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October 22, 2020

Are YOUR Name & Address On 'The List'? Fascist Leftists Putting The Names And Addresses Of President Trump Supporters Onto Online 'Intimidation Map' Never Learned From History

- Expect Radical Leftists To Terrorize Patriotic Americans Because Of This Map

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On October 19th, we published this story on ANP titled "'Satan's Communists And Anarchists' Brutally Attack Peaceful Conservatives - Another Warning To Arm Up To Defend Our Families Now, While We Still Can, With Leftists Pushing To Repeat History!" within which we reported upon numerous recent unlawful attacks by antifa/leftist terrorists upon law-abiding President Trump supporters while encouraging Americans to keep buying lots of guns and ammo to protect our families from this leftist insanity. 

While the mainstream media and 'big tech' have continued to 'blur' the costs and destruction of the violence carried out by antifa and blm in US cities across America as was reported in this Washington Times story, as Susan Duclos had warned in this October 21st ANP story, more and more evidence keeps emerging "They Want Us Dead If Trump Wins, And To Punish Conservatives If Biden Wins", with liberals threatening President Trump supporters with violence no matter who wins the election.

And with former secretary of labor Robert Reich calling for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to be established to 'deal with' President Trump supporters coming soon after former msm talking head Keith Olbermann called for President Trump supporters to be 'removed from society', if you think that they haven't already put the mechanism into place to 'identify' such 'deplorables', have we got news for you. 

And incredibly sadly, this attempt by radical democrats to 'mark and label' President Trump supporters could come at a great cost, especially with threatening letters already be sent to the homes of President Trump supporters in various locations across America. With a Maryland man recently arrested for firing shots at a truck carrying two men simply because they were flying a Trump flag, while nasty Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer was recently seen on video with purposefully place symbolism in her home that could easily be construed as threatening President Trump, is this what America has come to in 2020?

So let's go ahead and take a look at this Donald Trump Watch website in which you can enter a state and zip code to directly search for people who have donated to President Trump, with their names and addresses listed. As seen in the screenshot above, we have gone ahead and removed the name and address of the person who had donated to President Trump but ANYONE else can see that information, including antifa terrorists who clearly wouldn't have that Trump supporter's best interests in mind. Anybody else thinking this information might be used for much-less-than-benevolent purposes? Anybody who wishes to contact the 'Trump Watch' website owner can do so here. 

As videographer Dr. Karlyn Borysenko tells us in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, with President Trump supporters in two different New Hampshire locations recently receiving threatening letters from obvious antifa terrorists that their houses will be burned down if President Trump 'refuses to concede' the election, the left WANTS US to be afraid of them, wants us to 'bend over and salute them' though she, like us here at ANP, will never, ever give them that satisfaction. Some comments from her video prove to us that we are not alone. 

Revolting Peasant: These are extremely dangerous people. Ideological zealots. 

Martha Catrett: Disgusting. We can not give in to these destructive mobs. It’s domestic terrorism. God doesn’t like ugly. 

Motivatedk9: I'm in NH and my Dad is a PI for a big company, he said the letters are actually national, he has seen same in chicago and colorado. 

Lilly Holden: This won’t end well for them in rural areas. They will be carried out in a body bag. 

TheBoxHobo: I see they've outright gone to voter intimidation... Remind me how they aren't the fascists again? 

Jacob D: Do they think people who literally value our liberty more than life are afraid of a little arson? Haha.  Give me liberty or give me death.

With the names on the 'Trump Watch' website actually a 'badge of honor' for donating to President Trump and 'America-1st' instead of a 'yellow star' as the insane left wants it to be, why would Americans EVER give up our freedom and right to vote for whom we choose, just because radical democrats are attempting to demonize that person? I've surely seen more 'hatred' coming from 'the left' over the past 4 years than I'd ever seen from 'the right' in the previous decade+. 

Yet while radical leftists continue to push for violence upon innocent, law-abiding Conservatives, with Democrats even expanding this 'war upon Conservatives' into 'a war upon God', as Dr. Don Boys had reported in this October 16th ANP story, rather than shrinking and shying away as Democrats want us to do, it's time for courage, commitment and confrontation, especially with the left launching nothing less than a war upon American values to try to help usher in their satanic, communist agenda

Our country is under attack from radical leftists. Mobs rampage through our streets, monuments are being destroyed, and the very law and order that ensures our communities’ peace and security is being undermined. 

In far too many instances, those bent on destruction have hijacked protests, creating violence and division and ultimately attacking the very foundation of our nation. For them, it’s not about resolving race issues; it’s about using racial discontent to forward their anarchist agenda. 

One such group is Antifa. While it is widely recognized as a far-left fringe group, another organization—just as radical—has managed to drape itself in more mainstream clothes, gaining significant support with the public, politicians and the business community. While Americans of every color agree with the sentiment that black lives matter, Black Lives Matter (BLM) the organization actually advocates an agenda that is completely out of step with American values. 

One look at the BLM organization’s website shows that the idea of protecting black lives and seeking justice is merely a vehicle to advance a different, radical set of ideas. The organization is more dedicated to gaining political power and remaking America according to Marxist ideology. Two of the group’s three co-founders are even “trained Marxists,” according to one of them. 

The organization also has called for dismantling the family, saying, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” The breakdown of the black family and the rise of single-parent households is one of the root causes of poverty, crime, drug abuse and poor educational achievement in many black communities. Why would anyone who’s supposedly working for black progress want to tear down the very thing that helps to achieve it? 

Just as disturbing is the fact that some of America’s biggest corporations are giving hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to this organization and others whose misleading names conceal a more expansive and dangerous agenda. 

Groups like Antifa and the BLM organization want to impose an ideology on America that would only bring greater poverty, a loss of freedom, destruction to churches and civil society, and violent law enforcement tactics to enforce compliance—exactly what we’ve seen in places like Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea.

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With the liberal publication 'New Republic' recently publishing a story calling for the total abolishment of the US Constitution and the destruction of the Bill of Rights which have stood tall and helped protect the rights of Americans for over 200 years giving us another hint of where the left wants to push America in the months and years ahead, Democrats even want to blame Conservatives for their violence. 

As this story over at the NC Renegade reports, in another threatening letter sent to a President Trump supporter, the insane leftist who wrote it ended with: "Always remember, that it 'was you' that started this civil war. Be prepared to face the severe consequences of your pre-emptive actions against democracy"

Yet it has been the democrat party for the last 4 years committing treason and sedition against President Trump, America's lawfully elected president. It was the democrat party of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden that 'manufactured' the entire Russian collusion hoax that has lingered over President Trump since 2016. And it has largely been members of the democrat party that have been launching terror attacks upon law-abiding, President Trump supporters across the country, not the other way around! 

So when websites such as 'Trump Watch' put out the information of President Trump supporters, including their names and home addresses, while insanely calling the President 'a racist', it's as if that website is trying to 'stir up' the mindless, communist antifa/blm masses who've already been attacking Trump supporters. Yet once again, such actions also give President Trump supporters every reason in the book to prepare to defend their homes and families from the liberal chaos already being 'unleashed'

In the 2nd video, Philip Anderson joined The Alex Jones Show to expose the leftist media deplatforming him after he exposed the Antifa and BLM terrorists that targeted him, called him racial slurs while smashing out his two front teeth as we had reported in this ANP story. And in the final video below we learn that millions of Americans are bracing for civil war ahead of the 2020 election, including a person interviewed who is a Biden supporting Democrat. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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