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November 7, 2018

Has The Pentagon Been Compromised, Controlled By Globalists And No Longer Loyal To President Trump And America?

Remember, Patriots And Christians Were 'Purged' From Military Leadership Positions By Obama! 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Once again, ANP readers were all over this story in our comment section before we even had the opportunity to write one about it and as ANP reader 'I Don't Know' hints at in this linked comment, the level of treachery we are now witnessing in America may stretch directly to the United States military and Pentagon and gives us more proof that America still has 'enemies within' and a full scale purge and house cleaning by President Trump of the US military and 'deep state' may be WAY overdue.

'IDK' had linked to this story from Neon Nettle that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Monday and IDK's comment held back no punches: "Pardon the language, but WHAT THE F**K?". The story titled "US Military Refuses Trump's Order to Build Migrant Camp at Southern Border" begged us to ask "Was this fake news?". And if true, does it offer us proof of treason and/or seditious behavior within the US military?

So hunting back we found that Sky News had also put out a similar report and then came the kickers, this story over at The Hill titled "Pentagon declined White House request for troops to build border detention facilities" and even one from CNN a few days ago which itself flaunts the military rejecting President Trump

And while some might argue that 'one such situation does not a pattern make', as we see detailed within this ANP story, ever since President Trump took over the presidency there have been  alleged incidents of people who should be following the Commander In Chief's orders instead telling us why they wouldn't.

As Reuters reported back on November 18th of 2017, according to the head of the US nuclear command, he would 'resist' President Trump (yes, he used the word 'resist'!) should he order an 'illegal' nuclear strike upon another nation. And while none of us here at ANP 'want' a nuclear war, if the 'resistance' is within the US military as Air Force General John Hyten suggested, then the US military and thus America have HUGE problems!

Where was that 'moral compass resistance' when terrorist-in-chief Barack Obama was arming ISIS terrorists to kill Christians and Americans in Syria and around the world, General Hyten? And where was that 'moral compass resistance' when George Bush was using lies and faulty intelligence to invade Iraq, eventually leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands? The BS detector is going off non-stop when such leaders talk about 'resistance' to President Trump and his decisions to protect America when they've been the ones waging the endless US corporate wars that have been going on for decades! 


And maybe we shouldn't be the least bit surprised about what we've been watching unfolding within the United States military, first under 8 years of Barack Obama and even ever since then. As the Belleville News-Democrat reported back in 2016, the number of non-Christians within the US military may surprise us with more than 1/3 of those in the military polled claiming they were non-Christians. 

And this July 19th story from Todd Starnes at Fox News took it even further. Titled "Air Force Surrenders To Demand To Replace Bible With Generic 'Book of Faith' On POW/MIA Table", Starnes story didn't even touch upon this November of 2011 story over at the Los Angeles Times titled "Air Force Academy Adapts To Pagans, Druids, Witches And Wiccans" within which they reported just how far the US Air Force is going to cater to those who stand against the Christian religion. Do they thus also stand against America? 

And as we see further detailed within this story that was also mentioned by several different ANP readers, maybe President Trump should have followed the lead of Barack Obama and 'purged' members of the military who were disloyal to him as Obama did to AT LEAST 197 Christian and Conservative US military officers according to this October 29th of 2013 story over at Investor's Business Daily

As former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina mentioned during the December 15th of 2015 Republican debate, at least 5 different US military Generals were 'retired early' because they told Barack Obama what he didn't want to hear. With Obama replacing true American patriots such as Lt. General Michael Flynn in 2014, then the head of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, with 'yes men' who told Obama only what he wanted to hear, how many such 'loyal to Obama and the globalists/Democrats but not to America' traitors are still stealthly hiding away, the 'resistance' within the US military? 


So, might America now be in danger because of traitors within the US military who will not follow the orders of President Trump and are instead loyal to the globalist, America-hating forces of Barack Obama, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the 'enemies of America within' who long ago sold out our nation and our people to globalism and the highest bidder? Having globalist traitors to America within the US military or the 'deep state' is absolutely a national security issue not being addressed

The fact that globalists who've committed treason against America are still walking free despite a laundry list of crimes committed by them that would have sent the average American to jail for many years, if not the rest of their lives, PROVES that President Trump still hasn't really 'drained the swamp' and rooted out the 'enemies of America within'. Where are the 'military tribunals' and mass arrests of those who sold out America and have committed treason/sedition? If it doesn't happen REAL soon, we'll never see it! Especially if the demonrats win the 'big one' in 2020. 

