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December 31, 2014

Is This Why The Astronomers Died? End Times Signs And Events Converging!

By Live Free or Die

This brand new compilation video just released by Barney Winner 2 provides 51 minutes of indisputable evidence that something extremely strange is happening to our planet Earth, a video that helps confirm a recent Susan Duclos story that referenced Bob Fletcher investigations and an ‘incoming’ heavenly body’, billions of dollars of vanishing money, underground bunkers for the elite and ‘end times’ preparations by governments across the world and further references dead astronomers and scientists as shared directly below.

This mind-opening video begins by reminding us of the 1999 cable car crash in France that killed 20 astronomers in the French Alps, astronomers who were minutes away from reaching an observatory to study extraterrestrial planets. The video combines the work of popular YouTube videographers Henning Kemner, Signsofthycoming, IKTTOTW, DutchSinse, THEEYEINTHESKY, ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE, DarkSkyWatcher74, Tom Lupshu, Thornews, DAHBOO77 and many more to come to the inevitable conclusion: Anomalous End Times Signs and Events are now converging.

Directly from the video: “Now is not the time to toy with salvation. It’s time to trust 100%. Jesus told us to watch. That means things are going to be so subtle, if we didn’t watch, we’d miss what’s coming.”


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