdogan go from simply wanting Hitler-like powers as leader of the Islamic caliphate to actually becoming that leader? Nuclear weapons would bring instant power and status, even to a madman.

We pray that warnings given by Dumitru Duduman of America's last days and nuclear annihilation don't soon play out on US soil with nuclear weapons that were designed for other purposes stealthly transferred to our enemies who want to destroy us. However, as we're told in the first video below, an 'ISIS coup' has seemingly just played out in Turkey and there's no guarantee that things will turn out the way those who created those weapons might have originally planned. 

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