As Steve Quayle tells us in a quote for this story, "you can't drain the swamp when the legal enforcement arm of the government with the powers of arrest ARE 'the swamp!' Or where everyone is so compromised that 'fresh water', a moral shower and bright sunshine have no appeal whatsoever to the swamp creatures. Alligators, crocodiles and poisonous snakes lie very stealthily beneath the surface, preferring pond scum to fresh water." 

And as David William Pear reported in this new ANP story, the ongoing endless war in Yemen that has resulted in the deaths of FAR TOO MANY innocent people already provides us with proof that 'the swamp' hasn't gone anywhere under President Trump. And it's still 'dishing out death' once again in places far away from the lights of the mainstream media's cameras which have been far too busy focusing on the fake Russian collusion narrative, celebrity rape culture, 'Trump supporters are Nazis' and President Trump's body parts. Talk about 'fake news'. 

So might there be an ongoing war within the Pentagon right now this very moment between high ranking Patriots and high ranking globalists who still support Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over America? It's long been warned that a nation divided against itself cannot possibly stand and IF the decision by members of the Pentagon to defy President Trump's request to build a 'caravan camp' is any indication, America is in huge trouble and may already be far beyond any kind of 'point of redemption'.

In the first video below, a new one featuring Doug Casey, Casey talks with us about what he sees ahead for America and warns that he doesn't think there's anything that can stop what's coming, an all out civil war between Americans as well as the death of Western Civilization should we continue on the same path we're on. 


As most now know, the dividing line between Americans across the board is sharp in 2018 and with Barack Obama having spent 8 years to mold the military in his image, with absolute proof that he 'purged' military members who were more loyal to the United States than to global government while replacing them with people who wouldn't challenge him, the damage to our military was definitely done.

He treated injured Veterans as 2nd class citizens and decimated the military financially while even the Washington Times reported that Obama was incredibly hostile to US forces, particularly Christians, with their morale plunging and retention rates staggering. As Belief Net reported during Obama's tenure in office, he even had the Pentagon temporarily ban Bibles for injured Christians in US military hospitals.

And can we forget sinister Valerie Jarrett who held secret talks for Barack Obama with Iran at a time when Obama was conspiring to broker a nuclear deal for Iran while allowing a countless number of Iranian nationals into America, just a few of the many illegal immigrants that Obama wanted to allow into this country, what even then candidate-Trump had admitted could be an all time great trojan horse

While ANP can't confirm rumors leaders within the US Marines and US Navy are loyal to President Trump while certain leaders within the US Air Force and US Army are more loyal to 'global government', I personally have known as friends or family members public servants of each branch of those services who were and are duly loyal to America and have sacrificed their lives in the love and defense of our country. Yet these questions have to be asked with talks of 'coups' spoken openly by sitting US members of Congress. 

As South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham himself mentioned back in September, what he called a 'bureaucratic coup' was attempted against President Trump. While the Atlantic Magazine called it 'an antidemocratic coup unfolding', they also warned in their story how perilous to the American system of government such self-serving coup attempts were. Paul McGuire over at News with Views called it simply "Trumpocalypse, FBI and the Globalist Coup Against President Trump".


And with many globalists installed within the US military during 8 Obama years, can we really believe that all of them are loyal to America above globalism? We pray that all who have taken the Oath will choose to obey and remain loyal to country and thank from the very bottom of our hearts every one of you who already do.

We also look to those who Obama hired vs those who Obama fired to see the kind of 'loyalty' Obama was looking for and we truly hope that President Trump is able to weed out anti-America globalists still embedded within US military positions (as well as other govt positions) so that they're no longer able to do him and the Republic harm. Having 'the resistance' within government is a national security issue. 

As Steve Quayle had also mentioned to us in a recent conversation, between broken oaths, broken promises and broken allegiances, the deck has been stacked against America going back decades and while those who've long payed attention to politics say the tide is turning with President Trump in office, it's also long been warned that those whose backs are up precariously against the wall are among the most dangerous. Yet those who are tightly penned in are also the easiest to put out of their (and our) misery.  

So please pray for President Donald Trump and America as we sprint through 2018 and into 2019 and an America once again only 2 years away from our next presidential election, an election which will surely decide whether or not America finally succumbs to globalism and a 'boot stamping forever upon our human faces' or emerges a much stronger nation on the other side. 

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